The Best Treadmills for Your Home

When you decide to buy a treadmill, you might not anticipate how difficult it can be to choose just one. There are thousands available, with many features to choose from. A treadmill represents a valuable investment in your health, so it’s important to ensure you’re getting a quality machine with features that best fit your goals, budget, and lifestyle.

Generally, treadmills are pretty easy to use. If you’re looking for a way to burn fat and calories, lose weight, or improve your cardiovascular conditioning, they’re a great choice. Their versatility makes them popular, but that popularity means you might have a hard time narrowing down your search from the many models on the market. To help you minimize the stress as you embark on your fitness adventure, here are a few things to consider when deciding which treadmill to buy.

      Your goals
      If you don’t fancy yourself a competitive runner, then you probably don’t need the extras that are meant to feed the need for speed. While you don’t want to skimp on quality or features, if you’re simply going to use the treadmill for walking, you probably don’t need one that is geared more for sprinting. On the other hand, if you really want to improve your level of fitness, you might want to try interval or incline training. Those needs would demand a treadmill with one-touch speed control, power incline, and higher speed capability, such as the Life Fitness 95Ti, which can support speeds of up to 14 mph. These trainer-designed apps let the treadmill guide you through the steps that will help you meet your goals. Keep in mind that as your fitness progresses, you may decide to change your goals to keep up with your changing body.

      Physical limitations
      Walking is a great exercise for most people, but consider any physical limitations or injury history before you make a decision. Should you be concerned about reducing the impact to your joints? Are you going to start running? Talk to your doctor about how you can best use a treadmill to get in shape or stay fit, without causing yourself injury. Many treadmills come with cushioned decks that can reduce the amount of impact to your body. Take such features into consideration when deciding which treadmills deserve a serious look.

      Expert and user opinions
      The beauty of a treadmill is that it lets you get and stay fit without leaving home. The beauty of the Internet is that you can research those treadmills without driving from store to store. There are thousands of reviews online, and just as many places to buy your new treadmill. You’ll probably want to take a look at the top brands such as NordicTrack, Landice, and Proform. Look at the models that fit your needs and budget, read plenty of reviews, then browse stores online for the best value.

      Size and placement
      Before you actually visit a store, be sure to take some measurements. Where do you plan to keep the treadmill? Will you need a folding model to save room? Be sure you will have enough space around and behind the treadmill to keep you safe incase you lose your footing and fall. Do you plan to put your treadmill in the basement or upper floor? You might need some help getting it in the right place, as treadmills can weigh hundreds of pounds. You also might need an extra set of hands for setup and any required assembly.

      If you’re a walker, you still need a powerful motor. At slower speeds, you foot comes in contact with the belt for a longer period of time on each step. The quick “pushing” motion of a runner’s foot coming off the belt can actually take some of the pressure off the motor, making its job a little less demanding. So never assume that walking is less demanding on your treadmill.


    Entertainment value
    Do you want to have stuff to do built into your treadmill? These days, you don’t even have to leave Facebook to get a workout in. Many treadmill models, such as the NordicTrack 1750, come with web-enabled touchscreen displays, so you can access workout programs, email, social media and more. Many people buy a treadmill and place it facing the television at home, but if you want to get the exercise without “unplugging,” such a display might be a great option. Other models have headphone jacks, tablet holders, USB ports, or even MP3 docking availability for your devices.


    Controls and display
    Be sure to try any treadmills you’re looking at buying. Are the controls in a good place? Do you like the way they feel? Will you be able to adjust the incline or the speed quickly during a workout? Also consider options such as EKG monitors. If you get into interval training or need to watch your pulse, you might want a model that helps you keep an eye on your heart rate. The Sole TTB, for example, includes pulse-sensing grips and the ability to use an EKG chest strap during your workout.

    Dealer quality
    Make sure you buy your treadmill from a reputable shop that will be around to help you with questions or repairs in the future. A good deal is always attractive, but not at the risk of a bad experience. Do your homework on dealers before you make a purchase. Get referrals from friends, check with the Better Business Bureau, and consider their customer service record.

    Your treadmill will likely be a fairly large investment, so it’s important for it to last. Before settling on a model, learn about the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Compare the warranties of the different brands and think about how that should impact your decision. Not all warranties are created equally. Landice, for example, offers a lifetime warranty on all parts, including those that generally wear out over time. Other manufacturers include lifetime coverage on the motor and structure, with a shorter term for parts and in-home labor. As part of your warranty considerations, look at the return policy. Many companies offer some kind of in-home trial period.

Hopefully, we have given you some some things to think about before getting serious in your treadmill search. Again, before you decide which types of exercise are right for you and your body, consult your doctor. Once you decide to buy a treadmill, talk to other users, read reviews, and get plenty of trusted advice before you buy. You’re about to make a positive investment in your health — do everything you can to make sure it’s the right one.

Best Treadmills For Running

Working out is tough to say the least! It’s hard to find the time to hit the gym after a long day of work or an afternoon of driving kids to soccer, dance, and more. Thankfully, you can bring workout equipment home with you! The treadmill is the perfect ally for losing weight, getting in better shape, and for feeling healthy and happy.

Finding the perfect treadmill for running is not easy. You want one that’s durable, yet well priced. It needs to last and feel sturdy as you run. Too many treadmills are cheaply made and feel wobbly when in use, even on the lowest setting.

You also want a treadmill with great features. In the past, treadmills had only start, stop, and speed buttons. Now, they come equipped with everything from heart rate monitors and workout programs to a full entertainment systems and touch screen monitors.

The best way to find a great treadmill is to read reviews. You can learn a little about the basic functions of the machine as well as get a sense of the overall user experience. To get you started on your search for the ideal, modern treadmill of the year, here are some of the top treadmill reviews of 2016.

LifeSpan TR 1200i

This treadmill is perfect for small spaces because it can fold for easy storage. It’s slightly smaller as well and supports individuals weighing up to 300 pounds. The small size doesn’t mean it lacks on features. It has built-in speakers and auxiliary hookups so you can listen to music without pesky earphones. There’s also a step counter and several different workout programs to meet anyone’s wishes.

