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Updated: 2-17-2017

The 2017 NordicTrack X9i Incline Trainer is a solid treadmill that will fit into most consumers budgets and receives a 5 star rating from us. It has a nice touch display and a 22″ x 60″ tread belt. This treadmill is built strong and it will last forever. The 3.00 CHP motor will keep up with you and it has a 350 pound capacity. The warranty is great and it also has the ability to go into a decline position to simulate walking or running downhill. The incline range is -6 to 40%! The X9i gets great reviews from us and many others. It is a solid investment and will always be one of our top recommendations. The X9i is not priced too high considering all the excellent specs and features NordicTrack has thrown in. This machine will give you one entertaining and intense workout, especially if you utilize the workout programs and iFit®.

In researching this review, we found this to be the perfect machine for people who crave variety in their workouts.

The primary draw for the NordicTrack X9i is the intensity of the workout, modified for the user based on their capabilities. It can be adjusted over time to increase the challenges at each new milestone of improvement, or reduced during times that less difficult exercise is needed. It claims to allow you to burn up to five times as many calories through walking, which means it relies more on incline than on speed. Despite its heavy feature list, it is a simple machine for anyone to program, adjust and use. We reviewed this product based on a number of features, tech specs, and build quality which you can see in detail below.

Features 7/10

Motor Size - The NordicTrack X9i attempts to strike a balance between power and discretion. It’s 3.0 CHP motor is durable and strong, allowing for consistent walks or runs at any speed, or incline. But it delivers this punch more quietly than most, so you can finish your workout without being overwhelmed by the sound.

Max Speed - Take your workouts from warm up to cool down with a varying, adjustable speed of up to 12 MPH. The button reaction time is almost instantaneous, so no worrying about your speed gradually going down and leaving your trying to compensate.

Incline/Decline - Where this model really shines is in the incline and decline percentages. You can simulate running on roads, trails, tracks and even mountain sides. Decrease down to -6% on one end, or ramp it all the way up to 40%.

Running Surface - A highlight of this review is the belt size. Unlike most incline trainers, this one is long and wide to provide ample space to fit the needs of every tread distance. The 22" X 60" belt works whether you are four feet, or 7 feet.

Footprint (Folded) - Not Applicable.

Footprint (In Use) - This is a larger machine thanks to the belt size, which might give some people pause if they are dealing with less space. When in use, it reaches 70.2" L x 39.6" W x 69.7" H.

Weight Capacity - The weight capacity on most incline trainers can be a big problem, but this one is better than most. It is able to hold up to 350 lbs without risking the integrity of the frame. Add that to its running surface, and this is a great option for larger users.

Cushioning - Reflex Cushioning technology works to lessen impact on the joints with every step, extending almost all the way down the belt. This reduces the chance of injury during use.

While it may lack a few of the features of other NordicTrack models, it still has an impressive list that will give you greater control over your workouts. The strong motor provides consistent quality, while the steep incline controls let you get the most out of every session, while adjusting to your level.

Tech Specs 8/10

Display - The NordicTrack X91 has taken displays to a whole new level. It features a 10” touchscreen, which uses an Android OS to easily connect with your mobile devices for additional features. Browse the web, watch streaming content, and more.

# of Workout Programs - Dozens of workouts are already programmed, but it also connects to iFit for even more to choose from.

Apps - There are 44 preinstalled applications created by personal trainers to help you set customized, interesting workouts that are designed for you.

Bluetooth - This incline trainer includes a Bluetooth activated Smart chest strap for better stat monitoring, such as calories burned.

Heart Rate Monitoring - Monitor your heart rate with a Polar monitor (included) to get a more accurate look at the effectiveness of your cardio workouts.

Individualized Settings - Not Applicable

Other Tech Features
  • iPod compatible sound system, with included speakers or headphone jack.
  • OneTouch controls for quick settings input.
  • Dual fans to keep cool while you sweat.

The tech features is where the NordicTrack X9i really stands out. With a larger screen comparable to most tablets, full color touch display, and Android operating system, it can be used for browsing the web, watching media, reading, listening to music, or anything else you may wish to do to make your workouts pass by fast.

Build Quality 9/10

Warranty - You can be guaranteed lifetime service with a frame, motor, and deck warranty for damage or wear. There is also a 5 year warranty for electronics and parts, and a 2 year warranty for labor.

Parts and Service - Being a popular brand, replacement parts are easy to come by. Service is available from multiple sources, and both are covered under 5 and 2 year warranties.

Customer Support - NordicTrack provides excellent customer support both online and by phone. You can contact them for a free consultation any time.

Return Policy - NordicTrack offers a 30 day no hassle return policy.

Manufacturing Location - Logan, Utah, USA

We found that NordicTrack machines are built to last. The warranties offer you additional security, ensuring that no matter what happens you will be able to keep your incline trainer in good shape.

Our Bottom Line Review of The NordicTrack X9i

As far as incline trainers go, this one is a pretty solid choice. While its feature list is a little lacking against other modern models, the tech more than makes up for it. Having an Android compatible trainer is a great way to really boost your workouts, and get access to all the best fitness apps and content out there. What really impressed us was:

  • The 10” full color touch display
  • The iFit compatibility
  • The iPod capabilities, with both speakers and headphone jack
  • The wide and long belt size
  • The decline/incline settings from -6% to 40%
  • The cushioning

There are certainly more advanced and new incline trainers out there, but the NordicTrack X9i is the perfect selection for people looking for a serious workout on a budget. The lifetime warranties on the frame, deck and motor mean you can be assured of a long investment, and the ease of finding parts give you additional security. It is yet another example of why NordicTrack remains of the giants of the business.