How To Lose 100 lbs In 8 Months On A Treadmill

Lose 100 lbs

The tool to unlock your weight loss transformation may already be in your home in the form of your treadmill. To help you lose whatever amount of weight you need to on a treadmill reach your health and fitness goals, there are three key things you are required to do.

Commit To A Treadmill Workout Schedule

One of the most important things you can do is commit to your treadmill workout schedule. It is easy to start motivated, but as the days and weeks drag on, it can be hard to find the willpower to stick with your treadmill workouts. Things you can do to help you commit to a regular workout schedule are:

  • Make or find a treadmill workout plan – If you have never created a treadmill workout plan, it can be tough to start from scratch. To help you out, many current and former elite runners have developed beginner training plans, such as Jeff Galloway’s 5K training schedule. Should you want to make your own treadmill schedule, be sure you choose 4-5 steady days to workout, stick to a certain workout time frame and have a measurable way to determine the length of your workout.
  • Lay out your workout clothes – Make it less tough to workout by laying out your running clothes the day before. That way you don’t become frustrated because you can’t find another sock and just skip your workout.
  • Create milestones to reach – When you look to lose a large amount of weight, it is a process which will take months or possibly years, depending on how much you have to lose. To help you stay motivated, create milestones for you to reach, whether it’s to participate in races of various lengths or to reach different health goals such as lowered blood pressure, rather than lasering in on weight loss alone.

Build Up Your Cardio Endurance

For those who have a significant amount of weight to lose, it is generally not recommended that they start their treadmill workouts by running. While the best treadmills like the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 have excellent cushioning to protect joints, beginner treadmill users need to build up their cardio endurance. Otherwise, the workouts will be shorter, and the risk of injury will greatly increase.

Instead, build up your cardio endurance your treadmill by mixing walking and incline, you can burn calories and safely build up your strength. With the right treadmill, you can use the incline to burn calories 5 times faster than on 0% incline.

Develop Nutritional Lifestyle Changes

Lastly, to round out your treadmill workouts, it is best if you develop nutrition lifestyle changes that can compliment your exercise. You may want to start simple such as cutting out drinks that aren’t water to make it easier to stick with your health goals or not eat out more than twice a week.

By continually making small, healthy changes to your diet, you will be able to see your progress on the treadmill reflected faster in your weight loss.

If you don’t have a treadmill to help you to kickstart your weight loss, you can use our treadmill buying guide to assist you in determining what kind of treadmill is right for you.

All You Need To Know To Start Running


There are plenty of reasons to put off running, from being embarrassed to not having the right treadmill to support your exercise attempts. But if you’re ready to put off your reasons that have been stopping you from running, we are ready to tell you all you need to know to start running.

Make The Commitment To Running

The first step to starting to run is just making that commitment. While that sounds easy, it can be tough to really make that commitment and stick with it. Some ways you can make it easier to hold to your running commitment are:

  • Find a running buddy or the local running club to help make it to your workouts.
  • Create a manageable schedule, starting with 3-4 days a week
  • Lay your workout clothes the day before to make it easy to slip on and go run

Determine What Goals Are Right For You

Nothing will unravel your commitment to running faster than heading out the door with no clearly defined goals. Also, by just pushing your body without a clear goal, it is more likely that you will become injured and have to stop running.

To avoid this, you will need to determine what running goals you want to set. Maybe you want to run a half-marathon in three months, run to lose weight, or other running goals. Once you have a clear idea of what kind of running goal you want to reach, you can find a training plan which compliments your goals.

Pick Up Running Gear

At the most basic level, all you really need to start running is a good pair of running shoes. If you aren’t sure what running shoes are right for you, it may be a good idea to stop by your local running store. They can often find you the right shoes which will work for you over hundreds of miles.

But if you’ve dipped your toe in the world of running, you likely have seen a lot more gear being talked about than just shoes. While new runners really don’t need things like hydration belts and energy gels, it may be a good idea to pick up a few pieces of sweat-wicking workout tops and bottoms as well as a treadmill, so workouts are never delayed due to the time or bad weather.

