Post-Workout Pain Remedies

After doing some exercises, we usually feel pain in different parts of our body. This is because our muscles get strained by the twists and pulls required in the different exercise routines. This is especially felt by those who do it for the first time. The muscles are still not used to the pressure exerted against them during the routines.

It is usually after the first session that one suffers the intense pain. The most common affected body parts are the back, shoulders, and thighs. Post-workout pains experienced for the first time can last from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the intensity of the routines.

To relieve muscle pain, fitness experts and coaches share the following tips.

Massage Pain Using Ice

The coldness of ice is an effective treatment to reduce the effects of inflammation in body parts affected by post-workout pains. To do this, use large blocks of ice and rub them thoroughly in affected parts. Apply a little pressure so that the coldness reaches the strained muscles. This practice is more effective than just using plain hands to soothe the effects of muscle soreness and knots.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking water provides instant soothing effect for post-workout pain. Muscle soreness can actually and easily be alleviated by mere hydration. The reason why muscles become stiff after a long period of exercise is because they become dehydrated. Our body loses water as we perform intensive activities like exercise. It is therefore important to drink enough water while doing exercises to avoid pain afterwards.

Use Traumeel

This is a type of cream which can be availed over the counter. A homeopathic remedy, it is composed of herbal ingredients that have healing effects on the sore muscles. One just needs to generously apply this cream in affected body parts overnight. This treatment is popular among athletes who experience body pains after an intensive workout and training.

Get Some Sleep

Sleeping is a natural way to recover the energy that we consume for the day. It is also a way for our muscles to relax after a long day of being stretched here and pulled there. Our muscles actually have the capacity to heal naturally, and this happens during our sleep. So when you feel muscle soreness and stiffness after your first workout session, having a good night sleep is an enough cure.

Getting fit entails sacrifice. But it’s a sacrifice worth taking. A known effective anxiety cure, exercise does not only benefit us physically but also mentally. It facilitates the proper oxygenation of the blood. It also improves the circulation of oxygen to the body and brain, which is essential in maintaining mental wellness.

With all these positive rewards we can gain from exercise, there is no reason why we should not hit the gym the soonest.