Guest Article- Why a Treadmill is Your Friend

Ohiyo! I have another guest article for all of you today! This is a great one that tells you why a treadmill can be your friend, by giving you great workouts. This one is from my friends over at  I Feel Good 24/7, a 24-hour gym in Brisbane, Australia. Enjoy!

A treadmill is probably one of the most effective ways to get the much needed exercise, while still being able to take full control over the tempo and the intensity of exercise. For those who are just starting to work out, a treadmill is probably one of the best things that will help you get results rapidly as well as manage your workouts more effectively.

Treadmill Workouts Against Outdoor Walking or Running

As far as treadmills are concerned, a beginner should start with smaller speed and then progressively take it up. What makes the treadmill a better alternative, when it comes to workouts, is the simple fact that there’s no quitting, the belts in the treadmill will keep moving and  the speed that you choose will have to be followed all through; as opposed to the outdoor running where you could slow down when you get exhausted. What’s more, you can keep track of your pace, monitor your heart rate and know the speed you are maintaining on a treadmill which is not the case in walking outdoor. While running outdoors, the pace will tend to vary and it won’t give you desired results. If you want to know whether your speed is appropriate, the treadmill easily helps you do that, not to mention that the speed can be adjusted at the push of a button, which only adds to the list of advantages.

Treadmill Workouts That Will Help You Burn Up More Calories and Get In Shape

There are quite a number of workouts that can help beginners to get rid of the excess weight though burning calories. The cardio workouts are some of the best. The principle behind these kinds of workouts is the interval training where running and other high intensity workouts are usually followed by low intensity workouts such as walking. This kind of sequence is basically followed a number of times and it usually depends on that particular workout’s duration. After a while, the beginner will be able to boost up the speed, since he or she won’t feel tired quickly.

Treadmill Workout for First Level Beginners

One of the best workouts involves jogging for a full minute at 75% speed that is usually followed by a walk that lasts for four minutes but at a smaller speed. This is usually repeated 5 times which totals to 25 minutes for the whole workout

Treadmill Workouts for Second Level Beginners

The next level involves jogging for two minutes and walking for four minutes. The cycle is repeated 5 times. This translates to 30 minutes of working out, which denotes a slight difference from the previous workout. However, the recovery period stays constant hence the ratio between rest and workout now goes to 1:2 as opposed to the earlier ratio 1:4. This makes the workout more efficient as more time is spent on exercise at increased speed.

Treadmill Workouts for Advanced Beginners

For the advanced beginners, the workout tends to be more challenging. It involves two minutes of walking and two minutes of jogging (repeat it 5 times). The speed remains as above mentioned (in the first level). The recovery interval remains the same hence the ratio between working out and rest goes to 1:1

The above examples are only part of the wide array of treadmill workouts for beginners. To begin with, you can start with these ones and as you progress, you can adjust the volume of the workouts to suit your specific needs. Always consult experts and relevant sites such as this one.

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