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A rising star when it comes to premier exercise equipment, the Peloton Bike is quickly becoming a popular option for those who love spin classes but don’t want to be tethered to the schedule of a gym or spin studio.

Fairly minimalistic in design, the Peloton bike comes with a 21.5” high-definition touchscreen which connects you with the live cycling classes in the NYC Peloton studio. There are about 14 daily live classes you can join in with and enjoy motivating, high-energy instructors. Also available are thousands of on-demand classes you can load up at any time. Peloton is committing to adding to this library of workout programs, so you can count on fresh content and new rides on a regular basis.

You can also track your position when cycling on the leaderboards. This small bit of connected competition can really appeal to those who like the social aspect of working out. You can also create rides for you and other friends, so you can stay connected even if you are hundreds of miles apart.

Aside from the live classes, the Peloton Bike doesn’t have quite as many features as its direct competitor, the NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle. For instance, there is no incline or decline feature on the Peloton bike, but there is on the S22i, the iFit Coach instructors can adjust your bike for you. With the Peloton Bike, you will need to make any resistance adjustments for yourself.

Another sticking point is that the Peloton Bike is more expensive than the S22i while not offering all the same features. You will also need to pay $39/month to access Peloton’s classes, while the S22i comes with a free year access to iFit Coach’s personal trainers and expansive library of workout programs to help you see if you want the service or not.

Overall, the Peloton Bike is a durable and sleek bike, and if you are someone who is looking for more group-oriented workouts and the feel of studio cycling classes without leaving your home, then the Peloton Bike may be for you.

Peloton Bike Pricing Packages:

There are multiple pricing packages for the Peloton, which is not completely unheard of for high-end exercise equipment. The four packages are as follows:

Basics Package - $2,245 Basics Package

  • Peloton bike
  • Delivery and assembly
  • Limited warranty

Essentials Package - $2,404 Essentials Package
  • Peloton bike
  • Delivery and assembly
  • Limited warranty
  • 1 set of wired headphones
  • 1 pair of weights
  • 1 set of shoes

Works Package - $2,494 Works Package
  • Peloton bike
  • Delivery and assembly
  • Limited warranty
  • 1 set of wired headphones
  • 1 pair of weights
  • 1 set of shoes
  • 1 heart rate monitor
  • Bike mat

Family Package - $2,694 Family Package
  • Peloton bike
  • Delivery and assembly
  • Limited warranty
  • 2 set of wired headphones
  • 1 pair of weights
  • 2 set of shoes
  • 2 heart rate monitor
  • Bike mat
  • 2 glass water bottles

The Peloton Is Great For Users Who:

  • Need motivation and direction - Let’s face it, it can be tough to jump on a stationary bike and stay motivated enough to really burn some calories. Along with the engaging cycling instructors at Peloton to help you stay motivated, there is also a vibrant community of riders you can build connections with, whether you join a forum dedicated to Peloton cycling or if you just enjoy the friendly competition when it comes to the live and on-demand classes leaderboards.

  • Want a space-friendly exercise machine - Here at Treadmill Reviews, we often are asked about space when it comes to the treadmills we review, and the lack of space can be a deciding factor between buying a quality treadmill or a sturdy stationary bike. So, for those with space considerations, the Peloton Bike is a good fit, as it will take up little space and operate nearly silently. The S22i has a slightly smaller footprint, but either bike is good if you aren’t looking for a large piece of exercise equipment to take up space in your home.

  • Are committed to regular workouts - The Peloton Bike is an expensive commitment, and that expense doesn’t end with a one-time purchase since you need to pay monthly to access the classes and workout library. So, for those users who are going to be committed to working out at least a few times a week, this stationary bike is a good option. However, if you aren’t sure the commitment is there yet, investing in the Peloton Bike may be a costly mistake.

Standout Features:

  • Excellent Display Screen
  • Sturdy Build
  • Live Spin Classes

Machine Specs:

Footprint: 23” wide x 59” long x 53” high
Product Weight: 135 lbs
Weight Capacity: 305 lbs

User Experience:

To help you gain a clearer picture of how the Peloton Bike performs and how you can interact with the various features, this section covers the features you will receive with the Peloton and our reviewers’ experience with them.

Tilting 21.5” HD Touch Screen - The touchscreen on the Peloton Bike is impressive, from its size to the excellent clarity of the videos. You can tilt the screen up or down so you don’t have that weird glare you can have on electronics that don’t move. However, one of the problems our testers and Peloton users have run into is that the screen doesn’t pivot side-to-side. This lack of movement makes it tough to do the off-bike workouts available through Peloton. But the S22i can both tilt up and down and pivot, making cross-training much easier.

Peloton Classes and Videos - Considered the highlight and main selling point of the Peloton Bike, the live classes, and on-demand workout videos are very engaging. Along with enjoying the encouragement and drive of the Peloton coaches, you can also ride along with curated playlists. The classes are divided into eight categories:

  • Beginner - Considered the easiest, entry-level Peloton workouts. A true fitness beginner may struggle to keep up with these classes, but the instructors do encourage you not to increase your resistance if you are struggling to keep up.

  • Rhythm - These workouts are designed for you to cycle to a set beat or revolutions per minute (RPMs).

  • Low-Impact - Designed for all fitness levels, these cycling classes focus on giving you a good workout with minimal impact.