Protect Your Health As You Run

While running provides many health benefits, you can court injury and sickness if you aren’t careful as you start running. Aside from eating a nutritious diet, there are other things you can do to protect your health as you start running.

  • Increase your weekly running mileage by no more than 10% a week.
  • Add cross-training into your workout schedule to strengthen the rest of your body and support your running muscles.
  • Dress for the weather or opt to use your treadmill

If you aren’t sure what treadmill is right for your workout needs, check out the treadmill buying guide. By using this guide, you can narrow down what you want from a treadmill and determine what kind of treadmill you need. Then you can check out the best treadmills of 2018 and read our in-depth reviews on the best treadmills. That way, you can stick to your running no matter what obstacles may make running outside impossible.

Treat Yourself This Christmas With A New Home Treadmill

If you have your eye on a well-reviewed treadmill, Christmas can be the perfect time to treat yourself to your dream machine. So, if you need some reasons to convince yourself to take the plunge and buy a treadmill this Christmas, we have some good ones for you!

Get A Headstart On Your Goals With A New Treadmill

Plenty of people are tied to the idea that goals should be set with the new year. But trying to set multiple difficult goals at once such as weight loss, weekly workouts, better sleep schedules, and more is a recipe for disaster.

Instead of trying to start all of your goals at the same time, you can start your workout goal early with the Christmas present of a treadmill. That way, you can develop a regular workout routine then add more health and fitness goals to your daily routine.

Pick Up A New Treadmill At A Discount

As treadmill manufacturers compete for the attention of customers, most are offering competitive prices at this time of year. While treadmill prices rise back up after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they will dip back down for Christmas and New Year’s sales. During this time, you can pick up a premier treadmill at an affordable price.

Also, if you are looking for a new but discounted treadmill, now is the best time of year to buy one, as treadmill manufacturers are rolling out 2019 treadmill. While those treadmills are still somewhat pricey, the 2018 treadmill models are being heavily discounted to make room for the new treadmills. So, you can pick up a great treadmill at a fraction of the price that you would have paid during the rest of the year.

Prepare For Spring Races With A Christmas Treadmill

While tapering into the winter months and taking a rest period is a common practice, spring races start early, and you want to be in the best condition possible to participate in them. However, running outside can not only be uncomfortable but also dangerous due to ice, snowstorms, and incautious drivers.

With a new Christmas treadmill, you can safely train for spring races from the comfort of your own home and not be restricted by weather, time or other circumstances.

To help you make sure you have chosen the right treadmill as your Christmas present, be sure to check out our treadmill buying guide to help you know what to look for in your next treadmill.

“Merry Christmas, Honey!” How To Tastefully Gift Your Spouse a Treadmill This Christmas

It can be touchy to give someone a fitness-related gift, let alone an investment like a treadmill. But here at Treadmill Reviews, we want to help you navigate these tricky waters so you can provide your loved one with the gift of fitness.

Gift The Treadmill With A Promise

To keep the treadmill from feeling like a pointed gift, you can attach a promise to work out together on the treadmill. Writing up a workout schedule or a mutual exercise contract can help your spouse feel less like the treadmill is an attack and more of a sweet thing that can be used by both of you.

You can even set up workout date coupons and attach them to the treadmill, making it more of a fun present.

Reference Their Desire For Greater Fitness

It’s pretty likely that your spouse is going to ask you why you bought them a treadmill. As this question is often loaded with the potential for going very wrong, make sure you have a few examples of what made you think a treadmill is a good gift. Some reasons may be:

  • Since your spouse has been talking about wanting to become more fit, you thought a treadmill would help.
  • You know that your spouse is busy and you wanted to make good workouts more available for them.
  • Your spouse has been talking about wanting to buy a treadmill for winter exercise.

Invite Your Spouse To Help Choose The Treadmill

If your spouse has been wanting a treadmill, it may best to include them in the purchasing process, since they may have researched which particular one they want. So, instead of having them unwrap a huge treadmill box, you can just write a nice card to stash under the Christmas tree.

