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Updated: September 28, 2023

Sole makes durable and stable equipment regardless of whether the machine in question is their best or their most affordable. In this review of the Sole F63 treadmill, I recount my experience walking and running on Sole’s most affordable treadmill. The F63 has fewer high-tech features than its pricier counterparts, but it maintains a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor. Even at high speeds, the F63 exhibits minimal console shaking. This treadmill is for walkers and runners alike, particularly those dodging subscription premiums other brands lock them into.

Sole F63 Treadmill Review 2024
The Sole F63 is a folding treadmill with a large running deck and great training features.

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Who The Sole F63 Treadmill Is Best For:

  • Running Novices: Shh! We don’t say jogging here! The Sole F63 is a great treadmill for runners and walkers alike with its 3.0 HP motor and 20” x 60” deck.
  • Subscription-less Steppers: You don’t want to pay monthly to stride on this treadmill. The Sole F63 doesn’t require a subscription for any of its console features.
  • Road Runners: No one is shouting about the shock-absorbing qualities of the F63’s Cushion Flex Whisper Deck. It’s better suited to runners and walkers training for firm surfaces, like road races.
  • Steady-state runners: The F63 has slow incline and speed changes to keep the motor quiet. This makes the treadmill more suited to runners who want to go at a steady pace rather than run intervals.

Pros And Cons Of The Sole F63 Treadmill


  • There are two tablet storage areas for keeping your devices nearby or streaming content.
  • The crossbar between the uprights makes the console extremely sturdy.
  • Storage is abundant with 2 tablet racks, 2 cup holders, 2 small item compartments, and a wide storage tray placed over the crossbar.
  • The F63 does not require a subscription to unlock any of its features.
  • The F63 supports walking or running with its 20” x 60” deck and 3.0 HP motor.
  • Textured handrails and foot rails feel nice to use and stable.


  • The deck is harder to lift than other treadmills with hydraulic assistance.
  • The F63 could use speed and incline switches on the arms like Sole’s other treadmills.
  • Program navigation on the console could be improved.

Treadmill Review Of The Sole F63

Build Quality

Sole F63 profile incline
The Sole F63 shakes very little when walking or running, proving its strong build.


The F63 has a steel frame with steel uprights. This treadmill is incredibly sturdy due to its steel crossbar between the two uprights. We have seen crossbars disappear more and more in favor of sleeker, modern designs, but they really do improve a treadmill’s performance. The bar provides a convenient place for a storage rack. It ensures that there is no console wobble when you run hard. If you want a treadmill that prioritizes a sturdy and durable build over aesthetics, the F63 is the treadmill for you.


The Sole F63 has a 3.0 HP motor. Runners or walkers can use this treadmill without prematurely wearing out the motor. 3.0 horsepower is typically our threshold for considering a treadmill to be a running treadmill. High-mileage runners, like those training for a marathon, may want to consider a higher-powered machine. Additionally, the F63 may be better for a single-runner household if the treadmill will be used daily.

Running Surface

The F63 has a 20” x 60” deck, which should be sufficient for most stride lengths and widths. I never felt crowded on the deck and could back off the motor hood without nearing the edge; however, I am a small runner. I hit the motor hood when running at fast or paces I struggle to sustain. This is probably due to overstriding on my part. It could be an issue if you tend to step too far in front of yourself. I would use it as a reminder to tighten up your running form and back off the console. The motor hood is minimal, so it should not be an issue for most users.

The deck is very firm. This is not a treadmill that makes running feel easier than running outside. If you are looking for something with a lot of shock absorption, a NordicTrack like the EXP 7i might be a better fit. The F63 is great for runners and walkers looking to maintain as much of the challenge of outdoor running as possible. It is a great pick for runners preparing for a road race.

Sole F63 deck
The Sole F63 has a firm but spacious running deck perfect for road runners.


The Sole F63 is a folding treadmill. It has a gas shock, kick release arm to ease lifting and lowering. The deck is harder to lift than other kick release treadmill decks. I can lift it on my own without trouble, but it is not the best fit for users with limited upper body strength.

