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Updated: 2-17-2017

The 2017 NordicTrack X11i incline trainer treadmill is one of the top models NordicTrack manufacturers, which is why we gave it a 5 star review. It has a treadbelt at a lengthy 22″ x 60″ and is built to last. The X11i comes with an excellent Reflex™ Cushioning system that greatly absorbs joint impact. These two simple specs alone will give the user a really comfortable workout experience. The deck and walking area are extremely solid and built with high quality components. NordicTrack has made sure to put in a high quality motor to keep this thing running. The X11i has a powerful 4.25 CHP motor, which is very heavy duty and will last a lifetime, and keep that tread belt going. It is important that NordicTrack has given the X11i such a durable motor, because the deck needs a powerful motor to maintain the intense decline and incline settings.

Surprisingly, the weight capacity is pretty light on this machine (375 lbs). I think this is because of the intense slope of the machine when you have it in incline or decline. So keep this in mind if weight is an issue at all, because the belt will burn up fast if you exceed that weight capacity. I’ve been talking about the intense decline and incline, but forgot to mention it. This machine will incline to a shocking 40% incline and decline to a -6% decline. This is why the Incline Series treadmills are so popular. These controls allow you to burn calories and shed weight the fastest.

Overall, we found in our review that the brand new X11i Incline Trainer is one beast of a treadmill.

Features 10/10

Most NordicTrack models will include a standard set of features in their machines. You can see a number of pros that span across the different products, such as the speed settings, and the size of the running belt. This model kept a lot of the classic features we have come to expect from the brand. However, they decided to go the extra mile, making the X11i really shine.

Motor Size - The X11i features one of the more powerful motors from the NordicTrack brand, with 4.25 CHP. It is built to accommodate longer workouts, without wearing on the equipment.

Max Speed - Adjustable speeds of up to 12 MPH.

Incline/Decline - This is where the X11i really shines, featuring decline between 0% - 6%, and an incline of 0% - 40%. The claim that you can burn five times as many calories per workout is due to these percentages, which amp up any session for maximum results.

Running Surface - People with longer strides have no reason to fear this trainer. It features a 22" X 60" belt, the widest and longest on the market.

Footprint (Folded) - This machine does not fold.

Footprint (In Use) - If you don’t mind taking up a bit of space, definitely consider this machine. It measures 70.2" L X 39.6" W X 69.7" H, which may be somewhat too large for smaller spaces.

Weight Capacity - The X11i can accommodate up to 350 lbs, one of the higher weights on non-commercial machines.

Cushioning - Comfort and safety are paramount in the design of this machine. It features reflex cushioning along most of the length of the belt, softening impact and reducing the chance of injury on joints and muscles.

This honestly has one of the better feature lists for home grade incline trainers we have set out to review. It offers a variety of benefits, including higher inclines and lower declines to increase workout results by up to five times. That is quite a claim, and makes it more effective than the average treadmill.

Tech Specs 10/10

Display - A 10”, web enabled touchscreen display runs an Android operating system, allowing you to use apps, stream media, and browse the internet while working out.

Pre-Installed Workout Programs - Featuring dozens of pre installed workouts, you can select one that offer you the most challenging regime, or choose something more light and easy for those lazy days.

Apps - Take advantage of 44 preinstalled workout apps, created by personal trainers and designed to give you the best results. Choose from calories burned, time, incline, and more.

Bluetooth - Bluetooth enabled iFit gives you even more power over your workouts, with tons of content to choose from.

Heart Rate Monitoring - Use handlebar sensors for quick-grip heart rate readings during your workout.

Individualized Settings - Not Applicable

Other Tech Features
  • iPod compatibility, complete with speakers and headphone jack
  • Wireless chest strap for target zone monitoring
  • OneTouch controls for easy access to features
  • Tablet holder for secondary screen and use

Like the features list, the tech capabilities of this incline trainer are great. They offer plenty of apps, pre programmed workouts, a heart rate sensor in the handlebars (more convenient for many), and an optional strap for more accurate and complete readings.

Build Quality 9/10

Warranty - This machine offers a more extensive set of warranties than other models. The deck, frame and motor are all covered under a Lifetime guarantee. The parts are covered for a full six years, and labor for two years.

Parts and Service - The number one complaint about NordicTrack machines is that they are hard to put together. This model has a new, simpler design that makes it much easier to assemble. Replacement parts are easy to find online, as is service through the NordicTrack site, or third party sellers and repair centers.

Customer Support - Customer support can be contacted any time, either online or through the phone.

Return Policy - All NordicTrack machines come with a 30 day risk-free trial. If you return within those 30 days, you will receive a full refund.

Manufacturing Location - Logan, Utah, USA

NordicTrack is always reliable when it comes to warranties, build, and services. You can be assured that if the machine doesn’t work for you, you don’t have to keep it. They don’t ask questions about returns when done within the 30 days, and finding replacement parts is easy even after the warranty expires.

Our Bottom Line Review of The NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer

This is an impressive machine. It is more solidly built than many incline trainers, and offers options for larger users that might need a sturdier frame and belt. The warranties mean you don’t have to be afraid of investing the money. As for the technology, it is one of the more modern trainers, and the Android compatibility really improves on past designs that use their own operating system. We especially enjoyed:

  • The high incline and low decline
  • The apps designed by professional trainers
  • The 10” touchscreen
  • The ability to install other apps on the system
  • The longer warranty on parts

If you want a long lasting, cutting edge incline trainer that is more than just a treadmill with a tilt, this is the one for you. Feature heavy, high tech and able to take people of differing body sizes, it is one of the best you can find for non-commercial use.