Best Exercise Bikes 2021

After months of reading, ordering, riding, and scoring, we have a complete list of the best exercise bikes 2021 has to offer. These home exercise bikes range in pricing and available features, but we’re confident there is something on here you’re going to love.

Read more about our reviewing process to see how we test and rate home exercise bikes below.

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Making a purchase online is hard when you can’t touch or test out the product – especially when it comes to home exercise bikes! That’s why we do it for you. We buy our bikes on our own dime, assemble them, and then ride them into the ground. We’re looking for durability, dependability, comfort, and efficiency. Our reviewers are here to pick out the best of the best and filter out all the rest. Let’s get started!

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This list includes a combination of our favorite spin, upright, recumbent and air bikes.

The NordicTrack S22i Studio Bike

The S22i from NordicTrack is our overall top pick for home exercise bikes. The large HD display screen brings personal trainers right to your home so you can get an excellent workout that keeps you entertained, engaged, and motivated.

Why The S22i Is A Great Purchase

This bike is sturdy and shows minimal movement even at the most rigorous speeds. It supports users up to 350 pounds. Unlike top competitors, this home exercise bike comes with everything you need to use it. Other bikes require you to buy cycling shoes, weights, HR monitors, and more to utilize all of the features on the bike and the subscription service. But the S22i comes with each of these items included in the original purchase price. Additionally, NordicTrack provides 12 months of iFit, free, when you purchase the S22i directly from them. They are currently the only home exercise bike + subscription service to do this.

The S22i is not only built well, but it’s also incredibly engaging. The subscription service to iFit Coach makes all the difference when you’re using this home exercise bike. There are always new classes to try, different trainers to work with, and new sites to see. With the large HD touchscreen display and a team of really great trainers, workouts fly by on the S22i.

Another bonus to this bike is the built-in fan. What a difference a good breeze makes when you’re working up a sweat. With the fans built into the base of the console, you’re able to lower your body temp for a longer, more comfortable workout.


  • Supports a high user max weight
  • Large 22 inch HD touchscreen display
  • Built-in speakers
  • Built-in fans add a lot to your comfort while exercising
  • No additional purchases required to use this bike
  • Display screen swivels right to left and tilts up and down
  • Toe cage pedals – does not require cycling shoes
  • Massive library of studio cycle workouts, virtual rides, and more
  • Comes with two 3 lb hand weights for upper body conditioning
  • 22 resistance levels controlled digitally instead of a manual turn knob
  • -10 to 20% digital incline
  • Bike automatically adjusts incline and resistance to simulate real road cycling
  • Compatible with any standard road bike saddle or pedals
  • Multiple adjustment points to comfortably fit the bike to any rider
  • Silent when in use
  • 2 Water bottle holders
  • Google maps feature allows you to create ride routes. The bike will then automatically adjust the incline to mimic the actual terrain of your route.
  • Compatible with most chest strap HR monitors


  • Uncomfortable seat – consider replacing or covering
  • Requires subscription to iFit Coach to access workouts (12 months free included with purchase)
  • No longer includes HR monitor with purchase

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The ProForm Studio Bike Pro

The ProForm Studio Bike Pro is the answer to your budget-restricted dreams. For shoppers who have been drooling over the S22i or the Peloton, but can’t quite stomach the financial commitment, check out the Studio Bike Pro.

Why The Studio Bike Pro Is A Great Purchase

Similar to its pricey competitors, the Studio Bike Pro has an HD touchscreen display that gives you access to a really great monthly subscription service. This service allows you to browse an endless library oh home exercise videos and more specifically, studio spin classes. If you’re a fan of gym cycling classes but need a more convenient way to attend them, iFit Coach is a great option. The classes are exciting, energetic, and engaging. The personal trainers leading these classes are excellent. Because the library of content is so huge and constantly growing, you could potentially never have to repeat a workout unless you wanted to.

The Studio Bike Pro lacks extras like console fans and the ability to incline, but for less than a thousand dollars, the bike, display screen, and subscription service (free for 12 months) are totally worth it. Financed, this bike would cost you $84 a month to pay it off in a year. You’ll get the iFit Coach subscription for free for 12 months, and then pay only $15 a month to maintain your membership after that. It’s WAY cheaper than a gym membership and you don’t have to factor in childcare or transportation expenses. Heck ya – We’re all about that!


  • Way cheaper than a gym membership and more convenient than your local spin class schedule.
  • Access to iFit Coach, free for 12 months. Studio spin classes, virtual rides through different parts of the world, and personal training.
  • Two 3 lb hand weights for cross training and upper body conditioning. These weights are incorporated into iFit Coach workouts and don’t require additional purchase.
  • Small footprint 21.9” W x 56.5” L x 52” H


  • Low max user weight capacity (250 lbs)
  • No fans
  • No incline range

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The NordicTrack VR21 Recumbent Bike

Recumbent cycling is especially low-impact and provides tremendous back supported for cardio. The VR21 is inexpensive, incredibly comfortable, and confidently durable. The heavy flywheel, ergonomic foot pedals, and lumbar-supported seat back, the VR21 is one of our top recommendations for recumbent home exercise bikes.

Why The VR21 Is A Great Purchase

The VR21 is an excellent recumbent bike for home use. It is incredibly comfortable and can be adjusted at multiple points on the bike to fit a wide range of riders. If you’ve struggled with back or knee pain while cycling on traditional bikes, this recumbent bike is likely a great alternative.