One of my favorite things about Sole treadmills is their portability. They have four transport wheels instead of two. This means they do not have to be tilted for relocation. You simply have to give a firm push to move the treadmill. If you want a full-sized treadmill to push in and out of a corner of a home gym or living space, the F63 is a good pick for a large treadmill.

Sole F63 Folding Deck
The Sole F63 folds and rolls on four wheels for very easy storage and transportation.


The Sole F63 has a great incline range of 0 to 15%. It cannot decline, but that is to be expected at this price point. The incline is slow, but I like how sturdy the deck feels while inclining.

Sole F63 walking incline deck
The Sole F63 inclines up to 15% and remains stable throughout hill workouts.

Features & Accessories

The Sole F63 is a low-tech treadmill. It does have some limited Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity. I preferred to use the tech built into the console, because I did not feel like the connectivity improved my experience on the F63. The F63 is a very approachable treadmill; most users won’t have any trouble jumping right on for a workout.

Console Overview

The F63 has buttons galore. These are many large, raised membrane buttons. They provide tactile and auditory feedback when pressed. This loud clicking sound can be annoying if you press the buttons often. Fortunately, you can hold the +/- buttons down for faster adjustments. The speed and incline buttons are very large, which is great for exercisers with visual impairments. The one downside is the jumping around of the buttons. Common speeds like 6 and 8 mph are left off. Additionally, there is no button for a flat incline. This makes the F63 not ideal for interval training unless you pre-program your workout into the console.

Sole F63 console & handles
The Sole F63 has phenomenal features and storage for its price range.


The LED screen is very busy. At only 6.5”, the screen packs a lot of metrics and bulky labels into a rather small space. I would have preferred something a little simpler. I am used to having numbers, charts, and ¼ mile track displayed on treadmill screens, but I was unprepared to have them all crammed into the same display. I would have preferred that the ‘Display’ button toggled between these screen options. It was fine for me to view, but I worry it may not suit all users.

Sole F63 display close
The F63’s LED screen contains a lot of information in a small space.

The F63 displays prompts in the top right corner of the screen. This small area is where you will input user settings and confirm program choices. The console has two program buttons (+/-). Intuitively, I wanted to use these to change user settings, but the F63 requires you to use the speed or incline +/- buttons. In my opinion, it negatively impacted the console’s navigation but not its performance.


The F63 excels at treadmill storage. It has two cup holders and two small item trays on the console. These are great for any items you need quickly. The crossbar below the console has a large removable storage tray with three large storage compartments for anything else you might need. Because the F63 is so sturdy, you can be assured that all your belongings will stay put. I even took my headphones off mid-run and placed them precariously in the console cupholder, and they did not move an inch!

Sole F63 crossbar
The crossbar provides great stability and abundant storage.


The fan is alright. It has some adjustability up and down. I did not notice the vent angle impacting where the fan hit me that much. It isn’t the most powerful, but it was strong enough to make a difference. I certainly preferred having it on. It has a much better placement and angle than the F80 or F85.

Device Holders

There are two device holders on the F63. One is right below the screen. There is a foam pad here to keep your device from moving. The console shakes so little that I think it would have performed just as well without it. The second device holder is a rack above the screen. I did not use this one as often, being a shorter runner. Yet, it is a great inclusion for taller walkers and runners or incline training. There is an adjustable clip at the top to keep your device secure.

Sole F63 phone holder
The device rack has a top clip to keep your device from wobbling while you run.


The speakers are Bluetooth for playing music or content through them just as you would any other Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth connection is separate from the console’s Bluetooth. The speakers are labeled “BT_speakers,” whereas the console is the “F63”. It is a little clunky to have these connections distinct from each other, and I would prefer the speakers to be named something along the lines of “F63_speakers” to make them easier to find. If you have multiple Bluetooth devices in your home, it could get confusing to set up for the first time. That said, the speakers are powerful enough to hear over the sound of the motor and running.

Sole F63 speaker right
There are two speakers, one above each cup holder.


The Bluetooth function of the F63 connects the treadmill to the Sole+ app. This app displays your workout metrics in real-time. For users who find the F63’s console too crowded, this is a good option for displaying the metrics in a simplified manner from a phone or tablet. You can view your workout history in the app. There are a few options for exporting your workout data to other apps, like Google Fit.


