What Is Apple Fitness+ And How Does It Compare?

Working out at home was gaining traction even before the 2020 city and gym lockdowns. Once gyms were virtually off the table, it forced many people to change their workout routines and evaluate how they could keep working toward their fitness goals from home. The answer is simple for anyone that wants to stay on track: join … [Read more...]

Curved Treadmill Fact Sheet – 3 Things You Should Know

A curved treadmill is a non-motorized, concave machine meant for walking or running. Ultimately, movement of the belt is achieved with a mix of gravity and propulsion of the foot, leaving the walker or runner in full control of the tempo. Due to its unique qualities, this piece of equipment lacks much of the research that … [Read more...]

Does Running Burn Or Build Muscle?

There has been much debate over the benefits of running for fitness in the past decade. Regular cardio is essential for getting your heart rate up and boosting your overall health, particularly heart health. This is why running is a top choice for many people, whether outside or on a treadmill. Yet, running can have some … [Read more...]

Bike Trainer vs Stationary Bike – What Are The Differences?

There are many great benefits to taking up indoor cycling. It provides a low impact cardiovascular workout from the comfort of your own home.Plus, with state of the art programming and online communities riding a bike inside can feel like a giant virtual party. This year the number of people that use indoor bikes has … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Running On A Treadmill Is Bad For You

Whether or not you should use a treadmill for regular exercise is a hotly debated subject. Any outdoor enthusiast will point out the many disadvantages of a treadmill related to the unnatural running pattern it causes.Yet, it’s hard to deny that a treadmill is an excellent option for regular exercise to boost an … [Read more...]

How To Mimic Trail Running On Your Treadmill

People that like to trail run are often quite resistant to training on treadmills. The monotony of running in place on an exercise machine can feel like too much for someone that loves to be out in the elements of nature. Yet, the reality is that if you love running there will be times of the year when using a treadmill is … [Read more...]

Is It Okay Wear Trail Running Shoes On The Treadmill?

There are many reasons why you might find yourself wearing your trail running shoes when you’re about to hop on a treadmill. Whether you run on a treadmill often or only occasionally, you might be wondering what effect the running belt will have on your running shoes (and vice versa). Today, we’ll dive into whether it’s … [Read more...]

Treadmill or Recumbent Bike – Which One Should You Choose?

No matter your level of fitness, there are many different workout equipment options on the market that can help you reach your goals. Two popular pieces of equipment are the recumbent bike and treadmill. They can both either be used at the gym or in the comfort of your own home; and both offer great benefits. So you might … [Read more...]

Treadmills And Sciatica – Everything You Need To Know

Sciatica is defined as inflammation and irritation of the sciatic nerve secondary to compression or pinching. The sciatic nerve starts in the low back and branches down the back of both legs. The most common cause of sciatica is a herniated disc that is putting direct pressure on the sciatic nerve root exiting the spinal … [Read more...]

Zach Bitter Breaks 100 Mile Treadmill World Record On NordicTrack Treadmill

Ultrarunners bring the concept of endurance running to a whole new level. To qualify as an ultrarun, it is commonly accepted that a race must be at least 50 kilometers (31 miles) or beyond (up to 100+ miles). This year, endurance athlete Zach Bitter has crushed two incredible records in the ultrarunning world. He is … [Read more...]