How to Get the Most Out of Your Treadmill Workout

Many people will invest a great deal of money in a treadmill, and after a few months their treadmill is then being used as a clothes hanger. Many will retire their treadmill due to boredom, others for injury and still others due to not enough weight loss.

In this article, I hope you will find that you want to get back on that treadmill and retrain yourself on the ways of healthy and happy treadmill use.

Always Warm up and Cool Down

To decrease the possibility of injury, users must always allow time for proper stretching and warm up of the muscles. Users also want to increase their heart rate slowly so as to get the blood flowing through out the body. Many people find that stretching their heels on the side of the treadmill will help reduce bone spurs; others prefer to warm up on the treadmill at a 1 to 2 Mph speed.

Cooling down is also important for preventing muscle cramps and slowing your heart rate to normal while still moving or walking.

Increasing Workouts

Try to stay motivated and on task while exercising. Many people will try and speed their workouts up to increase weight loss, and the only thing that happens is injury or burn out. Most need at least 2 to 3 week at one pace before increasing speed. This will make your weight loss increase so that your body does not become accustomed to one speed or skill level.

Getting Results on Your Treadmill

The best way to achieve weight loss on a treadmill is by interval training. Interval training is allowing yourself to warm up, then increase to a fast walk, then to a run (if able) and then back to a walk or fast walk to catch your breath. Each of these sequences should last between 60 seconds to 3 minutes or more depending on your fitness level. This way of training will allow you a great cardiovascular workout, as well as, a maximum calorie burn.

You can also increase your calorie burn with adding an incline to your workout. You can add an incline to your total workout or do the incline in intervals.
You will achieve success at your treadmill workouts, just always remember these tips, keep up the time and activity level, and you will achieve the body you deserve.

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