The Smooth 7.1 HR Treadmill Review


One of the treadmill brands I get asked to review every single day here at the DOJO is Smooth Fitness. Smooth is one of those companies whose equipment the Treadmill Sensei loves to get in. I set up a lot of their treadmills and very rarely have to go out to repair one. In fact, we get in a Smooth repair call maybe once a month or less. Smooth is currently one of the most sought after brands online because they are so reliable. I’m not as much a fan of their ellipticals, but when it comes to treadmills they easily out pace those by Horizon, Schwinn and Bowflex…I’d even go far to say as the only other brand in their price range which comes close is Sole. Smooth and Sole both have some of the best customer service in the fitness industry.

About a week ago we received in a Smooth 7.1HR Treadmill to install for the property manager of an apartment complex we had installed some other fitness equipment for in the past. The manager had asked for a few recommendations on a good home treadmill for he and his wife. Near the top of the list I gave him was the Smooth 7.1HR because the manufacturer had recently dropped it in price.

All of the Smooth treadmills have solid, heavy-duty frames. The Smooth 7.1 HR treadmill weighs in at just under 300 pounds and will give a commercial quality feel to its workouts. If you’re used to working out at your local gym, then you will absolutely love the sturdiness of the 7.1hr Treadmill.

When I assemble a new treadmill at the DOJO, I always pop open the hood and take a look at the motor inside. Lifting the shroud, I found a very large, low RPM and surprisingly quiet 2.75 horsepower motor. You know, it’s always great to find a motor which actually specs up to what a manufacter lists it at. Far too often I see a manufacturer rating a 2 or even 1 horsepower motor up to 2.5 or 3 hp. I very much wish there was an industry standard rating method for HP.

Over all the Smooth 7.1 HR treadmill is one of the top treadmills in the $1500-$2000 range. My only quibbles with the machine are the 10 mph max speed and shorter deck at 20″ x 54.” If Smooth ups those two specs on their 7.1 treadmill they’ll have a perfect machine on their hands.

For being an outstanding unit, the Treadmill Sensei gives the Smooth 7.1 HR Treadmill 4.5 out of 5 golden buddahs.


Smooth 7.1 HR Treadmill Specifications
Max Speed: 10mph
Max Incline: 15%
Running Area: 20″ x 54″
Display: LED
Programs: 8
Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse grip and wireless
Heart Rate Control: Yes
Rollers: 2.5″
Folding: Yes
Max User Weight: 350lbs
Unit weight: 280lbs

-The Treadmill Sensei

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