Even with the basic 5” LCD display, this simple console looks good. It’s easy to navigate and there is little-to-no learning curve for new users. Quick select buttons make adjusting your resistance very easy. The powerful fan is a valuable addition to this bikes console and does a great job with output. EXG pulse grips are located near the display screen and an additional set of handles can be found near the seat. The pedals turn easily and quietly around the flywheel. Seat position can be altered to move the riders closer to, or further from the crank. A mesh backrest allows your back to breathe, releasing sweat, and is much more comfortable than a solid backrest.

The VR21 is easy to clean and maintain. With all of the components of the back in plain sight and easy to access, wiping and cleaning the bike is very convenient. Besides being a well-built, reliable recumbent bike, it doesn’t hurt that it’s nice to look at compared to most recumbent home exercise bikes.


  • Backlit display is easier to see
  • Recumbent engineering takes strain off of lower back, hips, and knees
  • Large comfortable seat with back support
  • Multiple adjustments can be made to customize the bike’s fit to each rider
  • Built-in fans make your workout more comfortable
  • Can support heavy max weight (350 lbs)
  • Heavy 20 lb flywheel promotes more fluid pedaling and durability
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • iFit Coach compatible – connect via Bluetooth on a mobile device
  • Aux plug and built-in speakers allow you to project audio from the console
  • 25 resistance levels to challenge all athletic levels
  • 32 onboard workouts available


  • Tablet holder is in an awkward position. When tablet is placed on the tablet rack, it blocks most of the speaker. It doesn’t completely inhibit the sound, but it does make a notable difference.

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The NordicTrack Grand Tour

The NordicTrack Grand Tour is an upright home exercise bike that offers the experience of a road bike with more comfort in a larger saddle. This allows the rider to sit up straighter for more support in the lower back, neck, and shoulders. This bike has an HD display that gives the rider access to a large library of entertaining and engaging workout videos.

Why The Grand Tour Is A Great Purchase

The Grand Tour is an inexpensive home exercise bike that offers many of the bells you’d find on a more expensive bike. These downgraded features like a smaller touchscreen display and lighter flywheel save on cost while still providing a smooth and engaging cardio workout.

The Grand Tour comes with a free 12-month subscription to iFit Coach, which gives you access to limitless workout videos and effective workout tools.


  • Similar to a spin bike but with a larger, more comfortable seat – allows you to sit more upright than a typical road bike
  • 7” HD touchscreen display is responsive and entertaining
  • Built-in speakers can project audio from the display or mobile device
  • -10 to 10% incline range
  • 24 resistance levels
  • Impressive 350-pound user weight capacity
  • Silent flywheel and crank system
  • 32 onboard works + iFit Coach compatible
  • 12 months of iFit Coach with purchase
  • 2 water bottle holders
  • Two 3 lb hand weights included with purchase
  • Tablet holder


  • Flywheel is only 16 pounds

The Rogue Echo Bike

This fan-powered stationary bike is as durable as they come. With a full steel frame, 350 lb weight capacity, and belt-driven steel fan, it’s incredibly sturdy and capable of taking some serious abuse — which is exactly what it’s made for. The Rogue Echo assault bike is a quick and dirty, high-intensity, interval focused cardio bike.

Why The Rogue Echo Bike Is A Great Purchase

This bike is an inexpensive way to bring an incredibly powerful cardio tool into your home. There are a ton of benefits to using an assault bike and it just so happens that the Rogue Echo is our top pick.

The Rogue Echo pairs with Polar chest strap HR monitors. No power outlets are necessary for this manually propelled bike. The console is a small LCD display screen that is battery operated (AA) but does not require new batteries very often.

Workout options on this bike are simple: intervals (20/10, 10/20, or custom), target (set either time, distance, or total calorie burn goal), or HR workout.


  • Bike focuses on interval training. Short burst of intense work to build strength and cardiovascular endurance.
  • Manual bike — belt-driven fan creates resistance
  • Supports a max weight of 350 lbs
  • Doesn’t have to be plugged in. Battery operated display.
  • Powder-coated finish is incredibly durable and resistant to chipping or fading
  • Very comfortable seat and riding position
  • Uses arms and legs together to power the bike for a full-body workout
  • Seat position can be adjusted easily to fit most users


  • Limited 2-year warranty
  • Handlebar height cannot be adjusted


Spin bikes most closely mimic an outdoor road bike. They offer multiple points for adjusting and customizing the fit, pedals and seats can be replaced, and their stability is largely based on the weight of the flywheel. If you’re looking for a way to train indoors that prepares you for outdoor racing and road biking, a spin bike is a great option.

The NordicTrack S22i Studio Bike

The S22i is a unique home spin bike with the added bonus of a 22 inch HD touchscreen display. This home exercise bike is built very well and offers a companion subscription service loaded with workout videos, fitness tools, and more to create an unbeatable home exercise experience.

Why The S22i Is A Great Purchase

We’ve compared this bike against the top competitor and it’s continued to outperform every single one. When you consider the cost of this bike and all that comes with it, it’s hands-down the best bang for your buck. The S22i comes ready to ride with every accessory (and more) that you’ll need to take advantage of the bike and its subscription service, iFit Coach. Hand weights, a heart rate monitor, and ride-ready pedals come standard with your purchase of the S22i. You’ll also get a free 12-month subscription to the iFit Coach subscription service that’s required to access the S22i’s onboard workouts.

