Treadmill Buying Guide: Don’t Buy Before Reading This

One of the best ways to shape up is with an in-home treadmill. This single piece of equipment offers better cardiovascular health, muscle development and weight loss. Clearly, there are distinct advantages to having a treadmill at home.

Buying a treadmill is a fairly major investment. Opting for the bargain basement model is definitely not a good idea. While that cheap treadmill might have an attractive price, the purchaser is likely to discover inferior performance and will probably be in the market for another treadmill much sooner than is necessary.

Comparison Shopping

Consumers can begin the process of choosing a treadmill with comparison shopping. Look around at the gym, fitness centers in hotels and other places that have commercial exercise equipment. These are usually good quality machines, and many of the same brands that make commercial equipment also offer models for the at-home fitness enthusiast. These in-home models aren’t quite as heavy duty as those at the gym, but they also don’t get as much use. Generally, a company that makes a quality commercial machine is probably going to make a quality in-home machine.

Consider Fitness Goals

It’s somewhat easier to buy a treadmill for a one person household than it is for a family. The more people that will be using the machine, the more features may be necessary. For instance, a household with a family member who weighs 250 pounds and others who weigh about 150 will need to find a treadmill that’s rated for the largest user. It’s also important to think about each person’s fitness goals. Buying a treadmill without an incline feature won’t be helpful for someone hoping to train for running hills.

Important Features

Today’s treadmills feature plenty of bells and whistles that make it easier and more convenient to work out. Above all, the control console should be easy to use with clearly marked buttons. Controlling the pace, incline and other features should be intuitive. It’s also vital to take a close look at the available display features. Readouts that show pace, distance traveled and elapsed time are useful. Other users may like to see how many calories they have burned. Each person should consider their fitness goals when looking at the console. Shoppers should also thoroughly review the model’s shock adsorption abilities. Finding that “just right” amount of give and stability can be tricky, which is why several models should be tested before a selection is made.

The Right Motor

A bigger, heavier motor is generally preferred over one that is underpowered and wimpy. However, that bigger motor is going to need an enhanced cooling system to keep the treadmill operating properly. Look for the right balance of power and cooling for a better running experience.

Modern treadmills allow people to set up custom programs and have important safety features. The better models require little maintenance, yet will last for several years. With plenty of comparison shopping, it’s possible to find a treadmill with the right combination of quality, features and price.