Star Trac S-TRx Treadmill Review

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Star Trac S-TRx

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The Star Trac S-TRx is made for the home. There is not much reason to get this one. Once you’re up in this price range you may as well up yourself to the S-TRc model. It is an extra $400 for the AC drive system, but it is worth it. The motor that the S-TRx uses is a 3.0 hp dc version and is a bit light weight for what this treadmill is priced at. The tread belt length is pretty standard and measures out to 20″ x 60″. The cushioning on the deck actually works amazingly well. Star Trac uses a Soft Trac triple cell neoprene rubber system to make working out a lot more comfortable. The deck is also reversible so that you can flip it like a mattress and double its life. The incline can go up to 15%, the max speed is 12.5 mph, and its weight capacity is 350 lbs.

The console for this machine has readouts of time, distance, incline, speed, heart rate, motivational track, calories, and METs. It can get pretty in-depth if you want it to. There also 13 workout programs and some of the programs are also able to pair up with the heart rate monitoring systems to create a more personalized workout. When looking for a home treadmill you really do not ever have to pay above $2,000 for a quality model. Anything above that price point would be going into buying a treadmill for commercial settings and that has a completely different rating system. We suggest that, even though Star Trac is a great quality brand, to avoid spending so much on one of these models and look into a NordicTrack or Smooth model. One plus you will be guaranteed by going to a NordicTrack model is that most to all of their machines from $1,499 and up come with interactive features like browser capability and iFit Live. You will save money and have a similar quality treadmill with some really cool features.