Best 5 Treadmills Under $1000 for Sept 2006

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Way back in June 2006 I promised to write something up on top treadmills under $1000…and, as many of you noticed, that particular list never materialized. The main reason was because I had decided to hold my first annual ICHI-BAN awards for Treadmills and Ellipticals later on this year (coming in October 2006) and wanted to wait to do an all emcompassing “best of” list then. For those of you not familiar with the language of the Treadmill Sensei’s forefathers, ICHI-BAN means “number one” or “the very best.” Since I’m getting 4-5 emails a day asking for (and some downright DEMANDING) a best of summary, I’ve decided to whip something up for the mean time.

What follows is a top 5 treadmills under $1000 and isn’t determined by any sort of long, drawn out scientific process. These are the top 5 units that come to me from my 20 year experience and knowing what’s currently out there. I’m going to do them in reverse order and after the list you’ll find short descriptions of each unit, with a link to a previous review if I have one up and a pointer where you might be able to buy one…although no one really needs that these days with internet shopping so widespread and so easy to do now.

Drum roll please…

#5: Fitnex T30 $899
#4: Smooth 5.25 Treadmill $999
#3: New Balance 1200 Treadmill $910
#2: Horizon T72 Treadmill / Horizon T62 Treadmill $799
#1: The Sole F63 Treadmill (aka the Spirit Z88 Treadmill) $999

Best Treadmill under $400 — The Spirit Leisure Works 539 $399

Filling our Honorable Mention spots is the Leisure Works 539 (LW539) Treadmill. You can check out the original review HERE. Although it doesn’t have much in the electronics department (no programs, no HR monitor, etc), the Leisure Works 539 is as solid as it is budget conscious. Great for walking and for those with limited space.

The Fitnex T30 Treadmill: Coming in at a respectible 5th place, the Fitnex T30 is a nice solid buy. The deck size isn’t going to win it any awards, but this very beautiful, sturdy machine comes with a mind blowing lifetime warranty for in-home use. You just can’t beat that in a treadmill.

The Smooth 5.25 Treadmill: At number 4, the Smooth 5.25 is the top pick for a lot of people. After a rough couple of years, Smooth has made a nice comeback in the form of the new 5.25 treadmill. Check out the review HERE.

The New Balance 1200 Treadmill: Our #3 treadmill is the New Balance 1200. The New Balance 1200 gives you one of the largest running surfaces available on treadmills under $1000.

New Balance 1200 Treadmill (Premier Door-to-Door Delivery Service)
Click above to purchase the New Balance 1200 for $910

The Horizon T72 Treadmill: At a strong #2, the Horizon T72 Treadmill (and its predacessor, the Horizon T62) is an incredible machine at an incredible price. I haven’t had a chance to do a full review on the Horizon T72 yet, but check out the Horizon T62 review HERE.

The Sole F63 Treadmill: This year, I think the top spot on almost everyone’s list is filled by the jaw-dropped Sole F63 Treadmill. This treadmill gives you the best bang for your buck at $999…heck, I proclaim it one of the best buys under $2000 for sure. You can’t go wrong with the F63. Check out the full review HERE.

click here to purchase the Sole F63/Spirit Z88 for $999 plus a 3% discount using the code TMSENSEI!
Click above to buy the Sole F63/Spirit Z88 for $999.
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Thank you and good night!

-The Treadmill Sensei

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