Perhaps the best part of this small but powerful machine is its lower price tag. It retails at $999, which fits easily into most budgets without sacrificing high value.

NordicTrack C1650

You might recognize the popular brand, since they make a variety of cardio-centric sports equipment, particularly great treadmills. This mill, starting at $1,299, can be easily folded for storage and is nothing short on features. It has a full screen display with built-in Wi-Fi and auxiliary plugs so you can remain constantly connected.

The machine itself is superior quality with adjustable FlexSelect cushioning to reduce impact for those with weak knees or ankles. IT can also be adjusted to a firmer level that’s much like running on the road.


The SOLE F85 is a little pricier, starting at $1,799, but it’s an excellent machine for those who spend a lot of time running on the treadmill. It has a 4.0 CHP motor, which is tough enough to handle hard and lengthy workouts. You can also use a variety of integrated treadmill workouts and add your own custom workouts if you don’t like what you see there.

It has a full screen display for simple and fully integrated entertainment. It also has cup and phone holders, heart rate monitors, tracking, and a foldable design. This treadmill has all the bells and whistles and is perfect for those who train regularly.

Horizon T9

The reviews for the Horizon T9 are some of the best. This machine folds for easy storage and has everything you could hope for. It’s designed for runners who love high speeds and long runs. It has a responsive motor that prevents lags or surges for a steady run.

The high definition display is a touchscreen for integrated entertainment. You can even program it to show images of the great outdoors as you run to keep things more interesting. Because it connects to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can send all workout information to an integrated app to save time on tracking later on.

It’s one of the more expensive treadmills at $1,899, but if you want value and a durable treadmill for long, fast runs, this is a great option.

ProForm Sport 9.0 S

Here’s another highly affordable treadmill starting at $949. It’s one of the best reviewed treadmills for the price. Like the LifeSpan TR 1200i, it’s compact and easy to fold upright and store in small spaces.

Unlike the LifeSpan model, this more affordable mill has more entertainment speakers, including an integrated display, audio port, speakers, iFit capability, tablet holder, and more.

Freemotion 2500 GS

For those who need a heavy duty treadmill that can handle race speeds and marathon lengths, the FreeMOtion 2500 GS has been rated the best machine possible. It’s iFit and Google Maps enabled with a full-color 10 inch touch screen display. You can expect all the technological perks on this machine. You can also clip a tablet to the top of the treadmill to watch a movie or sports while you run.

It’s also one of the most powerful machines on the market with a 4.25 chp motor. The belt requires little maintenance, and it recalibrates with every step to ensure there’s no lag or surge. It’s high priced at $2,145, but the serious runner will greatly benefit from such a well-equipped home machine.

NordicTrack X9i

Anyone who has used Nordic Track’s treadmills shouldn’t be surprised to see the brand name show up twice on this list of reviews. This is one of their more technologically advanced treadmills for running with a full color, high-definition, 7-inch, web-enabled touch screen. It’s integrated with GoogleMaps and offers beautiful displays to watch while running. You can also check email, surf social media, and watch videos on the web.

The performance is top notch as well. The X9i model is rated the top treadmill for incline with up to 40 percent incline available. With Reflex cushioning that absorbs more shock, those with joint problems can experience an excellent workout without the hurt.

ProForm Pro 2000

For home use, the ProForm Pro 2000 is highly recommended, particularly for its space efficiency. The variety of workouts available on this machine offer several choices to any exerciser, including incline, decline, and 24 built-in workouts that can be personalized to your preferences.

The tech features are highly impressive with an 8 inch display and iFit Live integration. You can also plug in your phone or MP3 player to listen to music while you run. At $1,299, this high value treadmill is a steal!

Best Treadmill for Walking

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for people of all ages. It can help us maintain a healthy weight, prevent medical conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. It strengthens bones and muscles. It can improve mood, balance and coordination. With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that more people are starting to walk.

The only problem with walking is that you can’t always do it outside. Since fitness experts recommend 30 minutes of walking each day, unless walkers have a gym membership, they can’t do it. Fortunately, there is an easy way to solve the problem – buy a treadmill.

Not all treadmills are created equal. With so many treadmills on the market today, it can be difficult to find the best one for your walks.

Since you will walk on the treadmill, there’s no need to pay the extra money for one that is for runners. Treadmills with a 3.0 CHP motor is sufficient for walkers. There are even some models that can give you the power you need with only a 2.5 CHP motor.

While motor capacity is a big factor when deciding on a treadmill, you also want to consider speed and incline. Max speed is what you’ll want to make sure your treadmill can achieve. Some people may want one that can provide 10 mph, while others may want one with the ability to provide 12 mph. The incline provides more muscle strengthening, but it’s not for everyone. If you don’t feel you will be using the incline to certain levels or at all, you can save a lot of money by purchasing a treadmill that only incline slightly or not at all. Just be careful not to choose the least expensive model you can find because then can be made with low quality materials, which can give you a short lifespan.

Other factors you should keep in mind when purchasing a treadmill is max user weight, the size of the treadmill, and the brand. Some models may be too big for the space you have available in your home, or they may shake when the speed is too high. The best way to know if a particular treadmill will stand the test of time and your workout is to read reviews online.

When you read a review online about a particular treadmill, you will be able to see what other people’s experiences were with it. This can help you determine if the one you’re considering on purchasing will provide you everything you need for your walks.

Walking Treadmills

To get started on your research for the best walking treadmills, here are some of the ones that have been identified as good ones for walkers.

Horizon Fitness Elite T7 – This treadmill has a 2.75 CHP motor with 42 workout programs. It has an extra wide blue LCD console, so you can monitor how you are doing during your walk. The average price of it is $1,500.

Matrix TF50 – This treadmill has a 3.25 CHP motor with a max user weight of 400 lbs. It can handle speeds up to 12.5 mph, and can incline up to 15%. The average price is $2,699.

ProForm PRO 2000 – This treadmill has a powerful 3.5 CHP motor with 32 workout programs. It comes with great warranties, which can give you peace of mind in this investment.