The S22i has 22 resistance levels and 30 incline levels that are controlled digitally, similar to a treadmill. They’ve designed the bike this way to allow for one of iFit’s most stand out features — The S22i will automatically adjust the resistance and/or incline to mimic your riding route or to follow along with the studio class in which you’re viewing. It’s an intuitive way to stay focused on your efforts instead of the bike controls.

The console of the S22i includes built-in fans and speakers that add to the comfort and entertainment factor of your work out. The fans are a great add-on that you won’t find on many home exercise bikes.


  • Effective cooling fan built into the console
  • Massive 22 inch HD display screen
  • Huge library of studio cycle videos, virtual rides through scenic areas, and Google Maps tool
  • Bike automatically adjusts incline and resistance to mimic the video you’re watching or the route you’re riding in Google maps
  • 22 resistance levels to challenge all levels of riders
  • -10 to 20% incline range that adjusts with the touch of a button
  • Silent flywheel and crank
  • Toe cages on pedals to save cost on clip-in shoes
  • Emergency stop
  • Multiple points on the bike can be easily adjusted to fit different users
  • Handweights come with purchase to use during cross-training and upper body conditioning
  • Compatible with most chest strap HR monitors
  • Free 12 month subscription to iFit Coach with purchase of S22i
  • Display swivels left to right and tilts up and down for easier viewing
  • HDMI can be used to project video onto a larger screen


  • Chest strap HR monitor is no longer included with purchase
  • Requires iFit Coach subscription (free for 12 months with purchase)
  • Very rigid saddle – plan on covering or replacing

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The ProForm Studio Bike Pro

The Studio Bike Pro is a super downgraded version of the NordicTrack S22i — the one thing you don’t have to sacrifice to save $1000 is an HD touchscreen display and an awesome subscription service. Access endless studio spin classes and virtual road rides led by world-class personal trainers from home on your simplified home exercise bike.

Why The Studio Bike Pro Is A Great Purchase

The Studio Bike Pro is a great way to save serious $$$ but still get the most of a high-end bike — the content service. The main reasons bikes like the S22i and the Peloton are so popular is because of their subscription service. These-high end bikes create excellent content. Their home workout videos are on point with today’s video quality, health trends, and tech. But to buy one of these bikes is a huge financial investment. The Studio Bike Pro is half the cost and the subscription service is incredibly affordable. It’s the same subscription service you get with the NordicTrack S22i — iFit Coach. To maintain this bike, the fees are minimal compared to its competitors.

The Studio Bike Pro is well built. This bike is quiet and the pedals are easy to push. It comes with a set of 3 lb hand weights that are used in iFit Coach videos for cross-training and upper body conditioning. One water bottle cradle is located on the bikes down tube. While the max weight capacity is limiting (250 lbs), it’s a sturdy bike that shows minimal movement even at high RPMs.


  • iFit Coach subscription is free for 12 months when you buy the ProForm Studio Bike Pro from the manufacturer
  • 10” HD touchscreen display is very responsive and great quality
  • Quick select controls on console are intuitive and easy to use
  • Onboard workouts include studio-style spin classes, virtual rides with your trainer through different scenic locations, and Google Maps tool which allows you to plot out your own coarse anywhere in the world.
  • iFit Coach automatically adjusts the resistance of your bike to mimic real-world scenarios
  • Great opportunity to save $$$


  • Low max user weight (250 lbs)
  • No fan
  • No incline range

Read our complete review of the ProForm Studio Bike Pro here.

The Echelon Smart Connect EX3 Max Bike

This bike is another subscription-based home exercise bike that puts a lot of emphasis on workout videos and content. While the bike is simple in its design, it’s major selling feature is the lower price tag and subscription service.

Why The EX3 Is A Great Purchase

With live studio classes and a large library of on-demand workout videos, the Echelon bike comes standard with a growing list of hundreds of workout programs. This is a great bike for riders in need of a boost. Whether you prefer a coach to encourage you or a reliable workout that’s already planned, there are a lot of benefits to a subscription service like this.

The bike is a standard home spin bike, with an adjustable seat post and handlebars, water bottle holders, a weight rack for small hand weights, a resistance knob, and a tablet holder. The EX3 comes with toe cage pedals, allowing any rider to connect with the bike in any form of shoe. Or you can replace the pedals with any SPD pedal and cleat system to clip in. There is no metrics display on the EX3. To monitor your RPMs, you can connect the EX3 via Bluetooth to a mobile phone or tablet. With the Echelon Fit app, you can view workout videos and monitor metrics like time elapsed, distance covered, calories burned, current heart rate, cadence, and more.

At only 105 pounds, this lightweight bike feels more susceptible to tipping than some of our other favorite home exercise bikes — even with a max user weight capacity of 300 pounds. On the plus side, most of the weight is near the ground and it’s very easy to transport.


  • Tiny Footprint 3’5” x 1’10”
  • Connects to workout app via Bluetooth for data display on mobile device or tablet
  • Tablet holder instead of display screen
  • Comes with toe cage pedals and is also SPD compatible
  • Magnetic resistance with manual resistance knob
  • Console rotates 180 degrees left to right
  • Multiple pricing options for bike + subscription
  • Mild V shaped frame allows the handlebars to move away from the body and they are raised, giving the natural space needed for taller riders with a wider reach.


  • Feels a bit more susceptible to tipping

Read our complete review of the Echelon Smart Connect EX3 Max Bike here.

