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Updated: November 5, 2023

The Sole TT8 takes the impressive features of the Sole F85 and upgrades it to a non-folding, light commercial construction. The TT8 is designed for heavy use. This treadmill’s warranty covers residential and light commercial use. Light commercial use may include use in a private personal training studio, a small community facility, and other low to moderately trafficked fitness areas. The Sole TT8 is updated with Sole’s high-tech console that provides preloaded apps from Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and more. I will review the Sole TT8 Treadmill’s features and build so you know what you are getting into before you commit to this premium treadmill.

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Who The Sole TT8 Is Best For:

  • Long Distance Runners: The TT8’s 4.0 motor and construction are perfect for runners training for marathons or otherwise logging many daily miles.
  • A Household of Runners: If running is a family activity, the TT8 can support multiple users' regular use.
  • Personal Trainers or Small Fitness Center Designers: The TT8 has light commercial warranty coverage and may be suitable for low to moderate fitness applications. A private personal training studio or small residential community center could use the TT8.
  • Exercisers Who Want Low Maintenance: The TT8’s running belt does not need to be lubricated. The deck just needs to be turned over after 20,000 miles.

Pros And Cons Of The Sole TT8


  • The Sole TT8 has a 4.0 HP motor and a sturdy non-folding frame that are perfect for many daily miles.
  • The TT8’s belt does not need to be lubricated, making it a low-maintenance treadmill.
  • The Sole TT8 has preloaded third-party apps.
  • A lifetime warranty covers the frame and motor for residential and light commercial use.
  • The touchscreen display is 15.6 inches and is supported by other smart features like wireless charging, Bluetooth, and more.
  • The TT8 has 6 levels of decline and 15 levels of incline.


  • The Sole TT8 is a pricey treadmill that may be overkill for walkers and casual runners.
  • The Sole TT8 does not fold.

Treadmill Review Of The Sole TT8

Build Quality


The Sole TT8’s non-folding frame provides a sturdy base for training. The frame reinforces the deck and creates a very heavy treadmill. So, don’t anticipate moving this treadmill. In fact, you should consider paying for in-room delivery and assembly. If you forego these extras, make sure to enlist some help from friends or family in assembling and moving this treadmill. The TT8 does have transport wheels, but it is much harder to move than Sole’s other home treadmills.

The TT8’s footrails are aluminum and textured to be supportive. This treadmill’s z-shaped frame is sleek and modern. The treadmill arms are a little untraditional because of this frame shape. Yet, most users should have ample support for getting on and off of the treadmill.


The Sole TT8 treadmill has a 4.0 horsepower motor. The TT8’s powerful motor can support regular running use. While it is great for walking, it may be overkill. Walkers should consider the F63 for the most savings or the F85 for a similar console to the TT8.

Running Surface

A 22” x 60”, 2-ply running belt is part of what makes this treadmill’s light commercial design worth it. The belt is pre-waxed and does not require ongoing lubrication. Consult the user’s manual for more details. The deck may need to be flipped after 20,000 miles. The rollers are 3 inches and crowned to help the belt stay centered during use. These high quality rollers should keep your training smooth and further reduce maintenance.

While I have not been able to run on the TT8, I have run on Sole’s ST90, F63, F80, and F85 treadmills. These treadmills are all firm and most suited to users who are not looking for maximal shock absorption. If you are training for an upcoming road marathon, the TT8 is a really good choice for your indoor training.


The TT8 has incline and decline levels. Unfortunately, Sole has not stated whether the levels are equivalent to a 1% grade change. I have measured the incline of other Sole treadmills, and the levels do not seem to perfectly match the expected percent grade. Either way, the 15 levels should offer an adequate challenge for most athletes. There are 6 levels of decline, so you can prepare for downhill races or training routes.

Features & Accessories

The TT8, like other Sole treadmills, has an abundance of features. Again, I have not been able to test the TT8 myself, but its console appears nearly identical to a treadmill I am very familiar with–the Sole F85.

Console Overview

There are two main parts of the TT8’s console. The upper portion is dominated by the screen and a few features arrayed around it. The lower half of the console is a separate piece, which has more basic treadmill features.

