Octane Fitness Equipment! You should take a look at this brand.

Many of you, while reading my reviews, have commented on never having heard of Octane fitness brand. Well, some of the reason may be due to the price range, and the other part may be due to the fact that their Company is relatively new to the Biz (started in 2003 by a few Life Fitness guys). The founders are Tim Porth and Dennis Lee, guys with a ton of fitness expertise, and not only do they sell health, they live it! They have set out to create the best elliptical available on the market, and they are defiantly in the running! Their machines not only have great looks, but also are some of the best on the market.

These machine are mentioned several times in my TOP 5 categories, and as well they should be! These machines are awesome; the only problem for some may be the price tag. I am absolutely in love with 3 of their models and I hate working out on elliptical! I like these models more than most due to the pedal spacing and the huge programming package that is standard on all of their machines.

Their standing elliptical is the Q47 Series, the Q37 Series and the Q35. These machines are a joy to work out on due to the amazing engineering of their patented “Converging Path and multigrip handlebars”. These features allow anyone of any size or body type to feel as though the machine were designed especially for them while in use. The Q47 Series also features interactive ergonomics that will monitor pace, and in conjunction with the pace, will change the stride length accordingly, making this the most comfortable elliptical I have used in a very long time! The Q47 series starts at $3,799 and can go up to $4,399 for the Q47c. Now, I know that many of your are thinking I have lost my mind and that most folks can not afford that price, but I m telling you that this is the last elliptical you will ever have to buy! With the amazing features on this machine and the 30 different workouts on each of the Q series, you will never get bored and always have the luxury of gliding on air with no lower back pain or numb feet.

Please, if you see one of these at the club or any where else for that matter, give it a try and you will indeed see what I mean about getting what you pay for in the long run!

I do wish that the guys would up the ante on their warranty. I know that it will benefit them in the long run. The machines are quality made, and it would not hurt, for the price to add a few more years on their parts and labor (only 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor is the current warranty).

You may be able to find the Octane ellpticals on websites like Amazon.com, or you may just want to go directly to their website at www.octanefitness.com to do your ordering.

Happy Shopping!

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