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Best Fitness BFT1

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This folding treadmill uses a 1.25 CHP motor that powers a 17.75 x 51 inch tread belt. Definitely not the most powerful motor on the market, and most definitely not the largest running surface. The max speed will only reach a disappointing 7 MPH, which would allow you to power walk or have a light jog, but that’s about it.

Honestly, you will not get a whole lot from this treadmill. It is not built with top quality components and it is not very strong or sturdy. There is not even a decent warranty to back up this machine. The company only guarantees 15 years on the frame, 10 years on the motor, 2 years for electronics, 6 months for wear parts, and 1 year for labor. This is a sad warranty for a machine that will most likely break down on you.

As far as features go, this treadmill offers a few things. Their is a 12% incline that will allow you to have a little bit of diversity within your workouts, but not much. There are also six preset workout programs that consist of: hill, climb, interval, cardio, walk, and weight loss. There are three different running modes you can change to that are: time target, distance target, and calories target.


Overall, this treadmill is exactly what the price If you are a beginning user though, this may be a perfect machine to start on. If you are just barely working on losing weight, you may not want to sprint faster than 7 MPH anyways. Keep in mind that this treadmill will only bear 300 lbs total and because the motor is so weak, you need to be very careful on this treadmill or it will not last longer than a year.