NordicTrack C1650 – This treadmill also has a 3.5 CHP motor, but comes with 24 workout programs. With the built in Internet browser, you can walk and browse the Internet on the 7 inch screen.

NordicTrack C990 – This treadmill is perfect for walkers because it has a 3.0 CHP motor. With goal-oriented workouts, walkers can hit goals easily with the heart rate, pace, distance and time monitors. This particular model features a tablet holder, so you can access your files, music, and apps while you’re exercising.

SOLE F63 – For those of you who have a tight budget, this may adequate with the price tag being less than $1,000. It comes with a 3.0 CHP motor, 10 workout programs, and the ability to create 2 custom workouts. It also has an audio port and built-in speakers to play music while you walk.

Freemotion 860 – This treadmill has a unique feature. It has a decline feature, so you can go downhill as long as uphill. The incline and decline ranges from -3% to 15%. The seven-inch color touch display has an Android browser built into it for the Internet. The motor is 3.8 CHP, which makes it powerful enough for walkers and runners. Max user weight is 375 pounds and the belt measures 22 inches wide and 60 inches long. It comes with 34 workout apps, so there’s plenty of options for a great workout.

Types of Walking Treadmills

Treadmill manufacturers design treadmills for people of all levels and lifestyles. As you research walking treadmills, you will notice there are three different types:

  1. Budget Folding Treadmills
  2. Folding Treadmills
  3. Non-Folding Treadmills

The budget folding treadmills will be the least expensive, but they may not provide enough room for walking and the features you would like to have while walking. It has the shortest running belt compared to the folding and non-folding treadmills. This can be an issue for people who have wide strides. Many of them include a display for speed, distance, time, and calories burned. This is all many people want for tracking their workouts. Most budget folding treadmill models do not include the chest strap for heart-rate monitoring. The folding treadmill is great for small spaces. It can fold up to be placed against a wall to free up room. It’s also good for people who travel or would like to take their treadmill with them to different places, such as a friend’s house. Most of them come with exercise programs and heart rate controls, along with all of the features included in budget folding treadmills. Non-folding treadmills offer a sturdier deck and long running belt. It’s perfect for walkers with a wide stride. These come with the most features such as heart rate controls, max speeds, steeper inclines, and higher max user weight.

Research, Read, and Review

Buying a treadmill is an investment in your health. Some people say if you don’t use the money now on being active, you’ll use it later on medical bills.

Use to get the information you need when purchasing a treadmill for walking. You will find honest answers to your questions here just by reading about the experiences of others.

​Best Treadmill for the Money

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends adults get at least 150 minutes of aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week. This can include running, jogging, cycling, and walking.

With most adults leading busy lifestyles, many wonder how they will fit in the exercise their body needs. It’s not just about the time you spend actually exercising. You have to get your gear on or pack your gym bag, wash the stinky clothes, and drive to your gym. Once you’ve completed your gym workout, you have to get yourself home, cleaned up, and get on with your day. We’re talking a good one to two hours every day, at the very least, just to get the minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity in a day. A lot of us don’t have this kind of time and the mere idea of carving that kind of time out of each day can send our good intentions right out the window. Fortunately, home treadmills come to the rescue. The Runner’s World community came up with many benefits of purchasing a treadmill rather than going to the gym:

  • Avoid the stress of driving.
  • Save money on gas.
  • Eliminate child care expenses during workout time.
  • No need to waste time getting ready for the gym.
  • You don’t have to interact with other people during your workout.
  • Saves time for exercise by eliminating your commute to and from the gym.
  • Not a weather dependent activity.
  • You don’t have to pack a gym bag.
  • You don’t have to wait for a machine.
  • Accessible all hours of the day.
  • You can work out in private without the anxiety of others watching.
  • Eliminates gym membership fees.

Purchasing a treadmill is much more cost effective than going to the gym as well. The average monthly gym membership cost is $40 to $50. With Consumer Reports averaging treadmills to be about $1,900, it’s evident that a treadmill will pay for itself over time. In just about three years, most people would have spent just as much on a gym membership as they would have on a treadmill. If you consider providing memberships for an entire family, a home treadmill would pay itself off even faster.

The range of price for treadmills is $300 to $3,500. Many people believe they will get a much better unit if they pay the highest price, but this isn’t the case! It is possible to purchase a treadmill for a good price, and still get a great piece of equipment.

The first step in finding the best treadmill for the money is to decide on which type of treadmill you would like to purchase.

  • Budget folding treadmill
  • Folding treadmill
  • Non-folding treadmill

Budget Folding Treadmill

The budget folding treadmill is the least expensive type on the market. It’s basic, and it can be folded up to fit in small spaces. The display has time, distance, speed, and the amount of calories burned. Some models have a cut holder. The only features these are missing are heart-rate control monitors and programs.

This type of treadmill is not good for runners. Since they are the least expensive, they are made of the lightest materials possible. This can make it unstable. Walking is fine on the budget folding treadmill, however.

Budget folding treadmills are about $785, but the price can range from as little as $300 to as much as $1,270.

Folding Treadmill

A folding treadmill is just like the budget folding treadmill in that it will fold to fit in tight spaces. Since it is much more expensive with a price range of $840 to $1,855, it includes all of the features budget folding treadmills do along with heart-rate monitors and workout programs.

This type of treadmill is much sturdier than the budget folding treadmill, so it is good for occasional runners. Those training for marathon do not want to consider this treadmill as it doesn’t provide the power and space for long strides and fast runs.

You may want to consider the ProForm Pro 2000 for about $1,299 if you’re interested in a decent treadmill without spending a lot of money. The Horizon Elite T7 and Lifespan TR4000i are also good options.

Non-Folding Treadmill

The non-folding treadmill is the preferred one among walkers and runners. The deck is stable and the frame is sturdy. It has a long belt for wide strides and most of them have the power to handle fast runners.

This type of treadmill includes all of the features that the folding treadmill does, but contains more heart-rate control monitors, and is made of higher quality, heavy-duty materials. Non-folding treadmills can also provide inclines, even at max speeds.