The Keiser M3i Home Exercise Bike

The Keiser M3i has been a popular home spin bike for a long time and we see many people recommend it. So we tried it out and found out why. This simply built bike uses excellent materials, the machining is done very well, and overall it just feels like it’s going to last for years and years. Not only was Keiser the first indoor bike manufacturer to use magnetic resistance, they’ve pioneered a few other design elements that are pretty convenient as well.

Why The Keiser M3i Is A Great Purchase

The Keiser M3i is the type of indoor cycling bike you’d see in a high-quality gym spin class. This bike is built to withstand a lot of use, all types of riders, and will last for a long time. It’s quiet and weighs only 85 pounds. So it’s easy to move. But it’s wide base adds a lot of confidence to this bikes ability to stay upright.

The M3i can comfortably fit riders from 4’10” to 7’ and it has a weight capacity of 350 pounds. Most indoor bikes cannot bring the rider closer to the handlebars without moving the seat forward. This could ultimately result in poor hip/knee/foot alignment. The Keiser M3i dampens this problem with their V shaped bike frame. This unique design brings the handlebars closer to the body as they are lowered to fit smaller riders.

The flywheel is behind the rider, keeping dripping sweat away from a crucial bike component. The crank arms on the M3i are curved (instead of straight) which tends to be a better fit for riders with wider hips or larger feet. Additionally, the Keiser M3i has a water bottle cradle on the down tube, tablet holder, battery-powered display screen, a shifter for quick added or reduced resistance, and multi-positioning handlebars.


  • V shaped design of bike frame is better suited for smaller riders — the V shaped frame is the best engineered frame for indoor bikes.
  • The bike can be adjusted to accommodate riders between 4’10” and 7’ — this is a huge range
  • Impressive 350-pound weight capacity
  • Rear positioned flywheel avoids sweat and corrosion
  • Bonus: This bike is built in the US


The Diamondback Fitness 1260SC Home Exercise Bike

What once was a pretty well-known fitness equipment brand, Diamondback Fitness has slowly faded from the spotlight. But the 1260SC home exercise bike is still holding strong as one of the best indoor bikes available. It’s a “commercial” grade, strong, and sturdy bike. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. And the bike is designed to fit like a true road bike — great for indoor training.

Why The 1260SC Is A Great Purchase

The 1260SC has a few key things going for it. Namely, the engineering of the 1260SC is what stands out most. It’s similar to the Keiser M3i with its V-shaped frame. As the handlebars raise, they also move away from the seat post. This is a natural adjustment you’d need to accommodate a further reach in a taller rider. Astoundingly, many indoor bikes don’t allow for this area of adjustment. While some may allow you to slide the handlebars forward and back, this still doesn’t allow for the same customization as a larger frame on a road bike would. We love this feature of the 1260SC.

The 1260SC also has a rear positioned flywheel. This simple tweak in engineering saves a lot of wear and tear on the most crucial parts of the indoor bike from sweat and corrosion. Diamondback Fitness has done a great job making a back that’s reliable and comfortable. This bike is great for cyclists looking for an indoor training method. Seat and pedals can be swapped out and you can basically recreate your road bike for indoor use.


  • V shaped frame is the best engineering for indoor bikes
  • Additional adjustments can be made to the handlebars – sliding closer to, or further from, the rider.
  • Easy-to-read adjustment heights on seat post and handlebar post
  • Rear positioned flywheel stays away from sweat and corrosion
  • Toe cage/dual side pedals for maintaining contact with the pedal and using the push and pull for power
  • Weight capacity is reasonable at 300 pounds
  • Comfortably fits riders between 5’2” and 6’5”
  • No electrical requirements
  • ANT+ compatible (pairs with programs like Zwift and certain heart rate monitors)
  • Heavy 31 pound flywheel


  • 3-year warranty is short compared to other bikes in this price range with lifetime frame warranties
  • Water bottle holder is positioned awkwardly along the bottom side of the handlebar post.


Upright exercise bikes are similar to a spin bike but more comfortable for the average user. They have a larger seat that supports an upright sitting position to eliminate reaching for the handlebars. Upright bikes sit the majority of your weight over your hips, giving you more drive power than a recumbent bike. This allows you to work harder and more efficiently as you pedal. Upright stationary bikes tend to be more comfortable for riders who have back and neck pain.

The NordicTrack Commercial VU19

For less than a thousand dollars, this bike makes working out a lot more fun with its access to iFit Coach. From the display screen, you can watch trainer-led workout videos that are actually really motivating and engaging. Time passes quickly on the VU19 and before you know it, you’ve completed a 30 minute, low-impact cardio workout at home.

Why The VU19 Is A Great Purchase

The VU19 is a well-built upright home exercise bike. It’s similar to a spin bike or road bike but provides a more comfortable ride with a wider seat that allows you to sit comfortably above the crank. With the majority of your weight/torso positioned directly above the pedals, less stress is placed on the shoulders and neck and more power can go into your pedaling.

This upright frame is engineered with a 19-pound flywheel and silent magnetic resistance that can be increased/decreased with the quick select keys located on the console instead of a manual turn knob. iFit Coach can be accessed from the console’s 7” touchscreen display, giving you access to hundreds of workout videos. Studio cycle classes, virtual outdoor rides, runs, and hikes, can all be viewed from the VU19 console and used as your workout program, tracking your distance, cadence, HR, calorie burn and more. With the VU19’s subscription service (iFit Coach), you also have a library of floor exercises like yoga, stretching, HIIT and other forms of cross-training. The app includes an activity tracker and a nutrition tracker.