Express Your Love With The Gift

More than any other tip we can give, make sure that you express your love with the gift of a treadmill. A good way to express this is by talking about how the greater health and fitness which can be unlocked with a treadmill will allow you two to spend more happy, healthy years together and go on adventures well into your golden years.

So, whether you express this by card, face-to-face, or other methods, just make sure that your love for your spouse is the central message of your gift.

If you haven’t quite decided on which treadmill you want to gift your spouse, you may want to check out the best treadmills of 2018. That way, you can easily narrow down your treadmill search and find the best treadmill for your partner.

Key Elements To Proper Running Form


Running is a popular sport because it generally doesn’t require much more than just putting on some good shoes and heading out the door. You can add things like a well-reviewed treadmill for indoor training and branded workout clothes, but your running form is an important player when it comes to your running.

By addressing the key elements of a proper running form, you can avoid injuries common among new and less experienced runners so you can keep running for years to come.

Address Your Upper Body Running Form

Your running form affects your entire body, not just your legs. If you have noticed tension in your upper body or unexplained aches, your upper body running form may be to blame. To help you correct, check these things:

  • Head and shoulders – Your head will have a tendency to droop forward as you run. This position can create a great deal of tension in your neck and shoulders, as well as potentially impeding your ability to breathe effectively. Keep your head up and your gaze on what’s ahead of you, not under your feet. Make sure you drop your shoulder, as they often hunch if your head is dropping forward.
  • Arms and hands – To allow for proper breathing while running, your arms should swing freely at your sides and not come higher than a 90-degree angle. Also, your arms should not cross the middle vertical line of your body, as this movement can restrict your breathing. You should also keep your hands in an open, slightly cupped position to keep from building tension in your body.
  • Torso – Your torso is the linchpin of your body, and if you hunch as you run, you are going to affect both your upper and lower body. By straightening your spine and engaging your core muscles as you run, you will require less energy to keep moving forward and stop throwing your body out of movement sync.

Critical Elements Of Lower Body Running Form

While many people know that their lower body running form is an important part of their running success, they don’t always know what to do to ensure their form is correct. As you go on your next run, consider these running form points:

  • Hips – As you run, keep your hips—not your torso—tilted forward slightly. While it may feel a little odd the first few times you focus on it, this form adjustment will allow you to use more of the power your glutes contain for better and stronger running
  • Knees – When some runners pick up their paces, they often pick their knees up too high for correct running form. Your steps should be quite short in vertical height, as this means your feet will directly strike below your knee, removing some of the impact.
  • Legs – Your gait will look different than other runners, as runners come in various shapes and sizes. One thing when it comes to your legs is that you should try to make sure your shin is at a 90-degree angle when your foot strikes the ground. Much like with your knees, your legs will take the impact better at a perpendicular angle, allowing the shock to more evenly disperse across your lower body.
  • Feet – Ideally, your feet strike the ground with the balls of your feet, also called a mid-foot strike. When you heel or forefoot strike, the impact can cause a lot of undue strain on your body. You may need a shoe with motion control if you really struggle with overpronation or oversupination.

If you need a cushioned treadmill to help protect your joints and encourages proper running posture, be sure to check out the best treadmills under $1,500 for affordable, high-quality treadmills.

6 Tips For Maximizing Your Treadmill Workout Results

Treadmill Workout Results

Even if you research the best treadmill and buy it for your home, there are still some things you need to do to maximize your treadmill workout results. To help you reach your fitness goals faster, we have six tips to help you optimize every treadmill workout

1. Use The Treadmill Incline Range

If you have been disappointed by your calorie burn after your treadmill workout, you can easily boost your burn by using the incline function of your treadmill. With a greater incline level, your body is required to work harder and will consequently give you better calorie burn without increasing your speed, distance, or time spent.

Also, if you want a home treadmill with a massive incline range to work with, check out the NordicTrack X11i Incline Trainer. It has an incline range of -6% to 40%, giving you so much more verticality to use as you workout on your treadmill.