The only disadvantage of non-folding treadmills is that most of them don’t contain as many workout programs as the folding ones do. This may be a deal breaker when considering the average price for a non-folding treadmill is $2,500.

While the average price for a non-folding treadmill is $2,500, the starting price is $1,700. Some people believe they are getting more for their money when they choose a unit that is closer to the low end of the price, but that’s not always the case. The less expensive non-folding treadmills are usually not made as well as the pricier models. In that case, it’s best to stick with the higher priced folding ones.

Some options for those of you considering the non-folding treadmill is the Spirit XT 485 for $2,848.50, or the Precor TRM 211 for $3,386.25.

What to Consider When Choosing a Treadmill

When choosing a treadmill, you choose consider the following:

  • Space – You need to have space in your home for the treadmill. This includes space for your arms as you are using it. Be sure to have enough space in your home, so you can safely and easily get on and off of the treadmill.
  • Comfort – Try different models of treadmills because they are all different. You may feel more comfortable on one more than the other. The only way to know is to try them.
  • Adjustable Features – Think about what is most important to you as you work out. If you like to adjust the speed, incline, and programs for better exercise, look for those features as you’re shopping.
  • Consider Added Features – Added features are connections for iPods and wireless connectivity. These features may not be important to some people, but it is for others. If you plan to multitask while exercising, these features might be a must.

Once you know what you want in a treadmill, research reviews online. This will tell you more about the quality and features of the treadmill you’re considering. Reviews are written by purchasers, so they give you the experience of those who have actually used the treadmill in their home or office.

With the information above and from reviews online, you will be able to find a treadmill that gives you everything you need for the best price possible.

Best Treadmill Brands

When it comes to buying a treadmill you want to be confident in your final decision. A treadmill is a big expense which is why it’s essential to thoroughly research which treadmill will be the best suited for your home. To help start your research, here are some of the top treadmill brands and what they offer.

Before You Start Shopping

Before you start looking into which treadmill you want to buy, you first need to ask yourself a few questions.

    • What is your price range? If you’re serious about buying a treadmill, you need to be prepared to spend quite a bit of money. Come up with a price range that is best suited for you and your family, that way when you start shopping you can immediately rule out those treadmills that are more money than you’re comfortable spending.
    • How often do you plan on using your treadmill? How many miles you’re planning to put on your treadmill matters a great deal. If you plan on running 25 miles a week, versus only 5 miles or less, that’s going to play a significant difference in the type of machine you’re going to want to get.
    • What are you using it for? Are you wanting to train for marathons? Do you want to use it to get in shape? Will this be your primary method of getting exercise? Will it predominately be a coat rack? These are all questions you need to figure out before you start shopping for your treadmill.             
    • Are features important to you? Some treadmills come with very limited features, you can just hop on it and run. But if you want a treadmill that you can plug your iPod in to, have your own personal trainer, be able to watch tv, connect to the internet, or have pre designed workouts installed, you need to know which features you can’t live without.
    • Do you want it to incline? You need to know if you want your treadmill to have incline or decline capabilities. These features can add a lot to your workout but they usually cost more money, so you need to know if this is a priority for you.
    • Is Space an Issue? If you have limited space, you’re probably going to want a folding treadmill that you can tuck away when you’re done exercising.

Once you’ve answered all of these questions you will be better prepared to start shopping for your treadmill. When you’ve found a treadmill that you think might meet all of your needs, make sure to read other people’s reviews on that same machine. Their insight can go a long way in helping you to make your final decision.


Nordictrack treadmills are produced by ICON Health & Fitness and are the number one manufacturer of home treadmills. These treadmills are especially known for their interactive iFit workouts. Their commercial series treadmills will run for thousands of miles because of their durability. Nordictrack engineers have designed these treadmills with commercial grade steel so you’ll know they’ll last. You’ll have peace of mind when you buy a Nordictrack, because most review sites rate these treadmills as a “Best Buy”. The prices of these treadmills range from $799- $3,499.


ProForm treadmills are a great option for those who value features like iFit and music speakers but who are looking to save some money. There are different series of treadmills that increase in price as more specs are included, starting with the Performance 400i that is priced at $599. Their most expensive treadmill is called the Boston Marathon 4.0 which is priced at $2,999 and has been featured in Runner’s World.


Sole treadmills are commonly found in hotel fitness centers and residential workout rooms because they are are solid treadmills that are built to last. If you’re looking for a a folding treadmill, it’s a good idea to start looking here because many have rated them as the best folding treadmill. Sole treadmills are also well known for their amazing warranties. When you buy a Sole treadmill you get lifetime coverage on the frame, motor, and deck on top of 5 years on parts and 2 on labor. You’ll have peace of mind owning a Sole because of their awesome warranty. These treadmills run anywhere from $899 to $3,499.


Horizon Fitness is part of Johnson Health Tech based in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. If you’re not looking for a ton of fancy features that will end up costing a lot more money, Horizon treadmills are a great place to start looking. The T101 for example is a folding treadmill that includes 30 console programs, has won various awards for quality and reliability and also has a lifetime warranty on their frame and motor, all for only $649. By reading other buyers reviews on this treadmill you will have a better idea if it will be a good fit for you. However, if you’re looking for a treadmill that has more features Horizon also offers plenty of options to choose from there too. The prices for these treadmills range from $649- $2,499.


LifeSpan Fitness is a company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah that offers a variety of treadmills for every fitness level., Runner’s World, Treadmill Doctor, and Consumer Guide have all ranked these treadmills high in their yearly reviews. Both their Home and Pro Series treadmills come standard with 17 pre-programmed workouts designed by exercise physiologists to make your workout even more effective. When you buy a LifeSpan treadmill you also become lifetime member of the Club, where you are able to upload the data from your workout into their online health management program. These treadmills range in price from $799 to $7,495.

Purchasing a treadmill doesn’t have to be a stressful decision, once you’ve asked yourself what you want in a treadmill, you can start looking for one that meets all of your needs. Each of these 5 treadmill brands have simpler machines for those just looking to run, and more advanced treadmills equipped with helpful features to help you train and get the most out of your workout. These brands all have amazing reviews, making them a perfect place to start your search.

