Are Ellipticals Good Or Bad For Your Knees?

Using an elliptical is a great way to get a consistent cardio workout to work toward your fitness goals. Whether you’re going to the gym or have an elliptical at home, there are many benefits to using it since it is considered low impact and still works the entire body.An elliptical is often recommended to anyone with … [Read more...]

Is It Safe To Use An Exercise Bike During Pregnancy?

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How To Pick The Best Shoes For Trail Running

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5 Mental Health Benefits Of Running

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How To Use KT Tape For Runner’s Knee

When suffering from symptoms of a runner's knee, also known as chonrdomalaica patellae, you want both quick and lasting relief. Kinesiology tape is one of many great tools to help you get pain relief while also boosting your knee mechanics to help prevent future issues. Let’s dive into how KT tape can help you effectively … [Read more...]

Taggart Vanetten Breaks World Record For 100 Mile Run On A Treadmill

Photo courtesy of PJStar.comFor an ultra runner, there are typically many different races available for running 100 miles each year. However, the year 2020 (and beyond) has made running races of all distances sparse.This is precisely why runner Taggart Vannetten decided he would attempt to break the treadmill 100 … [Read more...]

5 Different Ways Runners Tie Their Shoes

Learning to tie our shoes as kids is a significant milestone on our way to being independent. Yet, once we’ve learned the basics in our youth, there’s a good chance that we don’t put much thought into how we tie our shoes later on.Properly tying your shoes is especially important for runners and prevents many … [Read more...]

Is It Okay To Run/Walk Your First Half Marathon?

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How To Perform Hill Training On Your Treadmill

As a runner, it is doubtful that you’ll always be running on flat surfaces. Thus, hill training is an important part of any runner’s weekly workout routine. However, bad weather or time constraints may have you running on a treadmill for your training more often than actually getting outside. Today, we will review how to … [Read more...]