2. Build Up Your Speed Slowly

Instead of running or walking at the same pace for the entire workout, you can build up your speed slowly to increase your calorie burn and overall speed. Most treadmills can go up by 0.1 MPH speed increments, that way; you can be sure to increase at a comfortable rate for your needs.

3. Engage In Multiple Movements On- And Off-Treadmill

You don’t have to stay on the treadmill for the entire workout to make the most of your exercise time. There are exercises you can do on your treadmill as well as off. Some on-treadmill exercises are:

  • Walking lunges
  • Side shuffles
  • Treadmill pushups
  • Reverse (backward) lunges

Some of the workouts you can do when you hop off your treadmill are:

  • Planks
  • Jumping jacks
  • Squats
  • Standing crunches
  • Mountain climbers
  • Pushups

Be sure to stay clear of your moving treadmill belt as you break up the treadmill workouts with these off-treadmill exercises.

4. Mix In Easy And Tempo Runs

Not every workout needs to be hardcore, as pushing too hard constantly will lead to burnout and lead you to avoid your treadmill. Instead, be sure to mix in at least 1-2 easy runs and a tempo run in a week of treadmill workouts. That way, you can keep pushing the rest of the week and maximize those more intense exercise sessions.

5. Avoid Using The Treadmill Rails

The treadmill rails are there to help those who struggle with balance or trip while working out. But if you tend to lean on them while working out, it is important to stop doing this as you run or walk.

By leaning on the rails, you are lowering your exertion and overall calorie burn. If you feel the need to prop up against the rail, decrease your speed instead of bracing yourself.

6. Do Intervals At Least Once A Week

Many runners do not enjoy intervals, but they are important to build up your strength. By pushing your speed for 30 seconds to 1-minute then walking for about 90 seconds, you can maximize your calorie burn and increase your overall speed and endurance. Whether you are a walker or a runner, you can follow this interval pattern for greater treadmill workout success.

By incorporating these tips into your treadmill training, you will maximize your treadmill workouts and be able to reach your goals sooner than you expected.

2018 Turkey Trot Fun-Runs Around The United States

2018 Turkey

Thanksgiving in the United States is often a time of gluttony and a little bit of regret over how much we ate. It can be easy to want to skip your treadmill workout due to this, so you may want to commit to something a little more interactive this year, like a 2018 Turkey Trot Fun-Run.

How To Find A Thanksgiving Race

If you aren’t sure your town or city has a Thanksgiving run for you to participate in, there are several things you can do to find one.

  • Check with your local running club. Often, a local running club will congregate for group runs and at your nearby running shop, and they will usually know all about what races are coming up.
  • Look at flyers pinned to gym, grocery store, and coffee shop boards. Many fun-runs are low-key events without large advertising budgets, so next time you pass a community corkboard crammed full of paper, look to see if a Turkey Trot is being advertised.
  • Take the search online. Websites like Active and Running in the USA are great resources to find races near you.

As running continues to grow in popularity, it is more and more likely that you will find a race around where you live, so you can burn some calories before chowing down on your Thanksgiving feast.

Choosing A 2018 Turkey Trot Fun-Run

If you’re lucky, you may have several options when it comes to your Thanksgiving race. If you need help narrowing your selection down, you may want to check to see if the race is supporting a charity.

Many Turkey Trots have chosen to support their local food pantries by making shelf-stable food donations part of the race registration process. Others donate part of the race registration fee directly to charities that support low-income families in need.

So, while you’re scrolling through the various fun runs this year, check to see if your prospective race is doing anything for the community. If the race isn’t, feel free to reach out and make a recommendation. Many of these races were developed by running enthusiasts like you, and they would welcome participants’ input on how to improve their races.

Try A Virtual Turkey Trot Race On Your Treadmill

Sadly, the running bug has not quite reached every corner of the U.S. If your area doesn’t have a Turkey Trot for you to participate in, you aren’t completely out-of-luck. There are virtual races, where you can run it or walk on your own time.