Best Incline Treadmills

If you’re into cross-fit, a simple, cheap treadmill won’t meet your needs. You need something with a great motor that will offer a variety of incline and workout options. An incline treadmill is ideal for fat loss and shaping your leg muscles. It’s a much more efficient form of weight loss than a standard mill, and you’ll see better overall results after your workouts.

It’s hard to find a good treadmill with top-notch incline capabilities, since this is something that’s typically a specialized feature. Typical treadmills only offer 15 percent inclines or less, but if you’re serious about this style of training, you need something that will do up to 30 percent to really tone your muscles.

Features of a Great Treadmill

Most treadmills offer incline and decline features, but if you’re serious about cross-fit training, you’ll invest in a real incline trainer. Once you’ve found a treadmill that offers a 30 percent incline, you’ll want to check a few extra specs to make sure it’s a good machine. Here are a few things that signal a good treadmill in general.

  • Motor: A typical good quality motor is at least 3.0 CHP. If you want an excellent motor for heavy use, go for 4.5 or 4.0 CHP.
  • Speed: Most treadmills offer top speeds of 10-12 mph, which is perfectly acceptable in most cases. However, if you’re a speed trainer, you’ll want to look for something a little higher.
  • Maximum Weight: Look for something that’s able to handle at least 300 pounds. Even if your weight is nowhere near this mark, a treadmill that can handle more weight is considered more durable.
  • Space: If you’re bringing the treadmill home, you typically want it to be fairly compact and easy to fold and store. If you’re a taller person, however, the larger running surface area is very important. Make sure that the size of the treadmill will work for your home space and your size.
  • Features: There are a lot of fancy extras available with treadmills. Though this won’t make your treadmill more powerful, it can make your workouts more comfortable. Look for web-enabled touch screen displays and a variety of built-in workouts to add variety and comfort to any workout.
  • Price: Avoid purchasing a treadmill that’s dirt cheap. Quality treadmills are usually higher priced, at least $900 at the higher end, more durable treadmills running as much as $5,000. That being said, you can always find something of high value in your price range if you read reviews and know how to look.

Top Incline Trainers

To help you in your search for the perfect incline treadmill, here’s a list of brief reviews on top incline treadmills available for home use.

NordicTrack Incline Trainer X11I

Personal trainer and Biggest Loser star Jillian Michaels calls this NordicTrack wonder “the fastest way to lose weight.” It offers a 40 percent max incline and a 6 percent max decline with an all-powerful 4.25 CHP motor that comes with a lifetime warranty. The highest speed setting is 12 mph.

The size of the track is larger than most at 60 inches long and 22 inches wide. It also offers Reflex adjustments that reduce the stress placed on your knees.

All the extras are there as well, with a web-enabled, full-color, 10 inch touchscreen display and iPod port. Heart rate monitors, tablet holders, also come standard as well as an assortment of 44 built-in workout apps that use the incline capabilities to their fullest. All these features are yours for approximately $2,499.

BowFlex TreadClimber TC100

The reviews for this BowFlex model are also excellent. It’s specially designed for lower impact workouts and efficient weight loss. This mill is a little different than your typical treadmill because it offers two separate treadles with moving belts, one for each foot. Like an elliptical, the two treadles move in an up-and-down motion, but unlike an elliptical, the belts are moving as you go. This style is said to burn as much as 2.5 times more calories than a traditional treadmill.

It’s important to note that this mill is designed specifically for walkers. It has a high incline, but a max speed of four mph, so you’re guaranteed a good workout and plenty of calories burned, but it’s not ideal for runners. It retails at $2,199.

FreeMotion i11.9 Incline Trainer

The FreeMotion trainer inclines to 30 percent and declines at a maximum of 6 percent, so that those training for hill running or walking can experience something similar to the real deal. It’s not quite as heavy duty as the NordicTrack trainer, for those who aren’t training extra hard, the incline will have plenty of kick. Regardless of the lesser incline, it’s a smoother ride, more durable, and able to handle higher speeds.

The FreeMotion is one of the highest priced treadmills on the market at upwards of $4,000, but the features and durability make it worth it for serious athletes. It has a larger track with a powerful 4.25 HP motor. There are 44 touch workout programs with iFit activation and a web-enabled touchscreen for a simple and more comfortable workout. If you want all the extra features, you can add a 14 inch HDTV to the mix.

NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer

The reviews for the NordicTrack X9i Trainer are also very good, although they don’t quite match those of the X11I. It’s a more basic model, but it’s still high quality and will help you tone up very efficiently. It also inclines up to 40 percent and declines at a max of 6 percent. It’s the closest you can possibly get to a running real hills.

It has Reflex cushioning, but a smaller motor with 3.0 CHP. It’s not quite as good as the 4.25, but at $1,899, it’s a more affordable option for the average trainer.

Some of the features include a full color 7 inch touch screen display, calorie and step counting, heart rate monitoring, distance, and more. There are 44 built-in workouts that can be customized to your preference, and it’s iFit enabled.

NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Review

Since its introduction years ago, the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk has been giving users more options to stay active during their work day. Now updated and reviewed for 2016, the Treadmill Desk offers even more options and features, such as a larger work surface and more compact walking surface. It also includes USB charging and iFit Bluetooth capability. If you’re looking for a way to stay more fit and healthy – even though you’re at a desk all day – take a look at the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk.

The Treadmill Desk features a 2.6 continuous horsepower motor. Sure, this isn’t as powerful as most treadmills, but this isn’t a treadmill alone…it’s also a desk. Not many people are going to go into a full-on run while writing code or running payables. You can go up to 6 mph, allowing you to walk, jog, or even run if you choose. Its cushioned deck keeps you comfortable, and the integrated desktop display gives you readouts for calories, distance, speed and more.

Features 7/10

While the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk isn’t designed to be a cutting-edge workout machine, it does offer plenty of features to help keep you on track. With a maximum speed of 6mph, most users will be able to break into a run when the mood strikes them. The space-saving design and smaller footprint means it doesn’t have to take over your whole office, either.​

Motor Size – The Treadmill Desk features a 2.6 CHP motor – plenty powerful to keep you active while you work. It’s also self-cooled and quiet, so you you focus on the task at hand.