  • 7” HD touchscreen display
  • 32 onboard workouts + iFit Coach access — massive library of trainer-led workout videos that are really engaging
  • 12 months of iFit Coach FREE
  • Reasonable weight capacity (325 lbs)
  • Includes two forms of heart rate monitoring: EKG pulse grips on the handlebars and a Bluetooth chest strap HR monitor
  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Really good workout fans built into the console


  • Minimal options for hand placement

The Sole B94 Upright Exercise Bike

Sole makes exercise equipment that’s notoriously sturdy with higher weight capacities than most. Their machinery, including the Sole B94 is simple with an interface we’re all familiar with. The B94 is a reliable but more notably — comfortable — home exercise bike.

Why The Sole B94 Is A Great Purchase

The B94 has a basic display with ten familiar workout programs built-in. This low-tech upright bike is a great fit for older users who want to avoid tech-heavy consoles. It’s also a great bike for perching in front of the TV and riding for long periods of time. Because of the upright design, it provides more support with a larger seat and ergonomic body placement than a traditional road bike. But because it’s not quite as supportive as a recumbent bike, your body still gets a rigorous workout as it sits firmly above the crank using stability and leg power to move the pedals. This bike has not only a very comfortable seating arrangement, but the handlebars also allow for multiple hand placements and altogether provide a very comfortable indoor cycling workout.

The Sole B94 has an integrated tablet holder that can mount mobile devices for video streaming and more. Audio from your mobile device can be projected through the consoles built-in speakers using Bluetooth. Water bottle holders are conveniently located and the console is incredibly easy to navigate.


  • Heavy 20-pound flywheel is covered to avoid sweat and corrosion
  • Large 9” displaay screen
  • Ten basic onboard workout programs
  • Reasonable 300-pound user weight limit
  • 20 resistance levels
  • Feels very sturdy when it use
  • Includes ANT+ chest strap HR monitor
  • Pedals come with straps to keep your feet in place
  • Large seat included with this bike is much more comfortable than most traditional indoor bikes
  • Multiple locations for hand placement
  • Console includes USB charging port
  • Lifetime frame warranty


  • Resistance levels may not be challenging enough for more experienced athletes
  • Companion app “Sole Fitness” is underwhelming and hardly useful.
  • Console fans provide little output.

Read more about Sole Exercise Bikes here.

The Sole LCB Upright Exercise Bike

The Sole LCB is the workhorse of upright indoor bikes. It’s engineered to challenge even the most experienced cyclists with its massive resistance range. With the support of a massive flywheel and lengthy warranty coverage, this bike will outlast its rider day in and day out.

Why The Sole LCB Is A Great Purchase

The Sole LCB is built tough with a whopping 30-pound flywheel. With 40 resistance levels and an adjustable frame, this bike can suit a wide range of riders. Its max weight capacity is 350 pounds and Sole claims that the LCB can be used continually for up to 5 hours a day. This lends a whole lot of confidence towards this bike’s durability.

The console is similar to what you’ve seen at the local gym. With a 10” LCD backlit screen and ten standard workout programs, most people who hop on this upright bike will have no problem learning how to use it. It’s great for anyone who wants to avoid tech-heavy consoles like those of NordicTrack and ProForm’s equipment. Like the B94, the LCB has a large, cushy seat and multiple hand placement options. This also is another seriously comfortable bike from Sole.


  • Heavy 350-pound user weight capacity
  • Massive 30-pound flywheel
  • Great warranty coverage
    • Lifetime Frame
    • 5-Year Parts
    • 5-Year Electronics
    • 2-Year Labor
  • Sole even offers warranty coverage for “light commercial” use which tells you they’re serious about this bike’s durability.
  • 40 resistance levels to offer a challenge for every level of athlete
  • Simple user interface is easy to learn and navigate
  • Enclosed flywheel is protected from sweat and corrosion



Recumbent bikes allow the rider to sit in a larger seat with back support while pedaling their bikes. Because of the seating position, leg muscles are more isolated. A recumbent bike is often more comfortable for riders with back, hip, neck, wrist, and shoulder problems. In a recumbent bike, there is almost zero impact on the upper body. Handlebars are less necessary on a recumbent bike allowing you to hold items like books and tablets while you exercise.

Most riders will burn calories at a slower rate on a recumbent bike than other exercise bikes. Cardio workouts are less cumbersome on this style of bike but significant calorie burn can still be achieved. Below are our top 3 recumbent bike recommendations. You can view a larger list of best recumbent bikes by selecting the link below.

The NordicTrack Commercial VR25

This recumbent exercise back is comfortable with multiple adjustment points that can fit a wide range of users. The bike is sturdy and reliable, with an excellent warranty that adds to our confidence in this bike’s longevity. It’s also paired with simple-to-use tech with engaging workout options and a free 12-month subscription to iFit Coach.

Why The VR25 Is A Great Purchase

The VR25 is an incredibly comfortable recumbent home exercise bike. With a mesh, adjustable back, the rider is fully supported, taking any strain off of the back, shoulders, and neck. Legs are engaged while hips are fully supported. This bike is built well and feels very sturdy while in use. The pedals have adjustable straps to fit most sized feet. EKG heart rate monitors are located on the handles near the seat.

