Financing A Treadmill – What You Should Know

Having a treadmill at home is a great way to get moving and stay fit on your own time. While there are great benefits to working out in the comfort of your own home, larger exercise equipment pieces, like a treadmill, might be way outside your budget. When money is an issue, treadmill financing is a better way that allows … [Read more...]

Spin Bike vs Treadmill – Which Is A Better Fit For Your Home Gym

There are many potential benefits to having a home gym. Whether it’s been raining for a week straight or you have an extremely tight schedule, having the right set up for your home gym can boost your workout potential. Which types of equipment are best for you depends on a lot of factors. A common question is whether a spin … [Read more...]

3 Things To Consider Before Renting A Treadmill

The rate of gym memberships have slowly declined over the last decade thanks to the continued growth of home gyms. The year 2020 has pushed more people than ever to work out at home due to physical and social distancing measures and restrictions. Having a large piece of exercise equipment like a treadmill is a great way to … [Read more...]

Everything You Need To Know About Zwift For Your Treadmill

Using a treadmill is a great way to get in a run to work toward your fitness goals. Running is a great form of exercise for building strength and endurance while boosting metabolism. Yet, many people find running a treadmill to be quite monotonous after a while. What people tend to be missing is running outside with a … [Read more...]

The New Peloton Bike+ & New Peloton Tread – Everything You Need To Know

Peloton, a company that now has 2.6 million loyal fitness users worldwide and is known for its interactive classes and high-class features, has recently released two new pieces of fitness equipment to the market. While the older Peloton bikes and treadmills have had many luxurious features, the Peloton Bike+ and the new … [Read more...]

Under Desk Pedals vs Under Desk Elliptical

Many employees who work at sedentary desk jobs wonder about different ways they can stay active throughout the day. There are many different machines that have been put on the market to increase activity throughout the day, whether that be using an exercise ball instead of a chair, or using a treadmill desk or treadmill … [Read more...]

What’s The Deal With Treadmill Desk Attachments?

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, there are large numbers of employees across both the United States and the world who are now working at home. Not only is working from home increasing, but there is a decrease in general activity as people reduce time spent in public, in gyms, or even doing outdoor exercise. Many … [Read more...]

5 Stretches To Do At Your Desk During The Day

According to a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, one out of every four people sit at a desk for eight or more hours of the workday. This statistic is scary, considering how sitting can lead to a whole slew of dangerous health problems – and is even termed the newest version of “smoking”. … [Read more...]

Treadmill Advice & Workouts For Overweight Or Obese Users

If you’ve ever been inside a gym, then you probably know that treadmills are one of the most utilized pieces of cardiovascular equipment around. You might notice rows and rows of these machines, all with different shapes, sizes, heights, and weights of people on them. The benefits of treadmills are vast, and not only … [Read more...]

Slat Belt Treadmill vs Regular Belt – What’s The Difference?

If you are not familiar with treadmills, you may not know the difference between a regular belt and a slat belt. However, there are a few key differences between a regular belt and a slat belt treadmill. Knowing these differences may help you make a more informed decision in making a treadmill purchase, as you may find your … [Read more...]