Virtual running sites like Gone For A Run and Vitrual Strides currently have virtual races for Thanksgiving available. You can even receive race-day swag like medals when you participate in a virtual race. Even better, both of these organizations support a different charity with their virtual races.

By choosing fun races to participate in during the winter months, you can better stick to your treadmill training, because the fun doesn’t stop with Thanksgiving-themed races. Use our above tips to find Christmas, New Year’s Day, and other exciting races to keep your running motivation strong.

What Studies Say About Treadmill Desks and Workplace Productivity

Treadmill desk

Working at a desk day after day can be a drain on anyone’s productivity. You may have considered a treadmill desk as a tool to help you boost your work output; maybe you aren’t sure if one would really help.

Well, we are here to tell you that science is on the side of active workstations, not only to improve your productivity but also your overall health.

Studies Say Treadmill Desks Can Improve Work Productivity

A study published by the peer-reviewed scientific journal Public Library Of Science (PLOS One) covered the results of a 12-month study on the effectiveness of treadmill workstations. In this study, it was found that the overall work performance of those who chose to use treadmill desks increased. Not only did performance rise, but also the quality and quantity of their work was enhanced. The extra exercise also improved interactions between employees, as they were less short-tempered with inactivity. Physical health was also impacted, as those who used treadmill desk workstations increased their physical activity outside of work.

Prior to this study, active workstation studies covered a much shorter duration, anywhere from 4-12 weeks. With the longer study, the long-term productivity effects could be more conclusively proven.

Even a recent literature review covering multiple studies on active workstations conceded that there was no harm to using treadmill desks or under-desk cycling equipment.

Effective Treadmill Desks For Your Office

To bring a new level of productivity to your office, there are treadmill desks available for residential use. Two treadmills we would recommend are:

  • NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum – One of the best treadmill desks available, the Treadmill Desk Platinum has plenty of features that will keep you moving and working hard. If you need to break into a run to shake off a work block, this treadmill desk has a speed range of 0-8 MPH, and an incline range of 0%-10% to keep your body burning calories even at a slow walk. It can accommodate a user who weighs up to 350 lbs, allowing you to shed weight even while working. Also, this treadmill desk can fold up and be used as a standing or sitting desk!
  • Life Fitness Treadmill Desk – Another good quality machine is the Life Fitness Treadmill Desk. With a 3.0 CHP motor, it will run smoothly and quietly as you work. It has a speed range of 0-4 MPH and has a weight limit of 350 lbs. This treadmill desk cannot incline or fold up, so if those features are important to you, you may want to consider one of the NordicTrack treadmill desks.

So, if you feel like you lack the energy to workout after you have finished work, try to incorporate your exercise into your workday and see how it improves your performance.

6 Things To Do About A Creeper At The Gym


There’s nothing like having your intense HIIT treadmill workout ruined by a gym creeper. Most of us are not at the gym looking for a date but just want to become fitter. So, it can be disconcerting to realize you have attracted a gym creep, with their unwanted leers and overtures leaving you unsure of what to do.

To help you overcome any lurker you encounter at your gym, you can try these six things to get rid of them and get back to your workouts in peace.

1. Make It Clear You See The Gym Creep

Some creeps like to think they are being discreet while they keep clocking you at the gym. But, as most gyms are lined with mirrors, it can be pretty easy to tell when someone is watching you way too much.

One way to deter some creeps is to make direct eye contact with them. For the ones trying to be sneaky about checking you out, this direct acknowledgment of their behavior may embarrass them into stopping. However, for some, it can be an encouragement.

2. Ask The Person To Leave You Alone

If the creep doesn’t take the hint that you want to be left alone, you’re going to have to be more direct and tell the person you want to left alone to work out in peace. It can be tough to do that, as social norms don’t encourage us to be so direct. But, since the other person has likely missed the subtle cues indicating your discomfort, it is important for you to verbalize your needs.

You don’t have to be rude, as this can cause the creep to react negatively, rather than just go away. Instead, try saying something like, “I would really like to focus on my workout and am not interested in talking right now.”