Max Speed – The maximum speed of the Treadmill Desk is 6mph. You can walk, jog, or even run on this machine.

Incline/Decline – Obviously, an incline or decline on a treadmill desk might put you at a bad angle for doing your job, so this feature is not included here.

Running Surface – For convenient use and storage, the tread belt on the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk is a little shorter than average, measuring 20 x 55 inches. It’s big enough to be functional without getting in the way.

Space-Saving Technology – The Treadmill Desk can be folded vertically to save space and provide an adjustable height.

Footprint – The Treadmill Desk has a footprint of 74.9″ L x 45.3″ W x 43.8″ H while in use.

Weight Capacity – NordicTrack provides for a user weight of up to 300 pounds on its Treadmill Desk.

Cushioning – This machine comes with a commercial grade deck that flexes with each step, providing comfortable use and reduced shock to your joints.

Welded Steel Frame – The Treadmill Desk features a sturdy steel frame and stable desktop that doesn’t move around because of its innovative unattached design.

While the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk doesn’t come with pre-loaded workout apps or a high speed motor, it certainly offers enough features to keep users active during the day. If your job requires you to be at your desk most of the day, but you worry about being too sedentary, the Treadmill Desk could be a great option for you at $999.00.

Tech Specs 7/10

Display – On the Treadmill Desk, NordicTrack provides a nice integrated desktop with LCD technology. You can keep an eye on your time, calories burned, distance traveled, speed, and calories per hour. The controls are simple, allowing for easy speed adjustments whenever you feel the need.

Workout Programs – No workout programs are pre-loaded, but the Treadmill Desk does come iFit enabled.

Apps – This machine is enabled for iFit use with Smart Bluetooth. This allows you to connect your tablet to access custom training programs, stats, Google Maps and more (iFit subscription required).

Bluetooth – Yes! It’s the perfect tool for iFit.

Heart Rate Monitoring – Heart rate sensors are provided in the form of CardioGrip sensors on the desktop.

Individualized Settings – Not available on this machine.

Other Tech Features

  • USB charging station – Never worry about your battery dying! The Treadmill Desk has convenient USB charging built right in.
  • 1-touch controls – Adjust your speed anytime with a single touch of a button. No need to scroll or hunt for settings.

Despite the absence of many bells and whistles present on other in-home or commercial treadmills offered by NordicTrack, the Treadmill Desk provides all the technology you need to stay fit at work. Whether you walk gently most of the day, or take a quick jog or sprint every couple of hours, you should have plenty to keep you going. The USB charging and integrated display help you stay both productive and active.

Build Quality 9/10

Warranty – Your Treadmill Desk comes with a more-than-sufficient lifetime warranty on the frame and motor.

Parts and Service – Adding to the warranty is a full year of parts and labor coverage.

Customer Support – Have a question or need some support? NordicTrack fitness consultants are available online and over the phone, so you never have to feel disconnected from customer service.

Return Policy – To provide their customers with peace of mind, NordicTrack offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on every machine, including the Treadmill Desk.

Manufacturing Location – NordicTrack is manufactured in Logan, Utah by ICON Health and Fitness. ICON also has operations in Asia, Australia, Mexico, Europe, and Brazil.

Our review of the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk shows it to be a great option for people looking to stay active in any work situation. It’s not the most powerful, feature-filled treadmill available, but its primary purpose is to support your daily activity goals while you work. If you have a desk job but want to make sure you get in those 10,000 steps every day, this machine is worth your consideration – especially if you can get your company to help with the cost.

Our Bottom Line Review of the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk

The NordicTrack Treadmill Desk does its job well, so you can focus on doing yours. To sum up, here are some of the best features we discovered while conducting our review:

  • USB charging station built-in
  • iFit readiness with Smart Bluetooth
  • Cushioned tread deck
  • 1-touch speed control
  • Integrated desktop display
  • Solid warranty
  • Stable desktop surface
  • Affordable price

We think the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk is a pretty good buy for helping users stay fit and active during their work day. You could even have it delivered to your home or office for free! In our opinion, just because you have a desk job doesn’t mean you can’t keep moving, especially if you opt for one of these multi-tasking desks. If this sounds like a great idea to you, the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk is worth considering.

NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum Review

The NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum represents an upgrade over the original Treadmill Desk. It features a more powerful, 3.0 continuous horsepower motor, higher speed capacity at 8mph, adjustable incline, and more. The sale price is $2,499.00.

In our review, we found that the Treadmill Desk Platinum takes staying active while you work to a whole new level. You can charge your devices via built-in USB charging, and view your progress on the 3-window LCD display that’s unobtrusively built right into the oversized work surface. When it comes to performance, comfort, and staying active while you’re at work, the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum goes above and beyond.

Features 8/10

The Treadmill Desk Platinum offers some features that go above and beyond other treadmill desks. It has a 3.0 CHP motor, allowing speeds up to 8mph. And if you’re hip to taking on more of a challenge, you can incline the deck up to 10%. You also get a large work surface, designed to keep your work steady while you challenge your body.​

Motor Size – The Treadmill Desk Platinum offers users a 3.0 CHP motor. Feel like blowing off some steam with a run after that meeting? This motor is ready to oblige you.

Max Speed – The maximum speed on this machine is 8mph. It adjusts with a single touch, and allows you to fit a great workout into any part of your day. Take a stroll, jog, or run – it’s totally up to you and completely within reach.

Incline/Decline – Want to climb a hill while you climb the corporate ladder? You can do it on the Treadmill Desk Platinum. It offers up to 10% incline that you can adjust any time.

Running Surface – The tread belt on this machine measures 18 x 60 inches. The slightly narrower width helps save space, but still provides plenty of room while you exercise. It’s also designed for noise reduction.

Space-Saving Technology – You can fold the Treadmill Desk Platinum to save floor space. When folded, you can use the desk either sitting or standing.

