Spirit XT10 At A Glance

Good morning, afternoon, or evening to all of my readers out there! I am so glad that it is Friday, as I’m sure everyone feels the same way! Got another treadmill review At A Glance for you guys. Here is the Spirit XT10.

The Spirit XT10 is an average treadmill in it’s price class which is usually in the $1000-$1500. It’s hard to be sure what it generally is priced around now due to it being discontinued and is no longer offered by Spirit. You might be able to find it through various online dealers, though. If I were shopping for a treadmill and had my eye on this one, I would definitely shoot for lower than $1000.

As I said, it is an average treadmill that has slightly lower specs than what we would like to see, but still remains decent. It has a less powerful motor than some other similar treadmills, but it can accommodate some fairly intense workouts. I would definitely shop around a bit more if you are thinking of buying this one. There are treadmills out there that have better specs, more features for the same, or even a lower price. Here it is At A Glance!

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