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The Sole TT8 has a huge running surface combined with a big motor. This is what we like to see. The Sole TT8 is a coveted treadmill among runners. Its extra wide 22” x 60” belt gives gives you freedom to move around and even dance if you want to. Say goodbye to the feeling of being couped up while you workout. The rollers on this machine are 3 inches which is more than the traditional treadmill and makes the treadmill that much more powerful. This machine is built to hold up anything, the max weight is a powerful 425 lbs, and the 15% incline and 12 MPH speed make this treadmill any runners dream. With all this, the price is almost jaw-dropping. A very solid treadmill with a huge surface built with commercial grade stability at half the cost. One of the better deals of the year. The TT8 sits on the top of the other Sole treadmills. The only two other treadmills from Sole that come close to comparing with the TT8 are the Sole F85 and the Sole S77. These other two treadmills use 2 3/4 in rollers unlike the TT8's 3 in rollers. The actual specs from all these models are fairly close to the same. The main difference is that the Sole TT8 is built to be a light commercial grade unit that can withstand constant and heavier use. Sole even goes out to provide the TT8 with a Light Commercial warranty that covers the motor and frame for lifetime, the parts for 3 years, and the labor for a year. This is the machine to get if you're looking for top of the line power houses without reaching ridiculous price ranges. The TT8 is a great deal for what it has to offer.

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