This bike also comes with a really great library of onboard workouts. You can choose from 35+ workout videos including group cycling or road riding classes led by iFit’s professional trainers. The VR25 will automatically adjust the resistance to follow along with whichever video you’re viewing. The VR25 also comes with 12 months free of iFit Coach. This allows you to choose from hundreds of workout videos and use the tools that come with the iFit Coach premium membership. This includes nutrition and activity tracking, recipes, a social network, education, and floor workouts like yoga, HIIT, kickboxing, cardio and more. All of the workout videos are available to view on the VR25’s HD touchscreen that puts out great video quality. The tablet holder lets you watch Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video streaming while you ride.


  • Mesh backrest is comfortable and breathable.
  • Offers noticeable lumbar support, more so than other recumbent bikes we’ve tested
  • Resistance controls are located on convenient seat-adjacent handlebars
  • Pivoting tablet holder
  • 26 resistance levels
  • iFit Coach library provides 35 onboard workouts. Free 12 month iFit Coach subscription gives you access to even more workouts and fitness tools.
  • Onboard workouts are vivid videos that take you all over the world on your bike ride or into the studio to participate in instructor-led cycling classes.
  • Onboard workouts control your resistance during workout videos


  • Water bottle holders are awkwardly located behind the seat

The Sole R92

Sole has long made durable cardio equipment that’s easy to use and very basic. This bike follows suit with ten standard onboard workouts, an LCD display, and an overall simple user interface. The seat is large and comfortable with a backrest that offers a lot of support. At only $999 this is a great option for a home exercise bike.

Why The R92 Is A Great Purchase

The Sole R92 is an incredibly sturdy and well-built bike considering the cost. This affordable recumbent home exercise bike is rated for users up to 300 pounds. It has a 20-pound flywheel and 20 resistance levels. Ten standard onboard workout programs come on the Sole R92, including two HR programs, two customizable programs, and six standard programs.

Entertainment features include built-in console speakers that can connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth to project audio from the console whether that’s music, TV shows, podcasts, or audiobooks. The tablet holder above the console holds an assortment of mobile devices from small smartphones to large tablets.

At only 134 pounds, the Sole R92 is easy to move with the transport wheels located at the base of the frame. This bike also has a lengthy warranty offering lifetime coverage of the frame, 3-years for parts and electronics, and a year for labor.


  • Simple interface is great for users who prefer a more familiar console
  • Water bottle holders are conveniently located
  • Easy to transport
  • Great quality Bluetooth speakers
  • HR chest strap is included with purchase
  • Builtin console fans
  • Large 9” LCD display
  • 20-pound flywheel


  • 300-pound weight capacity should be considered. If higher weight capacity is needed, take a look at the SOLE LCR or the ProForm 440 ES (350 lb max).

The ProForm 440 ES

The ProForm 440 ES is a great recumbent bike for comparing cost to features. It’s relatively inexpensive but still delivers on tech and performance. This recumbent home exercise bike is a great product for riders who need more back support but also enjoy the tech and engagement that come from iFit Coach — the supplemental fitness subscription service.

Why The 440 Es Is A Great Purchase

The 440 ES is relatively inexpensive, fluctuating in price between $600 and $800. It offers a large library of iFit Coach classes as it’s preloaded workout programs. More iFit Coach videos are accessible through the premium subscription service which is provided free for 12 months when you purchase the 440 ES directly from ProForm.

The 440 ES is a compact, lightweight recumbent bike. The seat adjusts in relation to the console, moving forward or back to accommodate users of different heights. Back support from the mesh seat back can adjust for added comfort. Handlebars are located alongside the seat as well as the console. Foot pedals have adjustable straps. The inexpensive 440ES can support a surprising amount of weight with a max capacity of 350 pounds.


  • Compatible with iFit Coach — connect mobile device via Bluetooth to follow iFit personal trainers, track stats, and more
  • 32 onboard workouts without iFIt Coach access
  • 25 resistance levels
  • 18 flywheel and surprisingly high 350-pound max weight capacity
  • Small footprint takes up less space 22.25” W x 59” D x 52” H
  • Built-in cooling fans


  • Water bottle holder may be out of reach for taller users.

Read more about the ProForm 440 ES Exercise Bike here.


Airdyne bikes are built specifically for sprint intervals. Lovingly nicknamed “Satan’s Tricycle”, it engages your entire body and requires more effort to combat the fierce fan resistance. Sprint intervals with heavy resistance are key to quickly building muscular endurance. This style of bike is popular in CrossFit for its aerobic capacity. It requires the rider to meet their lactate threshold over and over again which increases the body’s ability to get oxygen to the muscles.

Airdyne bikes are also referred to as an air bike, fan bike, or an assault bike. This style of bike creates resistance via a large fan. Resistance builds as you increase your efforts. Airdyne bikes have moving handles. They do not have a motor or flywheel. The seat is usually large and supportive and the display is typically a small, LCD screen showing only a few stats. Here are our favorites…

The Rogue Echo Bike

The Rogue Echo is hands down our favorite air bike. It’s lightweight and easy to transport, but don’t let that fool you. This bike is a tank, built from powder-coated steel and masterfully assembled, it can support a whopping 350 pounds while providing an intense, resistance heavy cardio and strength workout.

Why The Rogue Echo Is A Great Purchase

The Rogue echo is a simple machine built for increasing cardiovascular endurance and maximum calorie expenditure in a short amount of time. The Rogue Echo creates resistance by pedaling the feet and simultaneously pumping the handlebars to power the belt-driven resistance fan. As you pedal faster, the resistance builds.

The battery-powered LCD console tracks intervals, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and more. This style of cardio is not for the faint of heart. It’s very challenging but it’s also a great way to get stronger.


