Top 10 Best Buy Treadmills for Summer 2007


Today the Treadmill Sensei’s son is coming in from New York City to stay with us for a few months this summer. Based on the recommendation of a family friend, he went out to study art at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan…much to my chagrin, he is entering in to his 5th year to get a 4 year bachelor degree. If we’re not careful he may go another year after this upcoming school term. I’m not sure what happened because he was a great student all through high school. There must be something in the water out there that lazies him up. Luckily, he’ll be staying in my house for the next 2 months and I’m going to get a lot of work out of him!

Since I’m going to have to run down to the hell that is the Los Angeles International Airport in a few minutes, my review for the day is going to be cut short. I’ll try to get one in this evening but for the meantime I wanted to post what I think are currently the Best Buy Treadmills for Summer 2007. This list is based on treadmill specifications as well as current low pricing which is going on for the summer. Retailers and manufacturers are in the midst of their slow season right now and it is the best time to get a deal on treadmills and ellipticals.

Let’s check out the list!

The Treadmill Sensei’s Top 10 Best Buy Treadmills for Summer 2007

Best Buy Treadmills Under $1000

1. BEST BUY: Tunturi T20 Treadmill For $899.99 – this is an incredibly solid treadmill that was overpriced at $1499 but is a fantastic deal at just under $900.

2. New Balance 1400 Treadmill for $979.99 – another excellent treadmill bargain from New Balance.

3. Sole F63 Treadmill for $995.00 – still one of the best buys under $1000.

4. Smooth 5.25 Treadmill for $999.00 – you can’t go wrong with a treadmill from Smooth Fitness.

Best Buy Treadmills $1000-$2000

1. BEST BUY: BladeZ ION 2007T Treadmill for $1489.00 – one of the best TV treadmills from any company at any price.

2. Quantum 2.5s Treadmill for $1799.00 – the most sturdy home treadmill under $2000.

3. Sole S73 Treadmill for $1649 – The S73 further demonstrates why Sole is a leader in the fitness industry.

4. ProForm Perspective ES TV Treadmill for $1499.00 – as much as I dislike a lot of Proform’s products, this is another excellent TV treadmill under $1500.

Best Buy Treadmills $2000 and Higher

1. BEST BUY: BladeZ 710-ME Treadmill for $2399.00 – the top higher end TV treadmill currently available.

2. Matrix T3X Treadmill for $5795.00 – the single finest treadmill on the market today.

Check back tomorrow for this month’s top Best Buy Ellipticals.

-The Treadmill Sensei

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