I was really excited to see Sole’s integration with Garmin as a longtime Garmin watch wearer. It is a great idea for Sole, as it demonstrates their understanding of the running and fitness community. For now, the F63’s Garmin connectivity is limited to importing workouts from Garmin Connect to the Sole+ app after they have synced to Garmin Connect.

If I can humbly offer a few ways this integration could be improved, I would first suggest that heart rate data from the Garmin watch be available on the console as it is on the F80 and F85. I’m not sure if this is a limitation of my 245 and more current Garmins pair better. I don’t think the Sole+ app has enough incentive for runners or walkers to use it over Garmin Connect, so I would prefer that the data flow in the opposite direction. For example, I would like my treadmill data to populate in Garmin Connect. Garmin has a few limitations when it comes to treadmills, such as incorrect distance and pace tracking.

I would be very excited to start and stop the treadmill activity from my watch so that the data is all linked together rather than kept as two separate activities. What I think runners want from a treadmill and Garmin connection is some kind of pairing of watch data with treadmill pace, incline, and distance, whether in real-time or synced after the activity is completed. I hope we see improved integration of Sole treadmills and Garmin devices, because it would be a game-changer for runners.

Heart Rate Sensors

There are two EKG pulse grips on the front handles of the F63. Though these sensors are not as accurate as medical devices, they are good as a guideline for heart rate training. Users wanting accurate heart rate measurements should opt for a chest or arm strap, which can be paired via Bluetooth to the F63.

Sole F63 HR monitor
The HR monitors are convenient to hold while walking and add stability.


The Sole F63 is a great treadmill for walkers or runners. During testing, I logged runs up to 7 miles on it and had few complaints. Sole makes such great and sturdy treadmills that I often feel my criticism is nitpicky. The F63 has one of the sturdiest consoles I have tested. It feels durable.

The deck is not very cushioned, but I did not mind. I like firm treadmills for most of my runs and reserving soft treadmill decks for recovery. Since not everyone can test treadmills for a living and access multiple treadmills, your use and preference may vary. That said, the Sole F63 is a great treadmill if you don’t want the treadmill to do any of the work for you. The motor is powerful enough to support running, but it is not very quiet. The deck is also louder than other treadmills, partially due to its lack of cushioning.

Sole F63 running
The firm deck prepares me for all the road races lined up on my calendar.

Figuring out the app and the treadmill’s connectivity is difficult. I wish that Sole had included a how-to in the treadmill manual. It took me a while to figure out that the Bluetooth speakers are separate from the console Bluetooth. Additionally, I had no idea how Garmin and the F63 interacted. It took a lot of trial and error to figure it out. Without an in-depth description of their compatibility, it leaves me wondering if I am neglecting any of the features.

Sole F63 running close
Pairing my Garmin watch was a little tricky, but I appreciate the feature.

Training Options

The Sole F63 Treadmill does not require a subscription to access any of its functionalities. The treadmill can be used with third-party training apps in a limited way. The speakers can play Bluetooth audio, while the device rack can hold your phone or tablet for content viewing.

There are a few training programs on the Sole F63. These include fat burn, cardio, strength, HIIT, heart rate zone training, and two custom programs. These programs can be customized with a user-set maximum speed. You can also set how long you would like the program to run. These are basic but nice training features. The Sole F63 is great for walkers and runners who do not want a monthly subscription.

Sole F63 control buttons
The Sole F63 has free onboard programs which can be selected and adjusted with these buttons.

Bottom Line Review of the Sole F63 Treadmill

The F63 is Sole’s most affordable treadmill. It keeps the low-tech simplicity and durable build Sole is known for. It provides a road-like underfoot experience for runners and walkers on its spacious treadmill deck. Exercisers won’t have to worry about paying monthly premiums to use the F63. Two of my favorite features are the sturdy console and the extra storage, both enabled by the crossbar between the uprights. Sole has taken a step in the right direction by connecting with Garmin, a favorite brand of runners.

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