  • Incredibly dependable, sturdy, and durable. Most sturdy, best build quality for air bikes.
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • High weight capacity of 350 pounds
  • Wide range of resistance levels to accommodate all levels of athleticism
  • 1.5” rubber grip handles give comfortable support to swinging the resistance arms
  • Metal pedals are tough and more resistant to breaking than plastic
  • Large, cushioned seat is incredibly comfortable. No bruising of the sit bones.
  • Adjustable seat height with five front/back positions
  • Does not require electricity. Battery operated LCD screen
  • Footprint: 52.75” H x 58.9” L x 29.9” W
  • Belt-driven steel fan
  • Compatible with Polar chest strap HR monitors
  • No plastic components on this bike
  • Windscreen compatible
  • Stationary foot bars to isolate the upper body


  • This is a loud bike which should be considered for shared, public, or small spaces.
  • Only in extreme cases, some reviewers noted that they overpowered the bike. Meaning they felt they were delivering more power than the bike could account for or keep up with. But it takes a very strong person to do this. The average rider would see no problem with torque and power output.

The Assault Airbike Elite

The resistance in this bike is unmatched. Even at the start, you’ll find yourself being challenged while you’re pedaling. This is largely because of the drive system which uses a chain/gear mechanism instead of a belt drive.

Why The Assault Airbike Elite Is A Great Purchase

The Assault Airbike Elite has been built to withstand major abuse. It’s a simple piece of equipment that’s been overbuilt, reinforced, and then some. A full steel, powder-coated frame stands strong even at high speeds — there is no wobble on this air bike. Even with upper and lower body fully engaged, the bike stands reliably still.

The Assault Airbike Elite is fully adjustable with an enlarged seat that ensures the proper fit regardless of your size. It includes a removable windshield which the Rogue Echo does not (optional, separate purchase). It also comes with a good warranty. Assault Fitness offers five years coverage for the frame, two years coverage for parts, and two years coverage for labor.


  • Provides more torque because of the drive system (chain driven gear).
  • Multiple grip variations on some models.
  • Connects with mobile device via Bluetooth for data tracking and sharing
  • Create custom HIIT intervals on the console or use in manual mode
  • Windscreen compatible
  • Stationary foot rails for isolating upper body
  • Doesn’t require electricity. Display is battery operated.
  • Simple LCD display shows time elapsed, calories burned, distance, speed, watts, and RPM.
  • Compatible with certain HR monitors
  • Display has Bluetooth and ANT connectivity
  • Max user weight 350 lbs
  • Footprint: 55” L x 26” W x 55” H


  • The seat on this bike is not comfortable
  • More plastic components are susceptible to breaking
  • Very loud, noise output should be considered for small, shared, or public spaces
  • Much higher price than the Rogue Echo

The Concept 2 BikeERG

The Concept 2 BikeERG is the best airbike available without moving arms. It has the same flywheel and performance monitor as the famous Concept 2 rower. With that reliable reputation under its belt, the Concept 2 BikeERG is confidently another great airbike to be considered.

Why The Concept 2 BikeERG Is A Great Purchase

The Concept 2 BikeERG is equipped with the Performance Monitor. This LCD display is battery operated with a manual (“Just Ride”) mode or you can create custom workouts for interval training. It displays pace, watts, cadence (rpm), and calories burned. The flywheel powers the display when it’s spinning so you don’t have to rely fully on batteries to operate the monitor.

This monitor is Bluetooth and ANT+ capable and can even connect with fitness programs like Zwift. The Concept 2 BikeERG is a smooth combination of both a stationary road bike and an airbike. At the least resistance, you can pedal freely with little effort. The intensity increases when resistance is applied to the flywheel. You can customize your bike with your own saddle and/or pedals since the BikeERG is compatible with most standard bike parts.


  • Best Airbike without arms
  • Same flywheel and monitor as the concept 2 rower
  • Great construction
  • Very versatile
  • Easy to move and transport
  • Allows you to go from a spin bike (zero resistance) to a very difficult road bike
  • Forward leaning cycling position
  • Concept 2 warranty and reliability


  • No upper body engagement (can also be a pro!)


You’ll find so many exercise bike options on the web that are below $500. While we wildly encourage you to up your budget, we understand that’s not always an option. If you’re limited to buying something below $500, take a look at our favorites below.

The Yosuda Spin Bike

The Yosuda Spin Bike is a great option for low-budget exercise bikes. This Amazon find has all the components and quality you would need to get started and can easily be used in conjunction with a fitness subscription service for effective home exercise.

Why The Yosuda Spin Bike Is A Good Purchase

The Yosuda spin bike is built with a strong resistance bar and frame. It is coated with high-quality automotive-grade paint making it more resistant to rust and corrosion. A 35-pound flywheel and wide base make the Yosuda bike sturdy and smooth when pedaling.

The belt drive and magnetic resistance make the Yosuda a quiet home exercise bike. It includes a battery-operated LCD monitor that tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and distance. It also includes a phone/tablet holder.


