3 Great Ideas To Burn 300 Calories

In order to lose weight, we join diet plans and they teach us that the amount of calories we consume must be far less than the amount of calories we burn. It goes without saying that the more calories you burn each day, the lesser you have to limit your food intake.

Therefore, if you burn 300 calories (or more) each day, you can enjoy additional snacks, like 2 chocolate chip cookies, low-fat yogurt, etc. Here’s 3 ideas you can do to make that possible.

1. Yoga

Yoga is a certified stress reliever and is also a well-known exercise. The beauty of yoga is that it helps not only in developing your strength and flexibility, it also encourages a sense of calmness and well-being and even prevents risks of heart attack and metabolic diseases. Also, there are different manners in which you can do yoga. The amount of calories burned depend on the type of yoga you practice, your cardio and muscular levels, the severity of the postures, and the time it took to perform the routines. Light yoga, when done for 80 minutes, can burn a total of 315 calories. Power yoga, on the other hand, can burn 300 calories per hour, which is equivalent o a brisk walk. On a per hour basis, Hatha yoga burns 175 calories, Ashtanga yoga burns 300 calories, Vinsaya yoga burns 445 calories, while Bikram and Hot yoga burns 630 calories.

2. Dancing

The calories you burn by dancing is exactly the same amount you also burn in swimming, walking, or cycling. However, it all depends on the intensity of the dance, its length, the amount of effort you put in, and your weight. But with only half an hour of dancing, you can burn somewhere between 200-400 calories. In fact, people who weigh more will burn even more calories. Other benefits you reap from dancing are enhanced muscle strength, bone mass, poise, and coordination. Among all forms of dancing, Zunba, pole dancing, and belly-dancing are the most effective for weight loss. But really, it doesn’t matter if you take a formal dancing lesson or not. Dancing is a big calorie burner and that’s it. So go out on a date or have some night out with your friends. Have fun and lose weight in the process.

3. Jump rope

Jumping rope is a productive way to pass time. It doesn’t require too much and it’s actually pretty simple, just 30 minutes and you can already burn 305 calories. Jumping rope is perfect for cardiovascular stamina and improve performance in any given sport. It is also beneficial for eye-hand coordination, lateral movement, foot and hand speed and dexterity.

About the author Andrew Wise writes for Dietdecide.com where you can get personalized diet recommendations for free.