Spirit XT175 At A Glance

Hello to you all again! So continuing on with my extremely awesome Treadmill Reviews At A Glance, I have got another one here for ya! Today’s treadmill is the Spirit XT175. Check it out!

I guess there will always come a time that in the midst of all these great treadmills that I review, I will eventually come across some “bad apples”. But luckily we know, from the musical group Jackson 5, that “one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch”! Now I’m not going to “dis” Spirit as a company for the length of this review, but reviewing treadmills with this low of quality really puts me in a low mood.

As you have learned from my review of the Spirit Z500 treadmill; Spirit does not make the highest quality of treadmills. I would say that Spirit is giving this treadmill a lot more credit than it deserves based on the price. There are many other treadmills of this class that have similar specs for a lower price. It has all of the standard features; incline training, 275lb. weight capacity, and a 2.5hp motor.

I suggest looking for a better treadmill for a lower price, you wouldn’t really have to look far! Check out the rest of it’s specs at a glance!

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