Spirit XT600 AT A Glance

Good day to everybody! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I am continuing on with delivering you some pretty awesome treadmill reviews At A Glance, and today’s treadmill is going to be the Spirit XT600. Enjoy!

So this treadmill is basically just like the Sole F85, just a shorter running area. This is actually a pretty great treadmill. It is very sturdy, has a great motor, and comes with many features. It is certainly a power-packed machine with a 3.5HP motor, and a maximum user weight of 375lbs. It is really too bad that they don’t have the 2 extra inches like Sole includes on their treadmill, because this could really be one of the best treadmills.

You can’t really beat the price on this treadmill. This model has been discontinued but you can most likely find it through online dealers at a cheap price. There aren’t many high-end, expensive treadmills that can match this one’s quality. This is definitely recommended by me, but only if you can find it at a really great price because this treadmill’s quality can be matched by some less-expensive models that have many more features, such as models from NordicTrack or ProForm. Here it is, at a glance.

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