Smooth 9.35 HR At A Glance

Good day, good day to one and all! Grab a cup of tea, sit back, and relax as I deliver a treadmill review At A Glance. Today’s treadmill is the Smooth 9.35 HR, so if you have been trying to decide between this treadmill and another, read this to make the best decision! Enjoy!

This is definitely a shining star in the Smooth line up. There really isn’t much that you can pick apart about this machine. It is shining in nearly every area. If there is one thing that can be said about Smooth, as a whole, it is that they really give you more bang for your buck. This machine could be compared to the NordicTrack 9700 PRO that I reviewed the other day. That one is slightly better with the more powerful motor, wider treadbelt, and other things; but it is in a totally different price class.

This model has actually been improved for 2012. Smooth gave it a bigger treadbelt, shock absrbing tech in the deck(another awesome rhyme!), a slick new sound system, and a new super-smooth and powerful motor. Not to mention its stylish new design. This is one sleek and powerful machine. It is definitely recommended by me. Enough talk, here it is At A Glance!

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