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NordicTrack X9i

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Nordictrack X9i

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The NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer just came out with the latest 2014 model. This model does not seem too upgraded from the 2013 model. You can clearly see that from the price difference. The new 2014 model is only $100 more than the older 2013 model. This is because there is not a lot added to the newest model. For example, the newest model still has the same 3.0 CHP motor, and the same -6% decline to 40% incline options. They both have a 10″ full color touch screen tablet display, and they are both designed and built well.

You may see varying differences, but they are extremely subtle. For example, the older model had a 20″ x 62″ tread belt, while the newer model has a 22″ x 60″ tread belt. The newer X9i also has a nicer touch display; you can clearly see NordicTrack has upgraded that and made it more appealing. You can also see from the photo that the appearance of the machine looks upgraded and nicer as well. With all that being said, a hundred dollars more is worth the upgrade in my opinion, especially when they probably fixed any little bugs from the previous model.

Whether you choose the 2013 model or the newer 2014 model, the X9i has always been and will always be an impressive treadmill. This treadmill is built strong and it will last forever. It is a solid investment and will always be one of our top recommendations. Honestly, the X9i is not priced too high considering all the excellent specs and features NordicTrack has thrown in. This machine will give you one entertaining and intense workout, especially if you utilize the workout programs and iFit®.


Overall, the NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer 2014 model has not changed significantly. It does have a more appealing look to it, a nicer touch display, and a slightly different tread belt. The motor is the same powerful 3.0 CHP, and the incline and decline is still just as impressive as before. The newer model is only $100 more, so honestly it’s worth spending the extra for a newer and more elegant looking machine, even if it is not significantly different. This machine will not lose much value over time, and it is a solid investment.