Reader Mailbag – Why New Equipment in a Repair Shop??


I’ll have a review up later today but I wanted to do a quick answer to a reader email I received recently. The note made me chuckle because it was something that I never thought to answer! Let’s see what Beth has to say:

Dear Treadmill Sinsei,
I am a little confused about something why are 2006 ellipticals in the repair shop? I am looking to buy one the most I can afford is $1500 Canadian including all extra costs ie.shipping ,duties and taxes. I thought if I spent this much the machine would run trouble free for a number of years. Thanks for your time, Beth


Thanks for the note! You know, that’s a fantastic question. The reason why a lot of ellipticals and treadmills come through the DOJO is for set-up. A manufacturer or local retailer who sells a unit (or bunch of units) and needs them assembled and set-up will have them shipped to our shop (the DOJO). We’ll assemble the treadmill or elliptical and then deliver the to the home or business who ordered them.

In other words, not all the treadmills or ellipticals we review are in the shop because they are broken. Thanks again for your note and take care.

-The Treadmill Sensei

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