Using Treadmills for Therapy in the Home

A treadmill is a great way to help your body recover from a surgery. Most people do not receive the amount of therapy needed after surgery so it takes much longer for their bodies to recuperate.

Having a treadmill in the home can be a great way to ease your body into moving again especially when you cannot leave the home. Remember to start with very slow motion levels and never jump into an incline.

There are many different kinds of treadmill options to consider when buying one for your home. Make sure you look into what features each ones offers to find the best possible fit for you.

Most treadmills have a fold up option but there are still some good ones that do not offer this. Make sure you have a good amount of space to place your treadmill in if it does not fold up.

You never want to have it backed up in a corner unless the front of the machine it facing the corner head on. Never have it backed up against the wall with the belt close to the wall edge.

If you have an accident of any kind you can get pinned against the bottom of the treadmill and the wall. If you have taken the proper precautions by attaching the safety key to your clothing, should this happen, the motion of the treadmill will immediately stop preventing you from further harm.

If you have not headed the warnings to keep the back end of the treadmill clear you will still be pinned against the wall. It is quite possible there may not be anyone nearby to help you get back up. You could be laying there for hours on end.

Using a treadmill as a way to create in home therapy is an awesome idea. You can strengthen your legs with walking exercises and hopefully before too long you may become strong enough to run.

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