New Cheetah Robot Sets Record On A Treadmill

The folks at DARPA have done it again. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is used primarily to develop new technology and find a use for it later. The Internet has its roots here. But their latest creation is a robot with four legs named “Cheetah” and it just set a record as being the fastest four legged robot ever created. It was able to gallop at 18 mph on a treadmill. I’m not sure which is more impressive, that a robot can run that fast or that they found a treadmill to go that fast.

When it comes to home treadmills, 15 mph is usually the fastest you can find, but 12 mph is the standard maximum. Only commercial grade machines can get up to 18 mph and beyond. So if you were shocked to hear that a treadmill hit speeds of 18 mph, don’t be. This isn’t an ordinary NordicTrack home treadmill or anything.

It’s not often that treadmills are in the news for anything, and certainly this news is all about this incredible robot, but still, any time one of our favorite machines gets some attention, we are happy to see it.

And we know you are dying to see video of this robot on a treadmill, so here you go!