7 Benefits Of Working Out On A Rowing Machine

If you step into your local fitness center, you might notice that there are plenty of weight machines, dumbbells, medicine balls, and yoga mats, but what about the cardio section? It can be overwhelming to decide which of the machines to use for your workout! Between treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and arc … [Read more...]

Treadmill vs Rowing Machine – Which Is Better For Your Home Gym?

If you’re looking to add a piece of cardio equipment to your home gym, there are several choices that might have come across your radar. Some of the top machines being treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, stationary bikes, and ski ergs, just to name a few. Let’s break down the treadmill and the rowing machine. Between … [Read more...]

Can You Put Your Treadmill Outside Or In The Garage?

With so many people working from home or choosing to do their workouts in places other than their local fitness centers, it can be easy to see why treadmills are so popular – after all, you can hop on one and get your miles in for the day, even if it’s rainy and dreary outside!But what about those days when it’s … [Read more...]

4 Reasons To Use Your Treadmill In The Morning

If you are a treadmill owner (or are thinking about becoming one), there are many benefits to using your treadmill in the morning. The hardest part is over - you have reviewed the best treadmills to get the most for your money, you have purchased it, and you have installed it in your home gym space. The only thing that’s … [Read more...]

How Do You Donate A Used Treadmill?

Whether your treadmill is old or you simply do not use it anymore, you may ask yourself, “where do I donate a used treadmill?” A treadmill is not the easiest thing to donate, as it is large, difficult to move, and many are uncertain of who takes used treadmills. Using the information below, you will be able to find … [Read more...]

Couch To 5k On Your Treadmill – Training Schedule

Getting out of your living room and up off the couch is one of the first of many steps to take in order to complete a 5k. A couch to 5k training program does essentially that: helps someone get from a sedentary state to being able to complete 3.1 miles, and typically within a 9-week span of time. That might sound like a … [Read more...]

Essential Home Gym Equipment During COVID-19 Quarantine

If the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown have you missing out on your time at the gym, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to get your workout in at home (or even your backyard) without missing a beat. You might just need to make a few substitutions, but fitness can still be a priority on your schedule, with or without … [Read more...]

How To Move And Use Your Treadmill Upstairs

Anyone who has had the mixed blessing both owning a treadmill and needing to move it knows that it isn't an easy task. Even the lightest treadmills are still too heavy to be handled by one person, particularly if you want to move it upstairs.As treadmill experts and owners, here at Treadmill Reviews, we've needed to … [Read more...]

A Little Lesson in Treadmill Safety

Did you know that treadmills are thought to be the most dangerous of all home fitness exercise equipment? Perhaps this is due to the fact that more than 50 million Americans use them as part of their exercise routine. Obviously, injuries are going to occur when so many people are using these large machines. But, with some … [Read more...]

Is It Safe To Read On The Treadmill Or Exercise Bike?

Using a treadmill or exercise bike can make exercising a lot safer since you don't need to keep your situational awareness on high alert for pedestrians, cars, and other dangers. However, does that mean it is safe enough to read on your treadmill or exercise bike? The answer from your treadmill review experts is a firm … [Read more...]