Blending or Juicing: Which is Better Pre and Post Run?

Proper hydration is critical to ensuring a good workout. Few things can derail a nice run on the treadmill more than a pounding headache that comes from not drinking enough fluids. The amount of fluids you should consume depends on how long your run is. There’s also the question of what you should drink before and after your time on the treadmill. Water is a no-brainer, but there are other options. Blending and juicing can also enhance your experience and help you replenish vital nutrients lost in your workout. Drinking enough and drinking right will also prevent cramping and will provide you with more crucial energy.

Blending is a simple and popular way to hydrate before or after a run. It also makes an ultra-healthy, delicious drink. Blending, as the name suggests, is done in a blender, and it makes fruits and vegetables into a smoothie. Virtually any fruit or vegetable will work. Spinach, carrots, strawberries, mangoes, pineapple, and raspberries are popular blending choices. On the other hand, juicing extracts the liquid from whole foods and gets rid of the fiber. Juicing drinks are made in special machines appropriately termed juicers.

So what type of drink would be more beneficial for a runner, and does it matter if one or the other is drunk before or after the workout? Here are a few keys to understanding this question.

Blended smoothies have more nutrition..

Because running is a strenuous activity, a great deal of fuel is required to power the engine that makes you go. Blending will help achieve this more effectively because more nutrients are retained in the drink. Remember, fiber is a key nutrient for maintaining sound health, so to not include it in what you take into your body gives you, as a runner, no advantage. Another important factor to consider is that juicing provides a heck of a lot of sugar from the fruit which results it a quick spike in blood sugar content. This will result in a quicker crash as well since running burns energy quickly. Blender drinks provide a slower release of energy to fuel the body for longer endurance activities.

It’s faster and easier to blend..

..way faster. We’re all busy, so to give yourself more time on the treadmill, why not choose the drink that doesn’t take as long to create? The process of juicing is more involved than blending. You have to prep the food, slowly juice each item, then clean the juicer thoroughly after each use. Plus, juicers are usually more expensive. A quick green smoothie is a better option for an on-the-go drink before or after a run.

Blending provides a more filling option..

Hydration prior to a run should start well before you hop on the treadmill. But once your run is over, you need carbohydrates and electrolytes back in your system. You’ll also want something a little more satisfying. A blended green smoothie will fill you up faster and more effectively than juicing.

The verdict: While juicing is a great health option in general, blending makes more sense. Combine this with plenty of water and you can be confident your run—long or short—will be more satisfying.