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The treadmill’s dark and twisted past

We came across a very cool video from TED-ED about the history of the treadmill. Did you know it used to be a torture device? We’ve known folks to say that exercise is torture at times, but it seems that at one point in history, this was very literally the case with treadmills. Check out […]

The Uphill Battle To Find The Best Incline Treadmill Reviews

Running flat for long distances loses its allure eventually. Although you hit good miles, you eventually hit a plateau that keeps your mile minutes pretty much the same. If you’re training for a race, time is important and if you’re just looking to burn fat quicker, challenging your body is the only way. Incline treadmills […]

What Are The Best Home Treadmills, Find Reviews Online

Any time you decide to buy something you want the best for yourself. The best means different things for different people, so knowing what you want makes your search that much easier. Even if you’re unsure of what you want, you still have the ability to find it easily with reviews. It’s easy to find […]

Finding the Best Folding Treadmill Reviews Online

Years ago when you wanted to buy anything for your home, you had to purchase by word of mouth or a wild hunch. Every purchase was essentially a gamble. Although the product may have been able to do the bare necessity, was there another one that was even better? With the internet, being able to […]

How to Really Lose Weight – Advice from Top Bloggers

We’re always interested in what others have to say about treadmills, healthy lifestyles and how to lose weight. Today, we bring you questions and answers from some of the most influential fitness bloggers around. Check out the weight loss tips they chose to share with you. So, what are the keys to successfully losing weight? […]

The History Of The Treadmill – Infographic

Train on the best modern day treadmills from the worlds best treadmill maker

Giant Treadmill

Oxford Fitness in Chile has created what they call the world’s first treadmill to hold 10 people at once. It is, well, pretty massive. You can read more about it at Runner’s World if you want to see a picture as well. We think it would make for an interesting race, but what happens if […]

Pros & Cons of Calorie Counting

Proform, leaders in the treadmills industry are interested in much more than just exercising when it comes to health and fitness. We believe that it takes a combination of things in order to stay fit in a world of fast foods, restaurants and unhealthy eating. Our teams of experts go out of our way to […]

Incline Training Treadmill Review Infographic

Incline training is growing in popularity, and for good reason! More fitness enthusiasts are focusing more on training methods that have lower impact on the body. Research is pointing toward more alternative methods that decrease the likelyhood for injury. Take a look below at 8 reasons why incline training should be included into your running […]

Beginners Guide To Walking And Running on a Treadmill

Walk into any gym and you will see them, those seemingly tireless and spritely runners who simply own the treadmill. You see them, and perhaps you are envious of their impressive ability to endure. Keep in mind that these runners were once beginners too, and as a beginner there are a few simple ways to […]