Five Dangers of a Poor Body Image

A poor body image can be a very detrimental thing to anyone. The lack of self-esteem can send people to places that are physically and mentally unhealthy and life-threatening.

Eating Disorders

The biggest danger associated with a poor body image is developing an eating disorder. Too many people have become bulimic or anorexic based upon the way that they view their bodies. The media focuses so much attention on what some perceive to be the perfect body, and anyone with self-esteem issues can fall into the belief that they are not good enough based upon societal trends. This sparks eating disorders for countless people every day.


Another danger is depression. People can get into terrible bouts of depression about the way they look. It is a mental illness to begin with, but that depression can lead to physical problems if it is not dealt with quickly. A depressed person is likely to become isolated and withdrawn from family, friends and society.

Hermit Life

Some people that have a poor body image can become hermits and never leave the home. This is extremely dangerous because the person has practically created a prison to live in. The intrinsic fear of looking terrible to other people is a feeling that some people just cannot deal with. These people then live in the only safe place they have, and only go out when absolutely necessary. Human beings are social people by nature, so this can be an extremely dangerous condition.


Suicide is probably the biggest concern that people struggle with due to a poor body image. This is the number one killer of people with a poor body image, and the thing to remember is that it could have been prevented.


The final real danger of a poor body image is self-mutilation. Many people will do whatever they can to make themselves look better. In some cases, this results in performing personal surgery to correct the flaws in the body. Body augmentations have been documented, and it is not uncommon for people with body image issues to do whatever they feel is necessary to improve their image.   Believe it or not, many people get help for these problems.

According to, it is important to make sure that you or your loved one receives rehabilitation for the mental illness or addiction that he or she has. The signs of personal destruction are documented throughout the world, and it is important for the person to regain the sense of self-worth and start living again. It is also important to remember that there are safe ways to improve your body. With safe and regulated exercise and diet you can get a healthier body without hurting your body.