Horizon T203 AT A Glance

Ohiyo and a happy Wednesday to one and all. I have another treadmill review At A Glance comin at ya today. This one is the Horizon T203 treadmill, enjoy!

For a treadmill in this sub $1,000 range, it is very difficult to compete. You may ask why, and the answer is: the NordicTrack C900. The C900 is inarguably the best treadmill under $1,000. It takes NordicTrack’s best features, highest quality, and packs it into one ridiculously under-priced machine. But hey this is not about the C900. Let’s talk about the T203.

So bearing all of that information in mind, how can any treadmill compete at that price range? It’s a pretty hard thing to do, but Horizon does a pretty good job. They put all of the specs of an above $1,000 treadmill and sell it for less. They put a decent motor on it, a very spacious treadbelt, and it’s weight capacity tells a lot about its overall quality. It doesn’t have quite as many features as the NordicTrack, but it still has some. It has a decent incline system. This treadmill actually beats out most other treadmills in this price class. Here it is at a glance!

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