Repair Elliptical or Just Buy A New One?

Hello Sensei, I bought a Horizon EX-75 about 5 years ago, after reading your review, of course. My wife probably put 5000 miles on it on heavy resistance. The wheels have worn out. I notice metal shavings on the carpet coming from inside the plastic casing. Overall it feels wobbly when I try to use it

Do you suggest that I try to repair it or just buy something new? I can afford a new one. But throwing away a 200-pound machine isn’t so nice to mother earth. On the other hand, parts are really expensive, like $40 a wheel. It’s going to cost me $120+ just on wheels and belt. And I don’t know what metal part has been shaven off, and whether it is worn beyond repair.

What an excellent question. Let me begin by commending your wife with her diligence in exercising on the elliptical, not many people use theirs as much. Now, there are times when repairing an elliptical would be the right choice; like when something breaks within the first two weeks you have it. Or basically if it has been hardly used and something breaks. But if the elliptical has been used on a consistent basis for 5 years, and the damage has been done due to just being worn out; that might be a signal to retire the elliptical. I’m all for keeping something good for as long as I can, but the damaged parts may be just the first parts to go and you could be on the road to spending a lot of money just to repair something that won’t last for much longer. Sure, ellipticals cost quite a bit, but you may actually be saving money down the road.

This is a decision that is whatever you feel comfortable with. If you just want to repair it and get all you can out of it, that is fine. If you want to buy another elliptical that might last another 5 or more years, that is fine as well; it just might save you money, too.

It sounds like you got some good use out of that elliptical. Should you choose to buy a new one, you could look into some of Horizon’s newer ellipticals, or try something else after reading my elliptical reviews, of course!

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