Boxing for Ultimate Women’s Fitness

Many women do not realize what an amazing workout that boxing can be for them. They often think of it as a guy’s sport, and this could not be further from the truth. Actually, in some ways, boxing is the ideal workout for a woman. It is a great way to get fit and help to build the lean muscle that can help your body to continue burning fat even after you are done working out.

Reason #1: Cardio

There is nothing that says that the only way to get a good cardio workout is to run for hours on end on the treadmill at the gym. There are lots of ways to get a great cardio workout and running is just one of the more standard options. Boxing is a great cardio workout for you are constantly in motion. Remember seeing ads for home workouts such as Hip Hop Abs or Tae-Bo? The reason that these workouts are so effective is simple they are using a lot of the basic moves that are extremely common with a boxing workout. Why not just directly to the source?

Reason #2: Learn a Trade

It is true that most women do not strive to be professional boxers, but that does not mean that the average woman does not want some of the traits of a professional boxer. Boxing can be just a hobby, but it can also teach a woman some great fighting techniques. This is ideal should they ever find themselves in a situation where they may want to use some kind of fighting force. It not only helps them feel more secure, but it also gives the average woman a sense of empowerment.

Reason #3: Builds a Strong Core

Many people forget to concentrate on their core muscles. The core is the center of your body. It is the muscle area that allows you to do necessary things such as sit-up. A weak core can be detrimental to an individual that is trying to expand their workout. Activities such as dancing, yoga, or Pilates help to not only establish a strong core, but require one in order to do some of their more complex sessions. A woman requires a strong core in order to help get that trim middle section that many strive after, but few achieve. Boxing will concentrate on the core muscles for the core is where your body works from in boxing. It is the center that helps to provide the power and the movement that is required in order to be a decent boxer.

Reason # 4: It is Fun

Have you ever come home from a long day of work and found yourself completely stressed out and exhausted? Well you no longer have to worry about all that pent up frustration for boxing provides an outlet for all of those emotions that you have been holding back. You can work out the stress in your body while helping to get yourself fit. There is one thing that stress definitely needs and that is an outlet. And the best outlet can be your ringside boxing bags.

Reason # 5: It is Affordable

There are lots of ways that you can choose to begin and continue your workout regimen. You can begin at home if you have a decent amount of space like a garage, you can join a gym, or you can join a boxing club. None of these are that expensive. Boxing requires a constant regimen, so if you divide the amount of money you pay by the amount of use you will realize it is extremely affordable if not cheap. There are also options for lessons, sessions, or classes that are often available on the major discount sites such as Groupon or Living Social, so if you do not mind switching gyms on a regular basis you can make it quite affordable.

Women have often thought of boxing as a male dominated sport. It is true that the sport is male dominated, but that does not mean that if you choose to hit the gym you will not see a decent amount of women in your classes. Boxing is becoming much more popular for the female gender, so why wait? Get started on building an amazing body today.