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Smooth 9.65 TV

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Smooth 9.65 TV

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The Smooth 9.65 TV Treadmill is practically a twin brother to the original Smooth 9.65 LC, but this one has a large beautiful 10.5 inch TV screen on it. You can utilize your exercise time by watching your favorite shows. The treadmill has a large 21″ x 64″ running deck, a size you don’t usually find from other brands. The 4.0 CHP motor and its 3″ rollers are incredibly strong and durable, and you’ll never have a problem with them. Since the motor and roller are so strong the maximum weight capacity is an impressive 400 lbs. Just like the LC version the TV version uses the Im-Pression™ Shock Absorption Cushioning System to minimize impact on joints.

The 9.65TV has plenty of smaller features as well. The 9.65TV includes its SmoothSound™ Audio System which is compatible with iPod and other mp3 players. It also comes with a Heart Rate Control program and a Wireless Heart Rate Strap that reads your heart rate with extreme accuracy.

Perhaps the best part is the excellent warranties Smooth puts on their treadmills. The lifetime coverage on the frame and motor is usually offered on most half-way decent treadmills. However, the lifetime coverage on parts and electronics is amazing. It’s impossible to find such good warranty anywhere else, and anywhere near this price range.

There are a couple differences between the 9.65 LC and 9.35 TV. Other than the obvious television in the middle of the console, the 9.35 TV includes 55 workout programs over the LC’s 28. The warranties on both are the same and they both have similar specs. The 9.65 TV costs about $100 more than the LC.


This, like the 9.65 LC, is a great deal. The inclusion of the television and the many extra workout programs is a really nice bonus. For only $100 more than the LC, this treadmill is definitely worth the extra cost.