Footprint – The Treadmill Desk Platinum has a footprint of 77.0″ L x 40.5″ W x 48.7″ H while folded out and in use. It’s definitely enough for exercise, but not so big that it’s intrusive.

Weight Capacity – With a limit of 350 pounds, the Treadmill Desk Platinum offers higher user weight capacity than the original Treadmill Desk.

Cushioning – This machine comes with built-in cushioning to make your workout more comfortable and easier on your joints.

Oversized Work Surface – The desk portion of the Treadmill Desk Platinum is 40 inches by 18 inches, and offers great stability even while the treadmill is in use.

The NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum offers great functionality for both working and working out. The extra power in the motor, adjustable incline, and space-saving design mean you get plenty of practicality packed into your active day.

Tech Specs 8/10

Display – Instead of just one window, the Treadmill Desk Platinum offers a three-window LCD display. It’s integrated right into the desktop, and shows your calorie burn, speed, heart rate, distance and more. No need to interrupt your work to see your progress.

Workout Programs – While there are no pre-loaded workout programs, this machine is iFit enabled for workout variety and motivation.

Apps – iFit with Smart Bluetooth allows you to enhance your workouts with Google Maps, custom training programs, stats tracking and more.

Bluetooth – This machine is Smart Bluetooth enabled, helping users make maximum use of iFit.

Heart Rate Monitoring – Stay in the zone or keep yourself from working too hard with dual grip sensors that give you an accurate measurement in seconds.

Individualized Settings – Individual user settings are not available on the Treadmill Desk Platinum. But you probably wouldn’t want to share anyway.

Other Tech Features

  • USB charging – This machine has a built-in charging station to keep your devices going.
  • Incline and speed control – Adjust each of these settings at the touch of a button.

Though the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum is isn’t meant to be an all-out fitness machine, it can definitely help you meet your goals. The top speed of 8 mph and 3.0 CHP motor ensure you have plenty of power to support your active pursuits – even while the large work surface and convenient controls help you stay on track at work.

Build Quality 9/10

Warranty – This machine comes with NordicTrack’s lifetime warranty on both the frame and the motor.

Parts and Service – In addition to the above warranty, you receive 2 years parts and 1 year labor coverage.

Customer Support – NordicTrack is known for solid customer support. Specialists are available to help with your questions both over the phone and online at

Return Policy – NordicTrack backs up your purchase with a 30-day money-back guarantee on every machine they sell.

Manufacturing Location – NordicTrack is manufactured in Logan, Utah by ICON Health and Fitness. ICON also has operations in Asia, Australia, Mexico, Europe, and Brazil.

We found the quality of the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum to be a step above the basic treadmill desks on the market. Our review took a careful look at the features, specs, and build quality of this machine to form a very positive opinion. And of course, NordicTrack backs up their products with a great warranty and a good reputation for customer service.

Our Bottom Line Review of the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum

The Treadmill Desk Platinum offers plenty of features, but these are the ones that stood out on our review as the most helpful to most users:

  • iFit and Smart Bluetooth compatibility
  • USB device charging
  • Cushioned walking surface
  • Easy speed and incline control
  • 8mph top speed with up to 10% incline
  • Integrated 3-window LCD display
  • Compact but very adequate walking belt
  • Oversized work surface

Overall, we were pretty impressed with both the working practicality and workout functionality of the Treadmill Desk Platinum. Users should find it very capable of supporting their fitness goals without distracting them from their other tasks. At $2,499 it shouldn’t be purchased on a whim, but if you’re serious about staying fit even with a desk job, it’s worth a look. NordicTrack does offer some attractive financing options, plus no-cost delivery. There will be some assembly required, so be prepared for that. But once it’s set up and in place, it should serve you very well.

NordicTrack Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Treadmill Sales 2016

Anyone interested in buying a treadmill for home use can find the right fit at NordicTrack. They have a wide range of price points that have an even wider range of available features and they’re all reasonably priced. When considering all of the sales and deals you’ll find on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, treadmills are definitely included in that list. A handful of retailers offer low prices on NordicTrack machines but you tend to find the most significant price drops directly on They haven’t released their Black Friday sales plans for 2016 yet but we’re expecting price drops as low as 40 to 50%.

By ordering directly from, you can expect the best warranties along with free delivery, a 30-day 100% refund policy, and you won’t have to stand in line with the usual Black Friday crowds.

Preparing For The Black Friday Sales

As NordicTrack carries a number of different treadmills, we recommend doing your homework a few weeks in advance. Visit their website to view their four different treadmill series for 2016.  You’ll be looking at machines that range normally from $1,299.00 to $3,499.00. The difference in cost jumps with additional features or upgraded components. Before you head into the sales, know which features are available and decide on what you must have in your home treadmill. That way you won’t miss out on special features like a decline setting, more built-in workout programs, or the iPod compatible sound system because these features are not standard in every machine.

Features to Consider When Selecting Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Treadmill

  • Motor size – HP v CHP
  • Belt Size
  • Weight Capacity
  • Incline/Decline Capabilities
  • Display Screen
  • Built-in Workout Programs
  • iFit/iPod Compatibility
  • Max Speed
  • Storage Space
  • Folding Ability
  • Integrated Television
  • Web Browsing

Some of NordicTrack’s Black Friday sales will be short-lived, lasting only the day. But they start longer sales some time before Black Friday and Cyber Monday that can be enticing too. These quick sales can be attributed to the large discounts as well as limited quantities of machinery – another reason why it’s best to do your homework before hand so you can make quick decisions when their deals are posted for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday Event for 2016 NordicTrack Treadmills

Again, NordicTrack has yet to publish their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but we’ve included a summary below of machines we’re hoping to see on markdown for the post Thanksgiving sales. Of the four separate treadmill series, we’ve included our top two favorite machines in each series.

