Elliptical Deal of the Week: The Esprit EL3 Elliptical by Spirit for Under $899


Yes, I know I was hoping to have a new “Deal of the Week” here on TreadmillSensei.com every week and I’ve failed miserably at updating the deals. Luckily, the Z500 Treadmill is still available as the best treadmill deal around — where else can you get a version of the Sole F83 for under $1300? This week, a reader has sent in a fantastic elliptical deal from Amazon.com. Let’s see what Steve from San Diego has to say. Take it away, Steve!

Yo, Sensei, we just ordered a Esprit EL-3 elliptical from Amazon for $895 and i wanted to make sure anyone else reading your pages knew about it too. We had the option to buy one from the shady retailer you mentioned for almost $1200 but a little searching and we found a lower price on Amazon. Thanx for the great information and keep telling it like it is. – Steve from San Diego


Thanks for the note and your update on the great sale price for the Esprit EL-3 Elliptical from Spirit Fitness. The new $895-$899 price for the Esprit EL3 Elliptical is a fantastic chance for readers to pick up a repainted version of the old 2006 E35 Elliptical for an incredible budget price. If you poke around on some of the less than reliable retailer sites you’ll see the same unit listed at $1150 or higher! Worse yet, some buyers are being conned into “converting” (I think that’s what they are calling it – in the old days we called it “bait and switch”) to an EL3 from a Sole E35 and still are being forced to pay that higher price. It’s crazy!!

I’m assuming the reason for the sale is because Spirit Fitness (the manufacturer) has been hit pretty hard this year by fitness experts. They went from being a top rated company on every expert’s list to a company at the bottom of the list with BEWARE written all over their units from what we’ve seen online. With the major drop in quality in the main Spirit XE lines (the Spirit XE100, Spirit XE200, Spirit XE300, Spirit XE400, Spirit XE500 and XE700 ellipticals are all getting reader complaints here at the DOJO every week), you’ll probably be seeing a lot of similar price drops in the Spirit equipment. Luckily, I think savvy readers will be able to pick up the Esprit EL3 elliptical for this great price because of Spirit’s current issues…and, even luckier, the Esprit line is made up of repainted 2006 Sole ellipticals and don’t suffer from those same problem we’ve been hearing about.

I’m not sure how long this sale is going to go on or what Amazon’s current stock in the Esprit EL3 Ellipticals is, so now is a great time to save as much as $300 off of retail on the Esprit version of the award-winning and best buy rated 2006 Sole E35 elliptical (and almost $1000 off the MSRP of the equivilent Spirit XE300 elliptical!).

Spirit Esprit EL3 Elliptical Specifications
Stride: 20″
Flywheel: 25 lbs
Programs: 8
Resistance: 16 Levels
Display: LCD
Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse grip and wireless
Heart Rate Control: Yes
Max Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Elliptical Weight: 190 lbs
Price: Under $1200

-The Treadmill Sensei

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