NordicTrack Weekend Holiday Sale

The holidays are approaching fast, and what would make a better Christmas gift for you or a loved one than the ability to workout from home? Treadmill companies usually get pretty generous around this time of year. Take NordicTrack for example; they are getting festive this holiday season by offering pretty great deals on some of their best and most popular models. Of course, NordicTrack has sales pretty frequently; I would even venture a guess to say they have a sale every week. However, you could say that this is their biggest sale.

While most NordicTrack sales will feature 6 or 7 great machines, this one encompasses 20 machines in their current line-up, which you can see here. That is a very large portion of their entire line-up. They are feeling truly generous this holiday season! This sale officially ends next Monday, so this is only a weekend sale. So if you are planning on purchasing a treadmill for Christmas, there is no better time than the present.

*Also, if you order by December 10, they will guarantee delivery by Christmas. Better hurry so you can get it for Christmas, not after!

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