NordicTrack Incline Trainers

NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer

  • “Burn 5x the calories; no running necessary” is this machines tagline.
  • 2.75 CHP Motor
  • Reflex Cushioning
  • Footprint 70.2″ L x 39.6″ W x 69.7″ H
  • 7” Backlit Display
  • iFit Bluetooth Smart Enabled
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • -3% Max Decline
  • 325 lbs weight capacity
  • Tablet holder
  • Wireless chest strap included
  • 38 built-in workout programs
  • 40% Max Incline
  • Onetouch Controls
  • 22” x 60” Tread Belt
  • iPod Compatible Sound System
  • 12 MPH Max Speed
  • Dual Autobreeze Workout Fans

X11i Incline Trainer

  • “Burn 5x the Calories in 10” Full Color”
  • 4.25 CHP Motor
  • Reflex Cushioning
  • Footprint 70.2″ L X 39.6″ W X 69.7″ H
  • 10” Web Enabled Touchscreen
  • iFit Enabled
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • -6% Max Decline
  • 350 lbs weight capacity
  • Tablet holder
  • Wireless chest strap included
  • 44 built-in workout programs
  • 40% Max Incline
  • Onetouch Controls
  • Easy assembly

NordicTrack C Series Treadmills

NordicTrack C 1650 Treadmill

  • Fitness at your fingertips
  • 3.5 CHP motor
  • 12 mph max speed
  • 12% max incline
  • iFit enabled
  • Flexselect cushioning
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Autobreeze workout fan
  • iPod compatible sound system
  • 10” Web-enabled touchscreen
  • Onetouch controls
  • 34 Built-in workout apps
  • 20” x 60” tread belt
  • Integrated accessory tray
  • Tablet holder

NordicTrack C 700 Treadmill

  • Work hard, save space, fold your machine after use.
  • 2.75 CHP motor
  • iPod Compatible Sound System
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Footprint 73″ x 36″ x 67.5″
  • Heart rate monitor
  • 20” x 55” treadbelt
  • Onetouch controls
  • 20 built-in workout apps
  • Autobreeze fan
  • iFit Bluetooth Smart enabled
  • Tablet holder
  • 10 mph max speed
  • Multi-window LED Display
  • 10% max incline

NordicTrack Commercial Treadmills

NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill

  • Maximum Customization, Superior Performance.
  • 4.25 CHP Motor
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Onetouch controls
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • 10” Web-enabled touchscreen
  • 22” x “60” tread belt
  • Runnerflex cushioning
  • 40 built-in workout apps
  • Wireless chest strap
  • Triple autobreeze workout fans
  • Accessory tray
  • Tablet holder
  • 15% max incline
  • -3% max decline
  • Footprint 72″ L X 34″ W X 72.25″ H
  • Power-adjustable height
  • iPod compatible sound system
  • iFit enabled

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill

  • New and improved; an update to a consumer favorite
  • 3.8 CHP Motor
  • 7” web-enabled touchscreen
  • iPod compatible sound system
  • Accessory tray
  • iFit enabled
  • -3% max decline
  • 15% max incline
  • 22” x 60” tread belt
  • Triple autobreeze workout fans
  • Footprint 72.25″ L X 34″ W X 61″ H
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Wireless chest strap
  • Runners Flex Cushioning
  • Tablet holder
  • 12 mph max speed
  • 38 built-in workout apps
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Onetouch controls

NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Series

NordicTrack Treadmill Desk

  • 2.6 CHP motor
  • 0-6 mph
  • Footprint 74.9″ L x 45.3″ W x 43.8″ H
  • Welded Steel Frame
  • Cushioned deck
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Onetouch controls
  • 20” x 55” treadbelt
  • iFit bluetooth smart enabled
  • USB charging station
  • Integrated desktop display

NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum

  • 3.0 CHP motor
  • 3 Window LCD
  • 10% max incline
  • 0-8 mph
  • Footprint 77.0″ L x 40.5″ W x 48.7″ H
  • Oversized work surface
  • Welded Steel Frame
  • Cushioned deck
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • 350 lbs weight capacity
  • Onetouch controls
  • 18” x 60” treadbelt
  • iFit bluetooth smart enabled
  • USB charging station
  • Integrated desktop display

Their lowest sales price that we’ve seen for the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk has been $799 so we’ll see what happens during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year.

The C series is the most affordable line and best for walkers. Runners that plan on using their machines regularly want to get a machine with a better motor and a sturdier build which you’ll find in the Elite and Commercial series. All of their machines have a great warranty which you can view at their website. It includes a lifetime guarantee on the motor and frame, 5 years for parts protection, and 2 years in-home labor. Again, buying directly from the NordicTrack website is going to give you the best warranty and customer service. You can find machines at other stores during their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales but we recommend going straight to the company for purchasing.

The Best Budget Treadmills For The Money

Let’s just face reality when it comes to buying a treadmill online. If you aren’t going to spend at least $600 then you are just not going to get a very good machine. That’s just how it works. The under $500 group of budget treadmills is really not strong.

But there is another reality to face as well. Chances are you won’t be using your treadmill nearly as often as you think. Research shows most home machines collect dust. Look, you’re busy, everyone is busy, so finding time to use a treadmill is just challenging. It’s ok.

So is a budget treadmill really all that bad? The answer is no. First off, you can get a decent machine for $300 or less. The Weslo Cadence comes to mind. Is it great? No. Will it turn on and work? Yes. If you are just jogging now and again or walking on it from time to time, then it will work, it will hold up and it won’t cost you a ton of money.

When it comes to the best budget treadmill for the money, we would say the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is at the top of the list. However, if you are buying on Amazon, you might want to be aware of a few things.

Any treadmill that says manual means there is no motor. This means the treadbelt moves by you walking on it. They hardly count as treadmills when you think about it. This is why some brands include the word electric in their description. It is understood that a treadmill is electric if it doesn’t say manual. Therefore, you know these manufacturers aren’t heavily invested in the industry and are more interested in churning out low quality products than they are in making something that works. So if it says manual or electric, you can pass on it.

There is a very popular brand called Exerpeutic on Amazon as well. They have top sellers in exercise bikes and ellipticals. However, their treadmills aren’t top sellers for some reason. As far as budget machines go, they make a decent and inexpensive treadmill. They make a few actually. If you won’t consider Weslo, give them a look.

So for the best budget treadmills online, you should really be interested in either the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 or one of the Exerpeutic models. Nothing else is worthy of your consideration.