Retailer Response to “Online Buying vs Offline”


Today the Treadmill Sensei has something a little different for his loyal readers. It seem a lot of people are reading this website now, including some offline retailers. Today we’re going to hear from Norm Morrison. Now, Norm is the product manager for Gym Source which has locations in 9 states (although, their “about us” page mentions “47 states and 37 countries” as being served, so they may be considered an online or mail order store as well). Here’s Norm’s note (edited for length):


I’m Norm Morrison, Product manager for the Gym Source. I am wishing you a long and prosperous career as a proclaimer of truth.

I spend my whole day comparing the mechanical, sales, and ergonomic qualities of different brands of equipment, so I enjoyed your entries. As we have fixed more treadmills than any other company in the world, as well as having a 70 year company history, I have a lot of raw data and shared experience to draw upon. We are currently the largest commercial dealer in the industry as well as having over thirty retail store locations.

And though I disagree with a few entries, I appreciate greatly the obvious effort and lack of guile that fills each review.

I LOVE your treadmill buying guide. I teach all sales staff to give HP with the corresponding RPM’s they are rated on, but I was beginning to think I was the only person who cared about this.

I actually talk about the weight of the piece as being one of the most important things, as commercial treads are only heavy as hell so that they can last longer. Gym owners don’t want heavy equipment; it just torques less and does not bounce the internal components around as much.

Best of luck, and I am very curious to hear how it goes with the treadmill rating once brands start sending you stuff to rate.

Norm Morrison
Newton Gym Source


Thanks for the note and the kind words. It’s good to hear that brick and mortar retailers are enjoying the website as well.

If you’re in their area and are looking for some good, high quality service on commercial equipment, make sure to check out a Gym Source store near you or check out their website at They’ve got a ton of experience and, as a group, service more treadmills than any other company in the US. Just make sure to do your research online and go in well-educated.

-The Treadmill Sensei

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