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Hello loyal readers! Below you will find a guest article given to me from the folks over at They share my passion for treadmills and I like their site. They asked to publish a guest post and I said of course! Hope you enjoy!

Hi there Treadmill Sensei fans. If you haven’t heard of us we are and we have the largest collection of treadmill reviews online with over 500 reviews and counting. You can keep up with us by checking out our blog.

We wanted to share something with you that we think is very important. Diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in the nation. It is affecting people of all ages.

The sad thing is diabetes is mostly self-inflicted. It was not nearly as big a problem just 50 years ago when the American lifestyle didn’t revolve around fast food and sitting on the couch.

Because of our unhealthy habits, we are essentially causing diabetes. Now don’t misunderstand; not everyone who gets diabetes could have prevented it and not everyone who lives an unhealthy life is going to get diabetes.

However, diabetes has been shown to be largely preventable with proper diet and lifestyle adjustments. We put together the graphic below to help people better understand this. Hopefully it helps you better understand diabetes and what you might be able to do about it. Be sure to share this with your friends using the sharing options to the left or pin it on Pinterest.

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Diabetes information

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