Sole F83 Review At A Glance

Welcome readers to another Treadmill Review At A Glance! The Sole F83 has got it’s work cut out for it if it wants to get as good of a review as yesterday’s, which was the Smooth 9.65LC. Let’s see how this one stacks up against it!

Sole, as a company, is one of the most friendly and reliable of all treadmill companies. When it comes to warranties and service, they are very dependable. They also make pretty decent treadmills as well! And the F83 is no exception. This treadmill is of very high quality and has everything you need from a treadmill, making it a very wise choice for having in your house.

Some of its specs include a 3.25HP motor that is very quiet; and even though its weight capacity is no 400lbs like the Smooth 9.65LC, the F83’s 375 weight limit is still actually pretty high. This treadmill also features incline training, reaching a maximum incline of 15%. I would say that this is probably one of the best choices for a treadmill that you can make. This treadmill has got everything that you need for a great workout and nothing that you don’t. So here it is, at a glance.

Sole F83 at a glance

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