The Cost of Being a Fitness Guru

Did you know the 2012 Summer Olympics cost 14.62 billion dollars!? That is a lot of money spent on an athletic competition. So when you think it doesn’t cost money to be an athlete, think again.

What are some of the least expensive sports, I wonder. Running, perhaps? Consider the following infographic.

costs of being a runner

By Treadmill Review Guru

Running is probably one of the least expensive sports because you don’t have to pay for monthly memberships, fancy equipment, coaches, etc. You can throw on some shoes and run out the door. Your body might pay the price later on down the road a little bit but that’s never a real concern.

If you’re competing in the Olympics, however, as a track runner then it can get expensive. If you’re looking to get some really nice running shoes every few months your price is going to go up as well. And of course there’s the cost of a treadmill or gym membership if you want to be able to go running when it’s snowing outside.

Really, most fitness activities (sports) can cost a great deal of money if you choose to participate competitively.

Non-Expensive Sports

If you want to stay active and don’t care to compete professionally or even locally, there are a bunch of activities that you can do in your own backyard to stay active without spending all kinds of money.

Some of those activities include:

  • Volleyball – A net can be a bit expensive but you can find a cheap one plus it’s a one time purchase. Get that and a volleyball or two and you’re good to go. Volleyball is an excellent source of aerobic exercise.
  • Basketball – Granted you will need a hoop for this one but there’s usually public basketball court close by. If you have a gym membership there might be one there. Get into a heated 1 on 1 basketball game with a worthy competitor and you’ll feel the burn!
  • Soccer – Soccer requires A LOT of running and quick foot work which will keep you moving and burning lots of calories! All you really need is a soccer ball and a level playing field and you’re good to go. Use a couple shoes to designate the goals so you don’t have to buy some expensive soccer goals.
  • Yoga – While yoga is a great way to get rid of stress, it can also be a great workout. You’d be surprised! But there’s no way of knowing until you try. You can find cheap yoga classes in your town or buy a CD or DVD and do it in your living room.

While being a fitness guru has a the ability to break the bank, there are still exhilarating fitness activities available to you that don’t cost a thing. You can always workout at home with a set of dumb bells or just yourself and do some push-ups and crunches. It doesn’t take a whole lot to get into shape. Just motivation and determination.

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