The Sole TT8 has a few different console buttons and switches. There are quick adjust buttons for the speed and incline along the sides of the touchscreen, but the numbers skip around a bit. There are also speed and incline switches on the treadmill arms. These can adjust the treadmill more precisely. They must be held down to adjust the speed and incline by more than one increment at a time. Lastly, there are the expected buttons for the fan, start, and stop. Between the start and stop buttons, you will find the safety key.


The touchscreen display is 15.6 inches. This size is perfect for viewing any of the onboard and preloaded third-party apps. The screen is not very adjustable, but most Sole screens have been adequately positioned to suit walkers and runners of a wide range of heights. The screen does not lock you into one type of content, so this is a great display for walkers and runners who want a wide range of content options.


The TT8 has a decent amount of storage. There’s a tablet rack above the screen. It can hold a phone or tablet, though a device with attached accessories or a thick case may not fit as easily into the rack. There are two cup holders and two small item holders. These are great for storing your hydration, nutrition, and any other small items you may need while training.


The TT8 has front-facing, Bluetooth-enabled speakers. I can’t speak to the quality of these speakers, but my past experience with Sole suggests they are sufficient.


Bluetooth allows the treadmill to connect with your smartphone or tablet to play any audio you wish through the speakers. The Sole Plus app can be used to connect your treadmill to your phone to store your training metrics and interact with some of Sole’s training content. Bluetooth also connects a heart rate monitor to the Sole TT8. If you want to connect a Garmin watch, you will need to connect your watch to the treadmill using the same method you use to connect your watch to your phone.

Screen Mirroring

The TT8 supports screen mirroring from Apple and Android phones. Apple phones can pair with the TT8 using their native mirroring function. Android devices will need an additional app. The app suggested by the treadmill is not the right app. Trust me, I have tried. Instead, you will need to locate the ANPLUS app by Sunrise Technology, the creator of the recommended app. It’s confusing, and hopefully, Sole can sort this process out for Android users in the future. Android users should also ensure that they have established a Bluetooth connection with the speakers before following the screen mirroring process. Otherwise, the screen mirroring feature works perfectly well!


Sole’s treadmill fans are underwhelming. While it is a minor feature that can be remedied by a floor fan, the TT8 is not for exercisers who really want a built-in fan. This is another area Sole could improve upon with future treadmill updates.

Wireless Charging

If you plan to use your device while training, especially for those long runs, the wireless charging pad is going to be a lifesaver. The wireless charging pad keeps your device powered simply by resting it on top of it. Not all phones support wireless charging, so double-check to see if your phone does. The TT8 does not have USB charging as an alternative.

Pulse Grips

There are EKG pulse grips on the stability bar in front of the console. These sensors may be less accurate than a wearable heart rate monitor but are a convenient way to check on your heart rate if you do not have another option.


The Sole TT8 is one of the only Sole treadmills I have not tried, but I will update this review if I get the opportunity. There are a few things I expect from the TT8 based on the performance of Sole’s other treadmills. The incline and speed transitions are probably slow but smooth. I expect that the deck is firm underfoot and may not appeal to users hoping to maximize shock absorption. I’m also fairly confident in how the features work, because they appear nearly identical to those of the F85.

Subscription & Content Options

Sole preloads its treadmill screens with a few key third-party entertainment and training apps. These include YouTube, Netflix, Prime, Max, Peacock, Hulu, Spotify, ESPN, CNN, Audible, and Kinomap. The Sole TT8 does not require a subscription to access the apps, but the apps themselves may require a subscription.

There are also onboard training options. These programs come with preloaded speed and incline settings, but you can adjust the maximum speed and duration of the workout. You can also set up your own custom workouts and save completed workouts as a template for future training.

Bottom Line Review of the Sole TT8 Treadmill

If you are serious about the number of miles you are logging on your treadmill or need to share the treadmill with a household of committed exercisers, the Sole TT8 is for you. Its powerful motor, spacious running deck, and impressive light commercial warranty make it great for a high level of use. Sole also provides entertainment and training features on the built-in, 15.6-inch touchscreen display that should appeal to a wide variety of users. The TT8 doesn’t require a subscription, but it can be used with entertainment and fitness subscriptions to improve your training experience. Train for your next marathon or rack up daily steps with your whole family on the TT8.

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