Reader Mailbag: Treadmill Sensei Readers Lose Weight..oh and an Elliptical Maintenance Question!


In case anyone was wondering, the Treadmill Sensei absolutely loves to get reader email here at the DOJO. I especially love to hear from readers who have had success with a treadmill or elliptical. Today, let’s hear from Scott, who lost an amazing 50 pounds using a Sole E25 and has a question about elliptical maintenance. Take it away, Scott!


Thank you for your wonderful reviews. Because of them I purchased a Sole E25 Elliptical and have been loving it and it has helped me drop over 50 pounds. I have found it to be more comfortable to work out on than some of the semi-commerical units I’ve found in hotel gyms I’ve had to use.

But the questions I have are regarding elliptical care. I bought my unit as a floor model and the owners manual I was able to download from the website did not list any do’s or don’ts when it came to elliptical care & maintenance.

I’ve read where you talked about the white tube of lube that was provided to one purchaser. But since I did not get that I have been using silicone spray to clean the rails once a week and also cleaned the wheels themselves of the gunk that seems to build up on them. Is there anything I’m doing wrong or could you make a suggestion as to better cleaning and maintenance tips? Respectfully, Scott


Thanks for your note. It sounds like you are cleaning your elliptical above and beyond what is required. The spray silicone should be ok, but it would be best to call Sole’s tech support and supply them with the brand name you’re using to make sure there are no issues. There shouldn’t be, but it’s best to be certain.

What you’re already doing should keep your elliptical running well for a long time. The wheels and rail are where most of the problems will pop up. Also, keeping the unit dust free is important as well. Aside from that, not much will go wrong with an elliptical.

Thanks again and great job on the weight loss!

-The Treadmill Sensei

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