The Spirit Z500 At A Glance

Good day to you all! I have prepared another at a glance treadmill review for you all today! On the block today is the Spirit Z500, let’s see how this treadmill compares to other leading treadmills. Enjoy!

Though Spirit has discontinued the manufacturing of this model, it is still available through many different dealers across the web. This is treadmill is actually pretty decent; it is by no means a great treadmill, but if you’re looking for a treadmill to get the job done and that’s it, you might like the Z500.

Some of this treadmill’s specs include a heavy duty 3.0HP motor, along with a 375lb weight capacity. So that alone proves that this treadmill can handle a pretty intense workout. I’d say at this point it is an average treadmill. This treadmill also supports incline training and reaching a max speed of 10 mph.

So there isn’t really anything that stands out on this treadmill. There’s nothing new that this treadmill brings to the table, but it is still a decent treadmill that will last for a pretty long time. Plus, since this treadmill is only sold through various dealers, you could probably find some deals! Here it is At A Glance:

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