  • Includes toe cage pedals that allow you to maintain contact with the pedal for push and pull
  • Strong frame
  • Multiple adjustment points fit a wide range of users
  • Tablet holder
  • LCD display for tracking speed, distance, time, etc.
  • Incredibly inexpensive
  • Easy to transport
  • Heavy 35 pound flywheel
  • Water bottle holder on down tube


  • Limited weight capacity of 270 pounds
  • Limited warranty

The Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS Foldable Upright Bike

This inexpensive folding home exercise bike is easy to store out of sight when it’s not in use and has a shockingly high weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Why The 500 XLS Is A Good Purchase

Very few home exercise bikes are as perplexing as the Exerpeutic Gold 500 XLS. This upright exercise bike has very little to say when it comes to looks but the performance is jaw dropping. It offers comfortable seating with a large, padded saddle. The wide base makes this bike a sturdy stationary ride.


  • Large, comfortable, padded saddle measures 14.6 inches wide.
  • Large LCD display is easy to read and shows calories burned, distance traveled, time, speed, and pulse.
  • EKG pulse grip heart rate monitors on the handlebars.
  • Phone holder
  • Pedals have an adjustable toe strap to keep you connected to the crank
  • This bike comfortably fits riders between 5’1” and 6’5”


  • Limited resistance
  • No transport wheels

The Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike

The Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike is the best low-budget airbike available. For half the cost of the Rogue Echo and a third of the cost of the Assault Airbike Elite, you can still get a pretty good interval workout with the AD2 Airdyne bike.

Why Schwinn AD2 Airdyne Bike Is A Good Purchase

The Schwinn Airdyne AD2 offers an efficient wind-resistance interval workout at home without the massive price tag of competitors like Rogue and Assault Fitness. It’s also a bit quieter than the other air bikes on our list because of it’s smaller fan and single belt drive. Additionally, the bike is engineered to funnel some of the wind you’re creating back at you while you’re riding which is really convenient for cooling.

This bike responds to your effort by increasing resistance as you increase your speed. So the resistance available on this bike is virtually limitless. Footrest pegs are available to target upper body exercise.


  • Moving arm rails combined with foot pedals engage upper and lower body
  • Foot rest pegs allow you to isolate upper body
  • LCD display tracks speed, rpm, distance, time, and calories
  • Resistance builds with your speed
  • Resistance fan also cools the rider
  • Belt driven resistance fan


  • Uncomfortable seat
  • More plastic components which are more susceptible to breaking

The DeskCycle Desk Bike

We thought this was a really clever way to get your pedal on so we gave it a shot. It turns out that the DeskCycle is a really effective way to turn a traditionally sedentary task (any desk job ever) into an easy way to burn calories and stay mobile.

Why DeskCycle Is A Good Purchase

The DeskCycle as only a 10” pedal height which allows you to sit comfortably at just about any desk and still pedal. It has 8 resistance settings that range from zero resistance to very heavy. The resistance is magnetic so it’s quiet and won’t disturb you or the people around you.

The DeskCycle has a tiny LCD display that shows speed, time, distance, and calories burned. It can mount to the equipment itself or you can place it on your desk for easier viewing. But you can also pair the DeskCycle with an app on your phone that shows your progress and keeps track of your activity history. It’s also compatible with FitBit. Not bad for less than $200!


  • Small but effective
  • Fits under most computer desks
  • Small LCD display can mount to your desktop
  • 8 resistance settings
  • Large adjustable pedals
  • Smooth motion and quiet pedaling
  • Large base keeps the DeskCycle from rocking
  • App available for tracking progress and history
  • FitBit compatible
  • Customers RAVE about this product on Amazon


Our Process For Picking The Best Exercise Bikes

1: The Research Phase – We’re looking for popular name brands and new manufacturers, new trends in fitness, and timeless models. We aim to find the products our readers have questions about so we can set out to answer those questions.
2: The Purchasing Phase – Manufacturers don’t give us free equipment or even sweet deals. We make purchases out of our own pocket so we can experience the same process as our readers.
3: The Delivery/Assembly Phase – Our equipment is delivered to our office and boxes are left outside our doors. We bring the packages inside, go through the boxes, unwrap components and assemble the equipment ourselves.
4: The Testing Phase – Multiple reviewers spend time on the equipment getting to know how it works, how well it works, if it’s comfortable, and whatnot.
5: The Scoring Phase – Our group of reviewers comes together to discuss opinions, concerns, and impressions. We rate and score the equipment together to give it an overall rating.

How Rates Home Exercise Bikes

When we set out to rate a home exercise bike, we’re looking at three general factors before we give the bike a star rating for category (based on price) and overall (compared to every bike we’ve reviewed). Those factors are:

Build Quality — This refers to the overall construction of the bike. We see if its sturdy, how much weight it can support, and how it performs under pressure.

Features & Accessories — We look beyond the typical components of a home exercise bike (flywheel, pedal system, etc) to see what extras it comes with. Water bottle holders, advanced consoles, heart rate monitors, and other accessories are looked at to make sure they’re worth the added cost.

Available Subscription Services and Metrics Tracking — A growing trend in home gym equipment is the companion app or subscription service. We’re looking for which brands have these bonus tools and then seeing if they’re worth the added cost.

We Give Comprehensive Ratings For ‘Best in Category’ AND ‘Best Overall’

We give a 0-5 star rating comparing a bike against others in a similar price range as well as a 0-5 star rating for a bike compared to all other home exercise bikes that we’ve tested. While a 5 star bike may be our top pick, your unique budget may need to look elsewhere. So for a specific budget, you can look to our “Best In Category” ratings to find great options at affordable prices.

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Still Have Questions?

Making a confident home elliptical purchase is tricky. There are so many out there with a wide variety of features and prices. If you’re still having a hard time choosing an elliptical for yourself, drop us a line! Leave any questions you might have in the comments and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.