The Relationship of Exercise and Stress Management

Blame it on the kind of lifestyles we live these days, but stress is a natural part of our lives, and this is definitely not a good thing. There are several studies to show that stress is the cause of several of the illnesses that we face―from headaches and lifestyle illnesses to other more grave ones like cancer and heart-related trouble. While medication is what we often turn to as a solution, exercise can do a lot to manage stress. In fact, it is even recommended by medical professionals as part of holistic treatment forms for managing stress.

Exercising on Your Own

An elliptical training machine can give you all the benefits you are looking for without involving a great deal of work. It helps you burn calories, reduce excess fat and improve your posture and physique. This machine is great for those who are starting out with exercise or who have not done it in a while. There are several settings on the machine, and you can begin at a speed with which you are comfortable.

The added advantage of an elliptical training machine is that it gives you low impact exercise, which means that you will not be straining your back or legs in any way. This brings down the worry of exercise related injuries. The other great thing about it is the fact that it does not make exercising monotonous and therefore, it is kind of an encouragement to keep going.

Now, when you exercise, there are several benefits the first of which is bringing down the stress levels that are pent up in your body. This is how exercise does it. For starters, it helps in pumping up the endorphin levels in your body, and this is the same feeling you get when you are out trekking. Exercise reduces the levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol and this is what gives you a natural high.

Once you are done with a round of exercise, such as a few laps of swimming, elliptical training or tennis, you can feel the tensions of the day just easing away. It helps your body relax and let go of the stress of the day. When you are free of all tension, you will find that you are much better focused on your work. When this happens, you naturally prevent stress in the first place.

Exercising as a Social Thing

With regular exercise, you will enjoy better sleep and with good sleep comes a relaxed attitude. Since exercise puts you back in shape you end up looking better, which in turns boosts your self-esteem and gives you a boost of self-confidence. Exercising, especially in a gym, can be considered a social activity as well, as you end up meeting several people who have the same intentions as yours. When you set goals together and achieve them, you will feel much better about yourself. By having gym companions, you get all the encouragement you need to stick to your plan and you will also be able to relax with some like-minded people, which can do a lot to bring down your stress levels.

With all this exercise, you can be sure that good health will follow and be a natural part of your life. You can insulate yourself against most physical suffering and can be sure that stress levels are not heightened from any illness. One of the best parts is that you will also develop a resistance to stress-inducing factors. A good lifestyle combined with good exercise with a reliable piece of equipment like an elliptical training machine can make a world of difference to your health.


Before you see how exercise can reduce your stress levels. Get yourself evaluated by an expert and see what kind of an exercise regimen would be best suited to your physical condition and goals.

How about you, how has exercise helped your stress levels?

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