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The Tunturi T50 is terrible. The prices on the higher end Tunturi treadmills are crazy. With this kind of price range, you can expect a much better deal elsewhere. Look into buying a NordicTrack, ProForm, Sole, or Smooth with much better specs and features for a lot less. The T50 has uses a 3.0 HP motor which isn't terrible, but considering the price it's pretty low. The tread belt is a 20" x 59" which is actually below the average of much cheaper model treadmills. There are over 30 workout programs which is nice, but the problem is that the console does not have any other features to it. With a treadmill at this price you can expect iFit Live, browsers, dvd players, HDTVs, fans, wireless chest straps, kitchen sinks, and other awesome features. Well maybe not the kitchen sink, but seriously you can find models with the other features and more for LESS MONEY! Take a look at our NordicTrack Elite 9500 Pro review. This machine has everything you could ever want, with much better specs, for less money! There is no reason to get the T50 over a similar priced or even cheaper model from NordicTrack, ProForm, Sole, or Smooth.

Price: $2699.00
Walking Area: 8.40
Power: 6.90
Cushioning: 7.10
Reliability: 7.20
Noise Level: 7.00
Quality: 6.20
Value: 5.10
Warranty: 7.90
Overall Rating: 6.98

Editor's Note:

If you stop to buy the Tunturi T50 it means you haven't looked very far for better deals. Many other brands offer much better deals.

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Tunturi T50