NordicTrack Elite 9500 Pro At A Glance

Hello everybody, I guess we are at the start of another week again; as always, the weekend can’t come soon enough! But work must be done! That being said, here is my latest at a glance treadmill review. Here is the NordicTrack Elite 9500 Pro.

According to a few sources, such as Treadmill Doctor, this could very well be NordicTrack’s best treadmill ever made. He also says that this is the machine where almost all of his cardio workouts are performed! Coming from a source like that, you know its a great treadmill. Treadmills don’t come highly recommended by the Treadmill Doctor every day, you know; only the best of the best.

I must say, this treadmill does have top of the line quality and features. You won’t find many with this kind of power, with those features, for that price! There really isn’t anything this treadmill can’t handle; in fact, it was even featured in an article on Men’s Health. Also, there are no negative reviews of this machine by users on this treadmill’s page. What does that tell you? Well only that average Joes like yourself all love this machine because of its awesome features and great quality. It keeps up with NordicTrack’s more modern models by including the Android-powered browsing display that allows you to surf the web while you walk; it also includes the awesome iFit LIVE technology built right in to the treadmill, so you don’t have to buy the wireless module. All this plus the incredible power of the motor which you will find below!

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