Treadmills with Versatile Home Exercise Routines


After you’ve been working out a while, you might become discouraged with your home exercise routine because you’re bored with the same old stuff. However, treadmills don’t have to mean walking in place, getting nowhere. Spice up your work out with features and tricks you might not have known about.

Treadmills As A Personal Gym

First and foremost, you can move beyond a walk or run. Turn the treadmill into your personal gym without the clutter of other people and excess equipment. The base makes a great spot for push-ups. Some treadmills might even still move when turned off, allowing you to utilize it for some heavy resistance walking sure to bulk you up. Just make sure your treadmill has this feature, or you might wreck your new personal gym. Different stretches and walks can mix up your workout and keep your calories burning in exciting new ways. Use your imagination. Picture yourself somewhere that pumps you up. The biggest step to making your treadmill work for you starts in the mind.

Treadmills and Space

Different treadmill models can meet varying needs, depending on the customer. Sometimes, the issue of space keeps you from buying a treadmill. Some models will fold up, which makes for easier storage when the treadmill is not in use. You might opt for a near relative of the treadmill, an elliptical. These come with an incline and decline feature so that you can simulate stair climbing as well as running.

Treadmills and Technology

You no longer have to choose between technology and staying fit. Many treadmill models come with a built-in, internet-enabled touchscreen. You can access email while doing your mile run or “like” the latest photos shared by your friends on social media. Maybe you want to use Google maps and turn your indoor-walk into a sightseeing adventure in another state. Do you have multiple users of the treadmill in your home? Record your times and start a little competition. This will push all of you to outdo the others, upping the intensity of your workout. Headphone jacks allow you to bring your favorite tunes into your routine. Some models have built-in MP3 playing capabilities if you’re going to be performing exercises where headphones would interfere with your workout. As technology advances, the treadmill experience will likely become even more deluxe.

Words of Caution

With all of these options for using a treadmill, pay attention to your own safety. Technology can also serve as a distraction. You are still operating a moving machine and can risk falls with some of the exercises if you let your guard down. With the benefits come additional responsibilities. Don’t let your newfound fun on your treadmill leave you open to injury.

Research your spacing, fitness and budgetary needs, along with the technologies you desire, to determine which model is right for you. Our culture enjoys emphasizing the necessity of fitness but too often, that fitness devolves into a burdensome chore. Treadmills can offer a simple and efficient way of performing many different exercises to benefit your body’s health while also keeping your mind engaged.