Creative Ways to Store Your Home Treadmill

You’ve mustered up the motivation necessary to drive to the gym, but now that you’re there you have to wait until a treadmill opens up. For the hundredth time you think, “I wish I had the space for my own treadmill, then I wouldn’t have to go through this every time I want to workout.” Stop using lack of space as an excuse to not buy your own treadmill. If you get a treadmill with a folding deck, there are plenty of ways for you to store your treadmill at home.

Underneath the Bed

Storing your treadmill underneath the bed is the most practical hiding place. You may need to do a little cleaning before, if you’re like me and tend to shove random items under your bed. But once you’ve tidied up under there and if your bedframe is tall enough, you can fold up your treadmill and just slide it under. If you’re still lacking a few inches, you can purchase some bed risers for under $20 that will give you some needed height. Make sure that there is at least an inch of space between the treadmill and your bed once it is stored; this way the weight of you laying on the bed won’t damage your mattress or the treadmill.

Creative Ways to Store Your Home Treadmill


If you can afford to give up some closet space, they are a perfect spot to store your treadmill. You could designate this closet as your workout corner, hang motivational posters on the inside of the door, place a small stereo in the corner, keep an exercise chart hung up with your goals on it. When you’re all done with your workout, simply fold up your treadmill push it back in its hiding place, close the door and voila it looks like just another closet.

Game Room

You may have a game room in your home with a foosball table, air hockey table, pool table or ping pong table, you can store your treadmill underneath any of these. If you find that you are just a tad shy of getting your treadmill to slide underneath, buy yourself some risers to lift the table a few more inches.

Room Divider

If you find that you can’t give up any hidden spaces for your treadmill but don’t want your house to look like a gym, simply set it up where you want to workout and then hide it behind a room divider. This option works especially great in living rooms where you can watch the TV while you’re on the treadmill and then when you’re done with your workout you can leave everything as is and hide it behind your divider.

There you have it, four practical and creative ways for you to store your home treadmill. Now you can’t use lack of space as an excuse not to get a treadmill.