  • Live DJ - Enjoy working out with a live DJ who will coordinate with the spin instructor. Often, these workouts have more of an edgy, clubbing feel to the workout music.

  • Theme - Each workout will be themed, either around a holiday, or music and other potential themes.

  • Heart Rate Zone - Focused on hitting specific heart rate zones.

  • Pro-Cyclist - Workout along with professional road cyclists, allowing you to hone your own road cycling skills.

  • Metric - With metric classes, the instructors help you focus on resistance levels and cadence.

Manually-Adjusted Resistance - The resistance is adjusted using a turning knob on the frame of the bike (the downtube). This style of adjustment for resistance is really vague. You’re just kind of guessing the level you’re at based on how it feels which is going to be different for everyone. A growing trend in stationary bikes is a digital adjustment for resistance. This helps you to be more accurate and have a better understanding of the resistance levels your using.

Pedal Requires A Tri-bolt Cleat - Aluminum clip-in pedals (LOOK Delta) come on the Peloton Bike. The pedal is a clip system only. You cannot wear a traditional tennis shoe to use the Peloton. If you don’t already have a tri-bolt cleat (most tri bolt cleats are compatible), you have a few options. Replace your current two-bolt cleat with a tri-bolt cleat, purchase a cycling shoe with a tri-bolt cleat, or swap out the Peloton pedals with something you’re more comfortable with. Ultimately, if you don’t already have a cycling shoe with a tri-bolt cleat, you’ll have to make an additional purchase to be able to use your Peloton Bike.

Sports Series Saddle - The Peloton Sports Series Saddle is fine. But it’s not gender specific and seats like this tend to be discarded and replaced on traditional road bikes because there are more comfortable aftermarket seats available these days.

Adjustable Seat And Height - The Peloton can be adjusted for a more comfortable fit in 4 ways. See the image below. Peloton claims the bike can be adjusted to accommodate users who range from 4’11” to 6’5”. Common adjustments on road bikes for a more comfortable ride involve the handlebars. But in this style of stationary bike (with a large, electronic display) you aren’t able to adjust as much as we’d like.

Customized FittingBluetooth Music Or Use Auxiliary Port - You can connect wireless headphones or wired headphones to the Peloton Bike via Bluetooth or by using the audio port, which is probably for the best. While the speakers aren’t bad, they are in a terrible position, located behind the console and pointed toward the ground. That positioning makes it tough to hear the instructors and the music seems muffled unless you crank up the volume up toward the max. It’s best if you use headphones while using this bike.

ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor - Only the two most expensive Peloton Bike packages come with an ANT+ chest strap heart rate monitor. If you don’t buy one of these packages, you will need to use an ANT+ monitor to pair with the Peloton Bike, as it will not pair with a Bluetooth chest strap. Comparatively, the S22i comes with an iFit heart rate monitoring chest strap at no extra cost.

No Fan Built-In - There is no fan built into the Peloton Bike, which is unusual for a stationary bike. Whether you are a beginner or advanced cyclist, you are going to want to grab a standing fan when you use the Peloton Bike since the classes are all fairly high-energy and you will become sweaty.

Dual Water Bottle Holders - There are two water bottle holders located directly below the handlebars of this bike. With the most expensive package, you will receive two glass water bottles which fit into the holders with silicone sleeves over the glass to make it easy to grip the bottles while you workout.

Warranty - A considerable shortcoming of the Peloton Bike is the warranty. Unlike other companies which provide lifetime coverage of their bikes’ frame and years of coverage over the parts and labor, the Peloton Bike warranty is a limited parts and labor warranty that only covers 12 months of ownership. There are two different extended warranties you can add on to your purchase, but even the longest one will only cover the bike for up to 39 months.

Ease of Use - Everyone from veteran exercise equipment user to brand-new beginners can sit on the Peloton Bike and start using it. A big part of this is due to the touch screen, which is responsive even when your hands are on the sweatier side. With the touchscreen, you can look for live classes or scroll through the library of classes as well as easily view your workout progress, all with a few taps of your finger.

Machine Assembly - When you purchase the Peloton Bike, the cost of delivery and assembly are bundled together, which pretty nice. Even if it wasn’t, the Peloton Bike is a relatively minimalistic designed bike that you should be able to disassemble and reassemble if needed.

Bottom Line Review Of The Peloton Bike

Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality bike with engaging and motivating classes, then the Peloton Bike is definitely something you should be considering. However, it does come with some potential drawbacks that you should think about.

One of the main things we had an issue with when it comes to buying the Peloton is that it can feel like you are being nickeled and dimed while buying a high-end piece of workout equipment. You can see this in:

  • Different features are only available in certain Peloton packages.

  • The incredibly short warranty almost ensures you’ll buy an extended warranty to protect your expensive investment.

  • Bike pedals limit you in use requiring additional purchases whether that’s cycling shoes or new pedals.

  • To access the workout routines in the Pelton, you have to pay the subscription fee of $39/month.

The other significant concern we have when it comes to Peloton is the longevity of the company itself. As a young company, they have innovation on their side; but, much of their business is based on selling the ongoing subscription to their classes, not selling their equipment.

Peloton is competing in a saturated market, and their competition is quickly catching up. NordicTrack and other ICON brands like ProForm already have the iFit Coach personal trainers as well as the expansive library of exercise programs. ICON is working on launching their own live classes as well, according to NordicTrack representatives.