3 Days Left Before the Free Elliptical GiveAway Ends!


Just a quick post for right now. I’ll have a treadmill review post later today.

We’ve had a lot of people join up on the mailing list for a shot at our first FREE ELLIPTICAL giveaway. You’ve still got a couple of more days – until June 8! – to get sign up for your chance to win a Quantum Q210H elliptical from Quantum Fitness. So get to it!

-The Treadmill Sensei


  1. Oh… i guess it’s too late to enter to win that free elliptical. I’ve been lookin’ around but it’s not affordable for me right now. I was hopin to loose some weight before I have my other child. But my pocket is not co-ordinating with me. And i’ve searched all around to find one thats hiopefully less than 200 but couldn’t find any.. Anyways, thats how i came across this website. i finally wrote “free elliptical” on google.. And here I am, but it’s too late. Oh well, better luck next time for me. Thanx

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