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Welcome to TreadmillReviews.com! We have done our best to create a comprehensive catalog of treadmill reviews. We have written reviews of just about every treadmill manufacturer there is. If you think we are missing anyone, please contact us to let us know.

Understanding our reviews is pretty simple. Each model will have a paragraph describing the features and we will share our thoughts. We then have a rating system where we measure each model against each other. The one to really pay attention to here is value.

The reason is that those expensive treadmills with the best features will be rated the highest. But they also cost a lot more. You should really shop on value. Who has the best features for the price is what to look for.

Keep checking back as new treadmills are being released all the time. As we find them, we will try to get our hands on them to give you a review and share our thoughts so that you can make an informed decision about the treadmill you are going to buy.

Be sure to check our exclusive deals to get extra savings on the models you want to purchase. Also look at our best buy section to find a few of our favorites.

Up & Running Award

Up and Running Award

You may have recently come across a blog that won our coveted Up & Running Award and wondered what that was all about. Quite simply, we want to encourage people to get up and run! That is one of the main reasons we review all of these treadmills. We hope it takes away at least one excuse for not running. You can't say you don't know anything about any of the treadmills out there!

We know we cannot reach everybody, and that is why we wanted to encourage those bloggers out there who are trying to get people to get up and get running or exercising in some way. Obviously running is our exercise of choice but we know that isn't true for everybody. Either way, we want to recognize those who put their experiences out there for anyone to read in an attempt to motivate others. We want to recognize those who are making it a point to influence others to improve their health and improve their lives. So for those of you doing so, thank you, and keep up the good work.

Want to be considered for the Up & Running Award? Do you own a blog that promotes running or some other form of exercise? Then please let us know and we will get you a badge in the size you need with the code you will need to place it on your website. No blog is too small, so please let us know if you are out there!

I Heart My Treadmill

I Heart My Treadmill

Ok, we know not all of you are as fond of your treadmills as we are. Don't go thinking we are crazy though; we don't treat our treadmills like pets or anything. But we love our treadmills and want everyone to know it. That is why we have made this badge for you to let the world know you love your treadmill too! Want to post it on your website? Simply copy and paste the code below into a blog post, your sidebar or somewhere else. That's all there is to it!

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