3. Talk To Your Gym’s Management

To deter the more persistent creep, you should have a talk with your gym’s management. The management will usually ask if you have requested that the person leave you alone, so try not to skip that step.

When management steps in, they may require the other person to come in during times when you aren’t there or ban them entirely from the gym.

4. Workout With A Friend

There definitely is strength in numbers when it comes to making a gym creeper take a hike. Generally, this type of person will only approach lone individuals, so by working out with a friend, you can easily deter a lurker.

Also, you have the added bonus of having a partner to spot your lifts, giving your creeper even less of a reason to approach you.

5. Choose Times When The Creeper Isn’t There

While not the best course of action, if you really don’t want to deal with a confrontation with a gym creeper, choose a different time to exercise. Most people follow a set schedule, and it is unlikely that the creeper will hang around all hours on the off-chance of discovering your new exercise schedule.

6. Set Up A Home Gym

If you are just tired of fending off creeps and dude bros, as well as having to trek to a specific location to work out, you can set up your home gym. We would recommend starting with a treadmill, as you can fit in cardio and strength training all while using a treadmill. Check out the best treadmills of 2018, and skip out on dealing with all the nonsense associated with gym memberships.

Eating Post-Run Do’s and Don’ts

While most people focus on their pre-workout nutrition, what you eat after your run can also impact your performance, whether you run on a treadmill or outside.

To help you optimize your running nutrition, we have gathered together two lists recommending what you should be eating after your runs and what you should absolutely avoid post-run.

Best Things To Eat After A Run

Directly after a run, many people don’t feel hungry at all. However, that feeling can change quickly and being ravenously hungry does not often lead to wise decisions. To help you make the right dietary choices when the hunger hits, keep these foods on hand.

Enjoy fresh fruits – Eating fresh fruits can provide your body with healthy simple carbs for refueling and natural sugar to refill your glycogen store. Some of the best fruits to keep on hand are:

  • Oranges
  • Berries
  • Pineapple
  • Bananas
  • Watermelon
  • Apples
    • Choose protein – Working out creates micro-tears in your muscles, which creates that feeling of soreness. Eating protein after a run can help your body repair itself more quickly. Some top sources of protein you can easily snack on are:

    • Boiled eggs
    • Avocado (great on toast)
    • Cottage cheese (mix with fruit)
    • Greek yogurt
    • Nuts
      • Hydrate carefully – Plenty of gyms have attached juice and smoothie bars, while advertisers push sports drinks. While these kinds of beverages aren’t the worst things to drink after a run, they tend to be more sugary and calorie-laden than your body needs. The drinks you should be downing post-run are:

      • Water
      • Milk (soy or cow)
      • Coconut water
        • Do Not Eat These Things After Running

          Your body will put up with a lot of bad nutritional choices post-run, but the trade-off can be problems such as upset stomachs, slower recovery times, and lower energy levels. To protect your body post-run from these problems and others, avoid these foods.

        • Say no to high-fat food – Maybe what got you through your last few miles was the thought of a burger and fries. But the saturated and trans fats in high-fat foods are difficult for the body to process, especially post-run. If you really want a victory feast of high-fat foods after a run, wait until a few hours have past and give your stomach time to settle.
          • Don’t drink alcohol post-run – An ice-cold beer after a run can feel like nirvana, but it can trick your body into feeling like it is hydrated properly. Your body uses a good deal of water while running and requires you to hydrate for full recovery. Alcohol is dehydrating and can slow down that recovery. Wait at least an hour after your run to enjoy your first alcoholic beverage.
            • Avoid processed sugars – Highly-processed sugars like donuts, candy, and other treats should be avoided post-run. These treats can create a spike in your blood sugar levels and leave you exhausted after they drop off. Also, processed sugars can irritate the stomach post-run, leading to indigestion and bowel issues.
              • By being careful about what you do and don’t eat after your runs, you will be able to see improvements in your future performances and daily energy levels.