Sole S77 At A Glance

Good day to all of you who are reading this! I hope your weekend was a great one. Well here is today’s treadmill review, At A Glance. This one is of the Sole S77. Check it out!

The specs of the Sole S77 used to not be a whole lot different from those of the Sole F85. Though the S77 mostly stayed the same, the F85 “upped” it’s game. Increasing the power of its motor, among other things. Even though the S77 has stayed the same up through the new model, it still remains as one of the best non-folding treadmills that you can find under $2,000.

It just has great overall quality, with rock solid sturdiness. In fact, this is such a great treadmill that you will likely find one in the workout room of a Hilton Hotel. Something else worth noting, is that it’s popularity is partly due to its awesome warranty of lifetime frame, motor, deck; 5 years electronics, and 2 years labor. You won’t find many better warranties than that. Check out its specs below.

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